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Perdomo Habano Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.92 out of 5 Based on 13 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Perdomo Habano”

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5 out of 5
good cigar, good service
good cigar, good service
4 out of 5
Perdoma habano corojo
Love these cigars, smooth smoking, great taste, for the money.
5 out of 5
My Favorite Cigar
I've tried hundreds of cigars but this one is by far my favorite. Full flavor but the Connecticut wrapper smooths it out just right.
5 out of 5
Nice complex flavor profile, enjoyed it to the nub. These will be a welcome addition to my rotation.
5 out of 5
Great cigar
I have had Perdomo but this was a excellent cigar by far always great to shop with CI
5 out of 5
Love the Habano Maduro
These are my go to cigars. I’m a maduro guy in general, and I’ve tried many other brands, but for the money they deliver a consistently smooth, bold flavor.
5 out of 5
They never disappoint!
Hands down the Perdomo Habano is one of the best cigars on the market. Perfect burn, smooth finish but just enough bite on the draw to sink your teeth into. Absolute must have in any humidor!
5 out of 5
Perdomo Habano Corojo
What a wonderful smoke! This cigar looks beautiful and feels smooth and hefty in your hand. I buy the Gordo and it gives me an hour or so of perfect drawing, smooth burning enjoyment. The flavor is hearty and well balanced from start to finish. Finally, I've gone through several boxes and haven't had a single bad smoke! These Perdomo's are so well made and delicious --- smoke after smoke.
5 out of 5
The prices are discounted. My favorite cigar is never back ordered and always in stock and shipment service is splendid. Been buying from CI for many years.
5 out of 5
Awesome cigars
i have thoroughly enjoyed the cigars in my resent purchase
5 out of 5
Great cigar
5 out of 5
I've been doing busy with CI for years. Better than going to local store for great sticks!
5 out of 5
Good company
Always easy to order....
Customer Testimonials
Maduro Toro, pleasant smoke from toasting to finished nub. Smooth, no real bite, nice "fuma"...
I love this stick! It's my go to medium cigar now. Coupled with an ice cold Yuengling. Life is GOOD!
Just read a review from DK of Mt. Holly Springs, PA...I too was just out on my back porch with my sheltie KC by my side enjoying a perdomo Habano Connecticut wrapped... I am still a newbie but what a cigar...totally enjoyed it ! The taste was fantastic and the draw from start to finish was unbelievable... I may be hooked don Perdomo as I also recently had a 10th anniversary champagne which was equally amazing...!
Ok, to others reading this and wondering why "3 stars", well like it or not here is why. First,if you want a 4 star perdomo, go with the Perdomo Reserve Champagne Noir with a maduro or sun grown wrapper. It's a buck cheaper and not that the money is a breaker but a more impressive smoke, second, if you want the 5 star Perdomo, you need to go to the Perdomo 20th anniversary! This is a few cents more but " this" is an amazing cigar (got the torpedo's)!!! After smoking one of these, I ordered two boxes for aging in my hummi. So here is my dilemma, do you rate this cigar with the other two? Wouldn't be fair! Now here is my findings on this cigar and keep in mind that the other two noted above are just that more incredible: pack- is nice offering a good resistance consistent thru the smoke, Smoke- nice output compared to others, I can't stand a smoke with minimal output, it loses value to me. Output continued to the nub. Very nice aroma/taste- with the smoke comes lots of aroma, lots of earth, cashews, leather, cream, spice (very light), and a unique caramel sweetness, hints of sweet chocolaty maduro taste both in the smoke and the oily taste left on the lips. Fermentation of the tobaco is excellent, there is no residual bitterness at all. No pepper finish to mask the sweetness of the smoke. Construction- excellent cut, wrap held up nicely thru the entire smoke/no splitting, lit nicely and held burn with one minor adjustment. Age- I tried one after 3 days in my hummi, and it wasn't impressive (broke my cardinal 4 week aging rule), after aging for 4 weeks,,, what a difference that made- soooo,,please age for full enjoyment. Over the years, I can attest to the fact that most do not age cigars long enough for a full enjoyment. Try it yourself and you will see! Overall- very nice, but honestly, I will be smoking the other two above.
Excellent cigar!
Just had this incredible cigar. It took me back to cuba on the beach with a nice dark rum. Very good from start to finish. If you want to experience a taste of cuba then you have found your flight. Thank you CI!!
