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Excalibur Cameroon Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.6 out of 5 Based on 5 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Excalibur Cameroon”

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5 out of 5
Very quick delivery. Only smoked two of them so far. One wrapper was fine but another wrapper came apart while smoking it. Good tasting cigar
4 out of 5
Eddy Villa
I've always enjoyed the Hoyos brand, but Camaroon Lancelot may be my favorite.
5 out of 5
Will Buy Again
Smokes smooth and consistent throughout. Mild overall flavor.
5 out of 5
Really great cigar.
I've been smoking these for a long time and they're my go to smoke when I want good cigar.
4 out of 5
A pleasure full of smoke
Very smooth and nice from start to finish. The only thing I didn't like was that it doesn't last as long as I would like for the size of cigar and quality of smoke.
Customer Testimonials
My favorite cigar of all time. This box seems to be pushing a 90 rate in my eyes. They have kept the quality of the 1066 Lancelot for over 16 years now just amazing. Then on top of it you get a Bugatti lighter too boot. The lighter is a great lighter, flawless in all regards. You just can't beat this deal hands down.
I have been smoking cigars now for thirty years! I found the most steady and trustworthy cigar to be Excalibur 1066. Always burns properly and in my estimation the best cigar on the market!
I love these cigars I've been buying them from CI for a long time, you have to figure that most of these cigar makers will always mixed a hand full of cigars in their lot (boxes) that is a different mix so they can fulfill their quotes. I find an average of five to six cigars in the box that will burn a dark gray ash and not light gray (white) like I like it and they may taste a little harsh than the others. In general I really love this mix is mostly consistent. The last box of 20 that I received from CI once I removed the plastic wrapper in place my cigar humidor the back end of the cigars cracked after three days I never had this happened before. I did not contact CI simply because I had contacted them before for another issue and I just was given a story. I purchase my cigars here for the discount and they usually have them in stock that is all. Enjoy and Cheers
This is the cigar that made me fall in love with Cameroon wrappers. While not strong it is one of the most flavorful cigars I have smoked. There is nothing about this cigar from the moment you pick it up until you finally are burning your fingers and must put it down which will disappoint. One of the staples in my humidor, when I'm down to 7 or 8, I order another box.
The Excalibur 1066 is a GREAT smoke. It is definately under rated. I would put it in my top 3 along with the Partagus 1845 and the Ashton Heritage. If you are looking for a Great smoke at an even better price you definately can't beat the Excalibur 1066. With a good draw, and even burn, and insane smoothness to the cigar you would be crazy to pass these up!
I prefer mild smokes but these are more mild than most of the mild cigars with a lot better flavor. Mild or medium smokers will love these. they get even better after being in the humidor for some time .
A well defined medium flavor (Excalibur 1066). The warper makes this cigar. You can't go wrong with this one.
Wow, I never had an Excaliber before and the loser was me. Lit up my first 1066 and never new they were so fantastic. From the draw, the notes, to the ash, all superior. The Excaliber 1066 has a reseved spot in my humidor.
I had never tried an Excaliber before. I lit an Excaliber 1066 and I instantly new this would be one of my top 5 in the Humidor! Incredibly smooth, nice draw, great burn and ash. I've been trying to save them but I can't keep my hands off of them.!
Very good smoke. (Excalibur 1066) Earthy prelight aroms, excellent draw, even burn and lovely flavour. One of my favourites...
I have been enjoying the Cameroon version of this fantastic cigar for months and it has become my top 3 daily favorites, (Excalibur 1066) along with the Torano Exodus 1959 gold and the Punch Elite maduro. I just tried the Dark Knight version tonight and was blown away. The dynamic complexity, smooth draw, inviting aroma and seductive appearance of this stick is outstanding, especially at the price. I am pleasantly surprised. I used a punch as the gauge seemed less appropriate for a cut. If you haven't tried the 1066 DK or cameroon or it has been awhile, pick up a box and bask in this cigar's beauty. (CI has GREAT prices!)
A long time favorite and certainly a cabinet stick of mine. The Excalibur 1066 is a fine smoke indeed... short the Dark Sumatra. This has character, one of the things I didn't expect from but certainly one of the reasons it made my cabinet is the fact that it actually has a distinct aroma. Like the La Glora R, CAO Brazilia, Bolivar's Dominican regular to mention just a few that possess a signature bouquet. It has a smooth medium dark wrapper, the flavor does have a soft punch to it. Usually relatively affordable, it avoids the $20 pimp section at better cigar haunts. This is a classy stick -- best enjoyed with a 10-12 year old cognac. It draws fairly consistant for a stick of the size they tend to come in and the plume is tame and regal if lit properly, a lovely stick by all accounts. My rate this stick: 89
ON a recent golf vacation in Florida, my brother, the cigar king of Michigan, and I split a box of these fina puros (Excalibur 1066). The taste, aroma, and even burn of these cigars makes them a real favorite. Something about smoking Excaliburs out on the golf course makes getting thumped every round just a little more acceptable. Someday I'll beat my brother at golf. Until then, I've got my Excaliburs. Thanks HDM and CI
THe Excalibur 1066 has fast become one of my top 5 cigars. While the burn isn't always straight the taste is heaven, sits on my palate very well with a medium finish. I find I love this cigar anytime; driving to work, lunch or after dinner.