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G.A.R. by George Rico Reviews

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Overall Rating 4 out of 5 Based on 3 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “G.A.R. by George Rico”

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5 out of 5
Really Great
I ordered some a few years back. They are a refreshingly different taste from other cigars. Unfortunately for me I can't pull out the fancy flavors. You know what I mean here. I can't discern Oak, Chocolate, toast, espresso, tartar sauce, hamburger, pizza, and all the other flavors the "experts" can. I can only taste "Tobacco" and these are tops!!!
4 out of 5
Great Cigar! Really enjoying the box
I found this one through a Gran Habano sampler. Very happy with it so far. I have had two thus far and each has burned perfectly with great draws. Definitely consider this a medium cigar, rich with great flavors. Smoked it down to the nub…great to the end.
3 out of 5
Great cigar, FAST shipment, Some were dry
This is a great cigar! CI shows it as a Med-Full flavor cigar, I would rate it more on the medium side. It's very smooth and pleasant to smoke... Really one of my favorite cigars! My last order had a few that were on the dry side, cracking a peeling as I cut and smoked them. Otherwise I would have rated it 5-Stars!
Customer Testimonials
A very smooth and tasty cigar. Nice balance of flavor and aroma. It burns slow and even. Nice cigar for everyday smokes. Enjoyed it to the nub.
I was encouraged to try this 'gar (pardon the pun!) by George Rico himself, wow! I'm glad he did! I love Gran Habano to begin with, and this beauty did not disappoint! I'll be getting more of these for sure! Thanks George!
Has a "different" taste that is exceptional!
Sparked one up last night. Had been smoking a Joya de Nicaragua Clasico earlier that day. Compared to the former cigar, the G.A.R. was less acidic in taste and was not accompanied by a creeping nicotine buzz. I agree with the previous comment that the G.A.R. pre-light aroma is quite faint. I thought the cigar had a slight peaty flavor that I tend to associate with Honduran cigars. I (like others) thought this cigar was milder in flavor than the Gran Habanos I've tried. The construction seemed right on and the draw was just about perfect. Nice looking cigar, too. I smoked it about one third the way through and let it go out. I will relight it tonight on the drive home from work. I enjoyed this cigar and also agree with others that it would likely age quite nicely, though there's no need to wait if you are hankering for a decent tasting mild cigar right off the truck.
G.A.R is an excellent cigar! The price is a steal on the quality and taste. Very toasty oaky flavors, some spice, and some natural sweet tobacco flavors. They should age very, very nicely but are actually great right off the truck. The next time they pop up I'll have to grab some more.
A nice cigar with a pleasant flavour, fairly even burn and a faint but nice pre-light aroma. I certainly enjoyed the cigar, but would never pay retail for it, but the 'club' price makes it attractive.
Good cigar. Has a very classic cigar smell and proceeds to get better near the end. Its not as good or as strong as the gran habano 3 siglos or corojo but I will probably buy it again.
I really like this cigar. I kept getting a sweet "cola" note with this one for about the first third of the cigar. It gets stronger but stayed smooth all the way to the nub. Towards the nub you will get this dark leathery taste that is really nice. Very good product, I will be buying another box.
I have smoke about a dozen of these and they just don't do it for me. Not that they are bad, they are a decent cigar but for the money I would pick up something else.
I just had my first coffee flavored chocolate bar this morning. No! wait a minute, that was a G.A.R. cigar. WoW! what a darn fine full flavored and smooth cigar. Top notch construction, good burn, and smooth draw. Great cigar