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Gurkha Black Beauty Reviews

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Overall Rating 2 out of 5 Based on 1 Rating

Customer Reviews of “Gurkha Black Beauty”

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2 out of 5
Bad Batch?
Decent flavor but half of the box had draw and burning issues. You had to but at least an inch of the torpedo tip off the back to get the cigar to draw at all, it was so tight. They burned unevenly and required frequent attention. I don't know if I got a bad batch but this cigar was just not worth the trouble. There are better smokes for the money. Maybe Gurkha should make fewer different cigars than the 3 million they currently crank out but make the ones they sell properly?
Customer Testimonials
WOW. This BEAUTY is great, mellow, has wonderful flavors and it's not overpowering in strength. This bad boy held an ash for over 2.5 inches and the aroma is nice, too. I had several ppl asking me what brand I was smoking, and they were shocked when I told them. Treat yourself and try these wonderful cigars. The torpedoes are a good 60-90 min enjoyable smoke.
....Very displeased with these cigars. Right after I got them, I decided to try one of these. As soon as I lit this cigar within a 1/4 inch of ash, it started to crack and split down the barrel and the wrapper started coming off. I lit another one and also the same thing happened....
Had my first Gurkha out on the patio late nite with a cup of fresh ground coffee. Burn was slow, earthy, slight sweet pepper flavor. Nice billowy smoke that built up to a full flavor at the end. Will let my other ones sit in the humidor for a bit and try again. A good cigar for the price!
I'm smoking the Gran Torpedo profile. This is a good tasting stick. It looks seriously big and bad (a bit rustic and definitely dark). I'm a bit upset though because I'm having trouble with the wrapper. The wrapper is on the thin side and demands careful handling. The leaf came completely off the tip so I'm tasting binder more than would be ideal. Still, a good dark chocolate thing is going on with the aged wood component that is excellent. Real smooth without any off tastes.
Very easy to light. Average construction, draw and burn. Open draw with only medium smoke output at best. Cool burn with a couple minor touchups needed. Thinner smoke on palate. Mild strength with mild to medium flavors. Classic maduro flavors of sweet tobacco, earth and coffee. Flavors very pronounced and blend very nice. A short finish after each draw with no trace of spice or pepper. Strength and flavors remain very consistent from beginning to end with no complexity.
WOW! What a cigar! I had one last night and didn't believe it. So I had to have another tonight same result! Solid cigar with a smooth, solid burn and excellent flavor.
Not bad, but not as good as the regular Beauty.
Great cigar! having not tried the original beauty, after smoking this one of the fuller profile down to the final inch, it stayed cool and mellow all the way down.Black Beauty is fine experience. Nice draw, nice burn and great flavors. Don't hold off on this one