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Gurkha Master Select - Aged Inventory Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Gurkha Master Select - Aged Inventory”

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Showing 1-26 of 26 Reviews's a Gurkha...for $2 and change!! What's not to love about this! CI does it again! The best cigars for the lowest price! All 20 burned great! 'Nuff said.
Having my first Gurkha Master. Tastes good but crazy tight on the draw. Even burn, aroma is also enjoyable. Only drawback, the less than good draw. Been in the humi for a week. Maybe should have left it for six months or so.
With age comes AWESOMENESS... This cigar to me better aged. Great buy
I have gotten a few of these in samplers, but got a whole case finally the other day...oh my god are they some smooth, tasty and incredible smokes...they fill up a room with that full, sweet, aromatic incredible odor that you get when you walk into a fine cigar shop or boutique/ is everything you could ask for in a good, fine quality cigar...please keep making ones like this and I will happily be a customer for a long time...
Gurkha products are excellent! For the most part, but this one here I am not sure, some sticks were good and some tasted like a hot lettuce!!!!
Gurkha Master Select maduro is a hit or miss. Bought ten. construction on most offered a very tight draw. Smoke output was good, but draw was tight. Flavor wise, is a medium bodied, cream cocoa and nuts, with a short finish. Burnt wood with occasional dark cocoa hints. If not for the construction issues would have been a 92 stick. Will buy again but maybe in a smaller size
Thank you Gurkha for another great cigar! I'm halfway through my Master Select and I couldn't wait to write about it. Fantastic smoke, great flavor, and easy draw make this a 9 plus on my scale. Don't hesitate on this one, folks!!! I was so impressed with all the great cigars from Gurkha that I have sampled, that I broke down and bought a 200 cigar humi and stocked it with almost all Gurkha cigars.
I've smoked a LOT of different cigar brands (Cuban and non-Cuban) and this one takes the cake - a heavenly mix of sweet wood, spice, cream, and many other notes mix together in a perfect blend. Medium bodied, medium/full flavored, medium strength. I simply cannot get enough of these and wish they were more widely available. This is the cigar that got me started smoking and after losing touch with it for a few years, it seems like I was missing out that whole time! Oh, boy, I hope that CI brings these cigars back!
Picked up the Gurkha Master Select Toro's on a whim from a CI Daily Joe's Special (check these daily fellas!) and dang I should have bought 2! These are great smokes with flavors that grow on me with every one I burn down. Just picking one up coats your fingers with intriguing oily aromas that make you want to light it just a little sooner than you expected. They have a great draw and smoke up very nicely. I can get through one in well under an hour, which is where I like to be most of the time. The deep creamy flavors take a few drags to develop and from there on out it stays interesting with slight variations of full bodied oak tones until you're sad to see it go at the nub and look forward to the next one. These are becoming a regular in the travel case.
I bought 2 five pack specials for 29.95. These master select were a smaller ring size, a 46 or 48, which I found kind of unusual. The smokes looked great, nice and oily, dark and smelled good. Upon first light there was great taste, cedary, and some toast, but it was like smoking a lite cigar. Not much on the finish at all. Nothing stayed on the pallet.There was good aroma and most burnt well. Some had wrapper issues, like too much glue on the band and some cracks. In the end, the smoke left me wondering if I smoked anything at all. Very dissapointing.
The Gurkha Master Select Robusto #4 is one of my favorites. I classify it as a medium bodied smoke, full of flavor that you never want to end. Thus, you smoke it as far as you can and/or when it quits on its own.
This Gurkha Master Select and the Gurkha Grand Envoy are my two favorite Gurkhas.IMO these rival every Cuban cigar I've smoked.This Master Select robusto#4 can take up to 2 hrs to smoke, incredible flavor and an aroma to die for and it's such a steal at the CI price!Thanks CI!
I bought a lot of Gurkha's Master Select Perfecto's a few years ago and found them to be inconsistent. I smoked several and then left the rest of the 6" and 5" in my humidor for 3+ years. To day they are absolutely wonderful. Rich, Spicy and consistently excellent. If you have the space to be patient put some away and they'll become one of your favorite smokes....aged they are a bargain.
My personal experience with the Master Select was a bit dissapointing. The first one was excellent, and measured up to the hype, the next 4, were very poor. I was looking for a way to get rid of them and gave many of them away, although I'd kept the majority of them as I had bought so many. I am however happy to report that after 3 years in the humidor, they have turned into an excellent cigar.
Had to revist these again after they had been sitting in my humi for several months. Lots of flavor in these sticks. I pick up a lot of leather and earth with hints of chocolate. This cigar is at the top of my list. If you can spare the money for these I promise they are well worth it.
The Gurkha master select is my go to cigar and at CI prices I can always keep my humidor stocked
I've smoked a ton of (Gurkha Master Select's) and I just ordered fifty more. This cigar really stands out from the crowd as far as I'm concerned. They've been my daily cigar for a long time. It has an excellent burn, a rich core of coffee and cedar notes, it's a balanced, smooth, yet complex smoke. I heartily recommend it.
(Gurkha Master's Select XO maduro). My wife purchased them for me for my birthday, and I must say they are great smokes! I like the master's select line especially the XO 6x60! The XO's thick ring gauge really allows you to taste and enjoy all the quality well aged tobacco the master's select holds within, making it truly enjoyable and tasty! The Master's Select XO maduro has the maduro wrapper adding a bit of complexity and slight sweetness, definitely making these my new favorite. Hopefully they stay in stock for a while!!
This cigar, the Gurkha Master Select, is, to me, the exception that proves the rules. It's a cigar with a H.2000 wrapper that is at the top of my list of favourites. Wonderful aroma, both before and after lighting, excellent draw and burn and a wonderful flavour. Not one to miss.
This is an enjoyable cigar with less kick than the Triple Ligero. (Gurkha Master Select) This feels like a mid day smoke as opposed to an after dinner cigar. I thought the taste was pleasant and the draw was excellent. I'll definately give these another shot.
I have been a fan of the Gurkha Master Select from the very first Puff, creamy, smooth, flavorful, it's like smoking a treat, one of my favorite smokes ever.
Unmistaken, another fine cigar from Gurkha!! Had to flip a coin between the Black Puro or the Master. Either way they both were enjoyed. Great smoking experience. Great abundance of flavor, which started off spicy at first but quickly mellowed out and stayed that way throughout the rest of the smoke. Never bitter an enjoyment to experience time and again. I am looking forward to the next one!
The Ghurka Master's Select is so smooth and creamy, you almost forget you are smoking a cigar! It is solid, packed with a great blend of tobacco and the prelight aroma is a tantalizing glimpse of good things ahead. I can detect hints of nuts and vanilla and halfway through, I can taste cocoa and (can it really be?!?!?) the elusive black cherry. An awesome smoke made even better with the crazy CI prices. Thanks CI!!!!
The Gurkha Master's Select is one of the finest smokes I have come across. I'm a big fan of perfectos, and these are outstanding. At $5 a stick from CI it's a tremendous bargain, too. Spicy but not overpowering. An A+ smoke.
Just finished a Trilogy (Gurkha Master''s Select)from my order that arrived today and the only thing that comes to mind is Thanks............ What a great smoke, full of flavor and you can't beat the box TOP NOTCH. Thanks , C.............
I love the Masters Select (Gurkha Master''s Select) line of these cigars. This is probably the smoothest, tastiest, cigar I've tried in recent memory. I firmly believe the entire Gurkha line of incredible cigars is some of the best in the world today. Absolutely a winner! G, FL