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Gurkha Special Edition Titan Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Gurkha Special Edition Titan”
Let me be the first, on my first. Could not be happier, with this my first Gurkha! Medium to sub-full, perfect for my taste. Flavorful not distracting. Recommend a try.
BJ of Henderson, NC
Picked up on the jam. Must say, medium flavor, good construction, even burn, top ten in my book....I give it 90+ enjoy.
TB of winona, MN
Love the Gurkhas. They are my "go to" cigars. I smoked my first Titan last night. I love the flavor but had to stop smoking it because the draw was just too hard. I latterly could not get the smoke from the foot to the head. The roll was just to tight. Hope this is a one time issue because I have more of them to smoke.
KW of Fort Myers, FL
I love Gurkha cigars and this is one of my favorites to date. Very smooth and silky as described and a nice medium body smoke. Great construction and a perfect hour long cigar. I will buy a box when I have more room!
JB of Valparaiso, IN
Don't get these even as a freebie. I got these as part of a promotion twice now. Both batches blew up within 5 minutes after lighting. I kid you not, the wrapper had multiple splits all the from end to end. The things looked like the trunk of a pine tree. No, it's not my humidor. I can take any other stick out (most from CI) and it's fine
Wow! This cigar is great to smoke and very flavorful. Definitely want to get more of these great cigars. Nice peppery taste at the end. Smoked all the way to the fingertips.
EW of Virginia Beach, VA
Let me start off by saying that I am a fan of Gurkha. They have a unique taste and really enjoy their cigars. With that said, this is the second time I got the Titans in a sampler and the second time they were awful!! Terrible draw, terrible taste. I will literally never get a sampler that has this cigar in it. I even went so far as to let one age for two months. It combusted, it burned unevenly and started to unravel. Never again!
BG of Mesa, AZ
Like most of us, I really enjoy smoking ultra high end cigars. I usually buy 90+ rated cigars only. I received a 10 pack of Titans from a friend as compensation for a favor. WOW, what a terrific smoke! I can't stop smoking them! Perfect draw .Perfect taste .Perfect size. I just love the way my saliva beads up due to all the oils on the absolutely beautiful wrapper. I have smoked many, many cigars supposedly rated higher, and DEFINATELY much more expensive, but I have never smoked a better tasting cigar! Do yourself a favor, and treat yourself to some. I know I will.
MS of O Fallon, MO
Respectfully, Gurkha can't pull these fast enough. I've had about ten that I've smoked as part of various samplers. All were patiently aged in my humi for at least three months with other sticks that turned out great. The Titans consistently A) canoed, B) had below average levels of flavor, and, worst of all, C) had wrappers that fell to pieces as they burned. They look virtually the exact same as the Gurkha Beast, which is FAR superior, in my opinion, and seems to have a similar blend. I'll be handing these out as freebies to friends if I get them again with a sampler or something.
Received the Titan as part of a ghurka combo pack and has been in my humidor for months, just smoked it tonight as I was saving it for a special occasion, the stick did not disappoint, terrific flavor, long lasting smoke and stayed intact. Buying more as soon as I can.
My first Gurkha was this one. Medium flavor from the moment I lit it until the end. Smoked it to a nub and had a very even and consistent flavor from end to end. Stayed lit, and had a smooth draw. Will definitely purchase more of this one and other Gurkhas. Very Impressed.
CE of Brunswick, OH
For some reason the Titans are very inconsistent in quality. Some are near perfect and will be among the best cigars you'll ever smoke if you enjoy a robust flavorful cigar. On the other hand about 50 percent will have issues....
Delicious and smooth. Loved loved loved this cigar.
FM of red bluff, CA
Massively good cigars. Great smooth smoke.
AC of Rosslyn, ON