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Gurkha Black Dragon Fury Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Gurkha Black Dragon Fury”
Wow! Just tried my first one... a bonus that came with the Special Ops I bought for my Special Ops son's wedding pals. This was fantastic. Went to get more and see most sizes Sold Out! No wonder. Please get more in. Full and flavorful, this lasted from my pre-cook out regime, right up to dinner time. Will definitely get more for the humidor!
MH of Howell, MI
"def an "a$$ kicker"...but...fantastic!
JD of Bethel Park, PA
Get ready to "man up" with the FURY..ass kicker! but....excellent!
JD of Bethel Park, PA
This is definitely an intense smoke, but it smokes evenly and has great flavors, especially in the first and middle third.
RB of Marshall, MN
Not a bad cigar, but if you like the Black Dragon as I do, you may be disappointed with this blend. This does not have the complexity of the regular Black Dragon and is barely stronger. Not what I expected based on the write up. Perhaps some time in the humidor will help.
JL of Matthews, NC
Bold, yet simple, good burn & smoke. Excellent after a day by the pool or BBQ!
FJ of Anaheim, CA
I just set down my BLK FRY DRGN to write this review. I love ACID, JAVA , and TABAK. I also like a storng maduro. Just like I like my coffee. I like my cigar. Big fat natural taste and you cannot go wrong. If you have any questions ask Gurks. They are unbelieveable and you will not be let down.
SG of West Henrietta, NY
Excellent smoke, even burn, great flavor from start to finish. Its not an extremely strong cigar... but it has a complex flavor that is complemented by an outstanding aroma
CE of Margate, FL
Great stick! I found this cigar to be full flavored, but not overpowering. It had a great, smooth draw and lasted for upwards of an hour. Loved it!
DJ of Midland, MI
A Black Dragon Fury Nublizer came in my Gurkha Gargantuan Grab Bag. Just finished it and wow, another Gurkha favorite for me. I smoked it during lunch and it's a perfect 1-hour stick. Smooth, tasty, great burn, easy draw with a guillotine cut. How do they do it? This thing was full of flavor and mild-medium up until the last third, then it turned savory like a steak on a camp fire. Half way through I munched an orange and the citrus just mixed in a great taste. Ok, enough, I thought the Legend series was unbeatable, but this dark nub is high on my list for restocking. I'm done with brand hopping for a while, Gurkha is it!
ER of Memphis, TN
My first ghurka, very tasty! I will definitely have to order more!
Gurkha is my favorite brand, and to date the Fury stands out. I got dark chocolate and espresso, full but very smooth. Will not disappoint.
Had one from the grab bag...the outer wrapper did partially split and tear off after removing the Fury label band...however, because of the double binders it stayed together without a problem...a bit of a tough draw til about half way up...I know a lot of folks said this one is a heavy hitter, but honestly, I smoked it to the nub with my little pliers tool and I didn't get "got" at all by it...then again, for as many cigars and as often I smoke them...maybe I just have a high was great don't get me wrong, and I recommend it to anyone looking for a long-smoking, maduro that is full's the kind of cigar that makes a room smell like a true cigar shop afterwards...
I wish all my cigars lived in Meyer's dark rum, and I don't even know what that means. Fury is a very interesting stick. Will always want a few on hand.
Gurkha never disappoints. Excellent construction, flavor, & aroma. Pure cigar ecstasy!
DL of Depew, NY
Gurkha is a pretty good cigar, but it has teeth until a 1/4 to 1/2 burn down, and a bit dry...and ALL my cigars live in Meyers Dark Rum, which really smooths out most edges, but not for Gurkha......
RH of Chicago, IL