Reminds me of the Camacho 8/22 with more of a bit. The torpedo is creamy smooth with sweet cedar and nuts. It has a perfect draw with lots of smoke and burns nicely down the delicate corojo wrapper. There is a nice balance between buttery smooth and a white peppery sting. A gem of a cigar, right on the money down to the nub. Any level of smoker will enjoy
The robusto maduro is a winner! Coffee and chocolate with that maduro sweetness, this is like a chocolate bar waiting to be scarfed up. A true Nic. puro of the highest quality, try this cigar, you will not be disappointed.
Smoked my last one of these in a perfect relaxing environment after a days worth of traveling in TN. The salesguy and I stopped at Calhoun's by the river in Knoxville just aside the shadow of TN stadium. Now even though the football team has not had a particularly good year (2011), the crafted beers of Calhoun's coupled with a nice mild sunny day's end by the river next to the forming Vol Navy with a Perdomo Habano in my hands was perfection. The Perdomo Habano is a mild relaxing easy smoke that went well with the beer, the company, the venue, and the office lasses that poured into the party deck at quitting time. My salesguy did not smoke but worked with me on the beers, but was almost ready to after hearing my compliments to the cigar over the evening. I'm not quite sure if it was the time and place or the smoke, but I will purchase a few more to continue the research. Try this one. It won't be chalked up to "unremarkable" on your cigar log, I guarantee it.
I must say this Perdomo Habano in a natural wraper was flawless! I love a cigar that has lots of flavor and this cigar truly was the best I have had in a very long time. The draw was perfect and smoke production excellent! Don't let the natural wrapper fool you. This baby was not only smooth but had so many wonderful flavors that will blow you away. AWSOME! I love a good maduro and Corojo is a favorite of mine so I can't wait to try the others. I give this cigar a 10 out of 10 and that is saying alot coming from a guy like me who has tried so many cigars over the last 20 years!
Gran poco de humo Nick Perdomo
I smoked the Maduro. I did not like the first one I smoked. I let the next stick sit just for a week in humidor and it was a night and different experience for me. The cigar turned into a chewy like treat. I experienced some spice and even some sweet taste after the first half inch down to the nub. This is a great cigar to have around for the price. I look forward to trying the other Corojo and Connecticut in the future. I am out of room in all 3 humidors at this time so I am trying to smoke down the stash. I have decided to make a coolerdor today for extra storage so I can buy some more stogies after reading a lot of material on how to make one. I could buy another humidor but I would rather have more stogies from CI as I already have a few nice humidors.
I have smoked two of the Maduros. The first right out of the box was pretty "plain." I let the remainder age for 8 months and it has made a world of difference. The second has great flavor with an excellent burn. Very smooth but decently strong. I would say between medium and strong but very satisfying. I will get some on a JAM next time I see them. They are worth a try for anyone.
I just smoked a Perdomo Habana Corojo on my way home from work. I loved the flavors, it tasted terrific. Medium to full bodied with no harshness to it. I'm not so good at describing cigar flavors, but it was tasty (I can detect a little leather and nuttiness, and maybe a little coffee flavor in there). It wasn't the slightest bit harsh. Mine did have some construction issues. The wrapper was very dry (crackled and cracked when I used my punch) and it was weak. Just holding it in some places resulted in some cracking of the wrapper, and there was separation near the foot as it burned. I also experienced some canoeing which I had to correct several times by taking my lighter to it. I have another in my humidor and I'm hoping this was just a fluke, because if so, I have found a new favorite (it tasted darned good).
This was one of my first cigars. Inexpensive, but delicious none the less. Wonderful consistant flavors on the pallet. Can't complain here at all.
I have smoked the Toros for quite a while but recently tried the Gran Torpedo with a massive 60 ring. While I was not happy about the label removal pulled off some of the wrapper it made no difference. Lots of nice creamy nutty smoke and just delicious. After ditching a poor Oliva Serie O torpedo this more than made up for it. Score 90.
I just had my first of Nick's Habano Corojo and all I have to say is: Domo arigato, Mr. Perdomo.
I have smoked 3 different Perdomo's and each one is worth buying especially this Habano Corojo. I am picky and my favorites are CAO Black, Perdomo Champagne, 5 Vegas Gold and La Herencia Cubana. I've had other Med-full Cigars but this one is so balanced that I would suggest someone try this who likes cigars like the Champagne but wants a bit more. Awesome Cigar. CI's discription is right on. Perdomo IS my favorite line. I have been a bit dissapointed by the hype of others but this is the real deal for a great price. Pick up a Perdomo Sampler(as broad as you can get) you won't be disappointed. My hats off to Nick and CI. Thanks!!!
