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Q & A for Gurkha G3

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03/21/2013 I've read that these are a "limited production" cigar. What does this mean exactly? Should I expect to see these disappear in the next month? Year? 5 years? I love this cigar, and want to buy a box, but it's not exactly in the budget right now. Can I afford to wait?

A: Gurkha is a small-batch manufacturer. While some Gurkha cigars may be limited to the amount of raw materials available, and will never be made again, Gurkha G3 is limited in annual production in order to maintain high levels of quality. This is the boutique way, limiting rollers and the factory to a specific number of cigars rolled of a particular blend, each day. Is there a chance this cigar may not be available in the future? Yes, this is always possible with any Gurkha may opt to discontinue the G3. However, there is no plan to do this in the immediate future, so you can afford to wait. In short: this cigar is limited in regular production only, to maintain quality.
by Steve R
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