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Gurkha Elegance Reviews

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Overall Rating 5 out of 5 Based on 3 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Gurkha Elegance”

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5 out of 5
Very complex for a mild cigar! Delicious
I got this cigar and a sampler pack for Christmas. Gurkha has always been one of my most favorite cigars. This particular cigar was very creamy and had lots of spice which I enjoyed very much and had never experienced in a cigar before. I used to rate the Beast as my favorite now it has competition
5 out of 5
One of my all time favorates.
So far, this continues to be my favorite Gurkha cigar. At my age I can now only enjoy the mild to medium bodied cigars and this one is perfect. In fact this is one of my top five cigars of any brands. Equal to many of the Havana cigars I smoked prior to 1959. Good taste, long lasting. A real finger burner.
5 out of 5
Great selection, fast delivery and
Great selection, fast delivery and easy to order
Customer Testimonials
This was hands down the smoothest cigar I have ever smoked. It was deliciously mild and tasted of butter and unsalted cashews. Occasionally, there would be a delightful hint of cream as well that kept the palate engaged with the cigar down to the nub.
Just finished my first Gurkha Elegance and honestly I was impressed. I had it sit in the humidor for about 2 months before I smoked it. I'm glad I did it was mild without any hints of medium but the flavor was good and creamy. I smoked mine with a buddy who doesn't smoke often but he enjoyed it as well. He took a long time between puffs and his didn't burn even at all. I kept chugging away on mine and it burned razor sharp for a good 90 mins. It is not my everyday cigar but if you are looking for something mild yet tasty this should fit the bill.
I would say it's a mild smoke. Almost at the end it tends to get a little spicy. There is a lot of smoke from the start to the end. It's an ok smoke all the way. 7/10 in my list trying to be fair.
I have had a couple of these in samplers and they are ever bit as good as the other reviewers say they are. They last fairly long and have a definite creamy aroma throughout the smoke. My only small critique is that the balance of spice towards the end of the stick is not as even and toned as I would expect for such a premium stick. It's not harsh, so much as it was from almost nothing to "bam!" spicy...the wrapper stays strong to the end, as something as rare as this wrapper should. I will continue to get them in samplers and grab bags when I can, as I don't feel it is worth $14 a stick but I like that the quality makes them want to sell it at that price...
I got this cigar in a Gurkha Grab Bag.... Let me say, this cigar was worth every penny for the cost of that grab bag deaL. EXCELLENT Cigar. I would recommend it to anyone. I am a Gurkha fan but this one just hit the spot.
As with the other Gurkha cigars ive had from CI, I found the elegance to be overly dry and the wrappers had imperfections that I havent seen in other top shelf cigars. Tasted the same as the symphony that i had, bitter and bland. Another disappointment from CI's Gurkha line-up.
Gurkha Elegance Churchill is a mild to medium bodied cigar. Dominant flavors was of cream vanilla molass n tobacco. Finish was semi long which left a nutty cream flavor on your palette. Construction was good with good burn n plenty of smoke output. Overall I rate a 92
The Elegance Churchill is part of the Gurkha Mild & Mellow Sampler II which seems a great value even at its standard price. All in all this is a very nice relaxing smoke with solid construction, an easy draw and good flavor. It's slow burning, if a bit uneven at times, with a white flaky ash. Leans more toward mild than mild-medium in my opinion, and is VERY smooth with just a slight pepper burn toward the nub. Perhaps because of its mellower Dominican filler, I prefer Elegance over the Symphony (Nic filler), but after just one cigar I'm not yet convinced that it's worth its usual 5-pack or box price. It's definitely one to grab when on special if you like a smooth, mild but flavorful Connecticut without a strong aftertaste. I'm anxious to smoke the last two after a bit more aging, along with the other three blends in the sampler. Please keep up these great deals on premium cigars, CI!