The Perdomo Habano torpedo corojo is one of the more underrated cigars on the market. I originally had this cigar about two years ago, but I don't remember it leaving a strong impression on me. Let me tell you... I smoked this fine cigar after a hearty meal tonight, and it was one of the better cigars I've smoked in the past few months. It emits a rich medium/full smoke that is filled with earth, cashews, leather, cream, spice, and a unique caramel sweetness. To me, this cigar has a very similar taste to the Cuban Hoyo's I have had in the past. Really nice smoke, which I will always have in the humidor from now on. Would pay much more for this kind of consistency and quality. Also, the construction and burn were near perfect.
This cigar had a very pleasing to the eye construction, looked like it was put together with care. It had a nice draw and firm ash as I smoked it making it easy to sit back and enjoy. I tasted a fusion of pleasing flavors that left me wondering at points what I was tasting in this wonderland of a cigar. There were hints of woodiness and just a background of a leathery taste, but what hit me most was this echo at the end of a spicy bite that was pleasant and refreshing.
I recieved a torpedo Perdomo Habano from a friend. I can sum this cigar up in one word, "WOW!!!". Impressive from start to finish this is one of the finest cigars I have had the pleasure to smoke. Smooth, creamy, with hints of nutty flavor and a smooth, even, tight burn. From this day forward, my humidor will have at least one of these beauties in it at all times. More if I have my way.
I'm definitely impressed to say the least. After a long 10 hour work day, during which I was playing through my mind all day which cigar I would indulge in after I got home and relaxed, I settled on one of my Monster Maduros V treats that I hadn't tried yet. The Perdomo Habano Maduro. This cigar was amazing and it made my day. I'm just glad I have 4 more of these to smoke. A box is definitely recommended. If you're unhappy with this smoke, see a doc for palate disfunction.
Perdomo Habano Corojo Robusto. This is the first Perdomo cigar I've tried. I kind of wish I had more now. Pretty damn good cigar. Steady, self-correcting burn made for a very even smoke. Great draw. I wouldn't say it packs a knock-out punch, but rather a steady barrage of jabs to the gut and cheeks. Peppery, flavorful, and very well-constructed. I'd happily buy many more of these. If you can find a good deal on these, jump on it.
Sat down with a good book outside today with my first Perdomo Habano. I had a Maduro wrapped Robusto. Very good cigar, reasonably priced, Great flavor and medium bodied. The maduro wrapper added a a great rich layer to teh flavors at play. The burn was razor sharp all teh way up until the final third or so. at that point it had some trouble staying lit and upon relighting got rather bitter. Overall I loved the cigar and am more than willing to give it a few mroe chances to earn a proper place in my rotation.
I sat beside a roaring blaze with an I.P.A and a Perdomo Torpedo Maduro last night...WOW!! what an amazing smoke! I got them as a special deal at the checkout and now I am hooked. I sure hope I get them on sale again because this cigar is sure to be among my favorites for a long time..Vive Perdomo!!!!!
I usually don't care for corojo wrappers......the Perdomo Habano Corojo, now i do.
I love the Perdomo Habano Corojo. The robusto is a regular in my rotation. This is a truly great cigar that I would rank 89-90. Smooth meduim to full bodied, a spicey nutty flavor, great draw and burn and a good value. I enjoy them in the afternoon and evening. If you can pick them up in one of CI's deals jump all over them. Even if you can't get a CI deal I would still get some.
Wow! I am simply amazed with the Perdomo line. Let me start with this being a Novice in all this and all and having explored many other lines. I know everyone's taste is different and it is all about everyone finding what they like. I have tried Punch, Monterey De Hoya, La Gloria Cubana, and CAO....all which I like, and many more I have smoked liking some and dropping others. La Gloria Cubana No.5 has been all time favorite with CAO Criollo and America following, I haven't had a bad one yet from CAO wherein for this matter I though CAO was my favorite over all line of cigars. This has changed. I bought the Perdomo Mega sampler from CI. I smoked the last of the sampler this morning. I now have a new favorite line of cigars - Perdomo. The Perdomo sampler I bought, 5 for 5. I like all of them and would not hesitate to buy a box of any of them! I can't say this for my previous favorite line from CAO, while I like many CAOs, Perdomo has over taken this spot. Now for my Novice review of Perdomo Habano. My new all around favorite! Great construction, great burn, great draw. For me I loved the overall flavor and bang from this cigar. This cigar is great for me, Very robust, and not too spicy for my palette. Thank you CI for the sampler you presented. You will see me ordering a box of these very soon. i would now, but I just burned my credit card again with another order this morning from you - thanks! My wife is gonna kill me if she ever found out! LOL! Next month though!
