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Gurkha Warlord Reviews

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Overall Rating 5 out of 5 Based on 1 Rating

Customer Reviews of “Gurkha Warlord”

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5 out of 5
Yummy!!! these are great
Customer Testimonials
Gurkha Warlord; The Warlord is my favorite Gurkha. Just like a Warlord it demands your respect. It’s full bodied, intense with a thick satisfying smoke. Pull it too fast and it will Kick your......... Give it time, work it slow, and you will discover that even you can control and enjoy the power and greatness of the Warlord. I also give these to clients with my business card because I know they will never be disappointed. Its a big stick with full body flavors and noticeable quality that gets your attention. It will take at least an hour to truly experience its greatness. Would you expect less? It is of course..... The Warlord.
To me the Warlord is closer to a mild-medium-bodied stick. The draw was almost too easy but due to its size I did punch the cap twice; I won't do that again. Due to 20+ years of military chow (everything from c-rations, t-rations, mre's, & chow hall food) my palate is semi-wrecked but I tell you this is 1 of the best tasting cigars I've ever had. Do I smoke a lot of cigars? Only at least 2 per day of all different types until now. I had strayed away from Gurkha to try other brands but now I'm back to stay with their line of smokes.
Smoked one of these out of a sampler...Wow what a cigar! And I usually smoke mild to medium cigars that is how awesome this one was.
I agree with others who mention that the Warlord is more in the medium strength range rather than full, as the name and ad might suggest.
Smoked my first warlord last evening. I really enjoyed it. I noticed it had great flavor the whole way through. Scrumptious tobacco, pepper for a little spice, some leather and woody tones throughout. It was a wonderful smoking experience. Mine wasn't very smoky, but it never went out and didn't require a touch up or relight. I'm going to have to get more of these as something to have in the humidor for those special nights where I want something heavy and relaxing. I definitely recommend giving this one a try!
This is a really good cigar. I'm new to cigars, but I'm thoroughly enjoying this one. I'd recommend giving it a try.
Not sure what all these girls are spouting, but I'm smoking my second one tonight cause I like a good tasting even burning cigar that goes with the 10 point beers I like. I recommend this one as one of your staples in your humi. And as Joe alway says "cheaper is always better" I recommended it to my bros. I like this one even without someone giving it a 90 rating.
My largest humi is full of Warlords and Beautys! I haven't had a bad one and have them in different sizes (El presidente and Gordo)! One of the great things about them is they go well with beer and heat on the golf course!
Most excellent! Fantastic taste & smoke. I will be purchasing another box of these tasty ones.
I love most Gurkha's after sometime in the humidor, but the box pressed warlord I am in the middle of is a big let down for the price .
Gurkha Warlord 6x60 is a very mild to medium bodied cigar. Draw was kinda on the tight side for me which required some touch ups. Ample amount of smoke once the construction issue was handled. Predominant flavor is of creamy tobacco nutmeg with a short cocoa - nut finish. Overall not a bad smoke if you're lookin for something mild to medium with a hint of sweet tobacco nutty cocoa. I rate an 87
This is a decent cigar; by decent I mean I wouldn't mind paying 3.5 to 4.5 a stick... I wouldn't drop any more than that. For the same money you can walk away with Man-o-War Ruinations, my personal favorite, or Padilla Miami (if you can find them); both of those are well worth a 7.5-9 price tag. I had a Warlord XO yesterday, it burned evenly, the flavor was very two dimensional, not much complexity and not much to keep you going for the other 2.5 inches when you're half way through. If your looking for a better Gurkha I'd suggest going with the Evil (comparable price), the Black Dragon Fury, or the Estate.
The Warlord has become one of my favorites. The variety of flavors and the underlying sweetness make it hard to put down even after it's finished. A little pricey for me; CI has some excellent priced samplers where you can get three or four along with three or four Titans, so I can keep a few in the humidor.
It's good, maybe even great--bread, leather, hay, even a hint of grass and musk to give it earth and chew, and a delicate whiff of pepper. Lots going on here, but nearly $10 apiece is exorbitant.