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Customer Reviews of “HC Series Connecticut”
“I found the Xikar HC Connecticut to be a fine cigar. Surprisingly comparable in quality to the Out Of Stock Gurkha Symphony, and although the HC is a bit pricey if you don't mind spending the money; the cigar is attractive, firm, mild and flavorful, right to the knuckle burning end. In fact it is quite peppery for a Connecticut cigar and should lend itself well to any cigar smoker that likes a bit bolder flavor than most Connecticut’s offer. I highly recommend the HC to any lover of Connecticut wrappers or anyone who likes to mix a milder cigar into their rotation.”
SP of Cocoa Beach, FL
“I am really surprised to see only 2 fan mails on this cigar, and only 3 total on the Xikar line. I have smoked quite a few of these, am smoking one right now. 15 or 20 years ago I could smoke full bodies all day but as I have grown older I really have trimmed my humi down to mostly Connecticuts. Now with that said, I still have to have a deep and complex flavor profile otherwise why smoke a cigar at all? This is a gar that delivers all that and more, along with Casa Torano, R.P. Connects, G2s, 5 Vegas Gold and a very few others this is a fabulous smoke. Like a nice complex Connecticut? Then try this one out, flavor, perfect construction, cool even burn, it truly ranks with the greatest mid flavors out there and can stand up to the priciest gars in it's class. Oh and it absolutely speaks of class with each of the lovely billows of smoke. This one delivers, give it a try.”
RD of Wausau, WI
“Quick update on this one, I'm an inch into the Robusto and they get better every time I fire one up. I have ohhh, probably 8 months of humi time and have not smoked one for probably about 6 weeks. If you're a Conn. lover, you should give this one a try, they are not an inexpensive gar, (about twice as much as the maduro,) but if you watch they do come up on Joe's daily or MMAO. This is the point, if you like a good Conn. but just cannot stand to smoke a cigar with no character (as so many Connects have,) this is one for you to try, IT IS DEEP!, in my humble opinion, an easy 92-93. "Ok," I have spoke my piece on these. Great job!, Xikar.”
RD of St Cloud, MN
“I'd give this a 87 (7 out of 10).”
EM of Sanatoga, PA
“My favorite cigar. I smoke them all the time and there isn't an occasion they don't fit in well. Highly recommended.”
SD of Virginia Beach, VA
“For me this cigar is well worth the price. My favorite and I think it would be hard to find one to replace it.”
LH of Covina, CA
“Very nice cigar. Even burn, chewy and light. I'll add these to the buy list. I'm beginning to think I could be very happy smoking nothing but HC cigars. They are all top notch!”
JB of Livonia, MI