The Perdomo Habano (corojo) is a great cigar. This is the first Perdomo cigar I have ever smoked. CI had one of these sick deals (that I could not refuse) on a 10-pack, and I am very pleased that I did. After going through three of them in 3 days, I can only say that Nick Perdomo will be getting more of my business in the future. The flavor is rich, full, balanced, and smooth. I have the robusto size, and have observed this to be a very strong cigar, coming close to the Camacho Corojo Monarca in terms of strength. Flavor-wise there is a very nice balance of earthy, meaty, tobacco with a pleasant dose of spice and some nutiness. The flavor evolves throughout, delivering a very heady, delicious finish in the final 1/3 of the smoke. I could easily recommend this cigar to anyone - it is an excellent cigar. Although it is on the fuller side, the delivery is so balanced and smooth, I would suggest that even a mild to medium preference smoker could enjoy this cigar easily. I think that this cigar is a good stepping stone into the medium-full world for smokers that perfer milder cigars but want to explore something fuller.
My daughter gave me a couple of (Perdomo Habano) for Father's Day last year. I have not been a big fan of Maduros in the past. I put them away in my humidor till September. What a pleasant surprise. I quickly bought a box and they have become a favorite. Shared one with a friend recently. When I asked him what he thought, he said, " This is not just a great cigar, it may be the best cigar I have ever tried."
I have great experiances with all of my cigars that I buy at CI but I had the great pleasure to experiance the Perdomo Habano and have been hooked ever since
I strode into one of my fav stoogie haunts in LA, and I hadn't been there is a while. I asked them what was new that was hot and they pointed straight to the Perdomo Habano. I was a skeptic at first because I enjoy the La Tradicion Maduro and the Champagne. But the resp didn't do anything for me. But I was assured "hey... you'll like this one" I was impressed with the manliness of the sizes. Nothing really under .54 ring size [that I saw] - my kinda range. I opted for the maduro, and it was great. certainly a pleasant surprise from Perdomo... it quietly reminded of some of the earlier days of Vic Sinclair, his real blasy Bohemians. It has a richly wrapped chocolaty fermented wrapper. The oily characteristic was tame, very civil. Nutty hints, very nice bouquet. The Jalapa Valley is known for some very aromatic leaf. The Perdomo Habana is no let down, it is a cigar for the "fellas". Though I don't agree with it's characterization as a "full bodied" cigar. I'd say it was a rich medium candor to it. The label is artsy too... it all lends itself to a sublime presentation from the folks at Perdomo. My rate, this stick: 89
As I sat outside with my trusty Sheltie by my side, I want to congratulate Perdomo for making the Habano Corojo so fulfilling. I received this cigar from Cigarfest '08, and I couldn't have been happier with this cigar...the burn, the draw, the taste.....oh, the taste is to cherish. You only need to smoke one to know that this cigar will be a staple in anyone's humidor. And to boot...CI's prices just can't be beat!
The Corojo: classic corojo flavor, continous spice, bold (med-full) The Connecticut: Smooth and flavorful, slightly sweet with some spice to it also. Just enters the medium realm. Both: impeccable construction, perfect draws producing plumes of smoke. Solid roll, beautiful to look at, and very slow burning. Worth every penny. Perdomo (Habano) does it right. My new favorites. I have yet to try the maduro, but I hear it is great too.
What a great cigar! (Perdomo Habano) I have new cigar in my rotation. I picked up a couple of sticks at the local cigar shop and after smoking a couple, I immediately logged on to CI to order a box. Perdomo definately has a winner with this stogie. The picture of the free lighter does not do it justice. This thing is huge and makes a great lighter for the bar or desk.
This is, in my view, an excellent cigar (Perdomo Habano). Very nice pre-light aroma, excellent draw and a firm, light grey ash. Absolutely even burn down to the nub. The maduro Presidente is my favourite. I bought a box of the things at the 22 September Perdomo event at CI and I'll keep these in the rotation.
*WOW* I stopped by the Super store today for the Nick Perdomo event and walked away a very happy man! Nick went into great detail with me on a one to one basis about this cigar (Perdomo Habano) so I gave one a shot.... Then I bought a box! Nice dark oily maduro wrapper,smooth draw,even burn,that sweet chocolaty maduro taste with just enough kick to let you know you're smoking a well made cigar...... A real winner! Nick,you're a hell of a nice guy that makes a hell of a good cigar! Keep up the great work!