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Gran Habano 3 SLS Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Gran Habano 3 SLS”
CI set me up on a blind date with the 3 Siglos blend via one of their ridonkulous sampler deals. Now here's a stogie that employs all 5 senses: Sight - velvety, picture-perfect wrapper with a slight sheen. Touch - the robusto is a chunky vitola, firm and heavy in the hand, but with a balanced and effortless draw. Smell - pleasant pre-light aroma and a bold, spicy scent throughout the burn. Taste - hearty earthen core with toasted notes. Leathery finish with light pepper through the nose. Leather becomes more prominent through the burn. Sound - the "ooh" and "ahhh" of everyone around you enjoying the spicy aroma, and begging you to share one! This, kind sirs, is a real treat and packs enough of a punch to leave a novice herfer weak in the knees. It's a real shame they are being discontinued. Hopefully they'll pop back up under a different name...
DC of Portsmouth, VA
Solid medium blend with even burn. I really enjoy this cigar. Its rating is well deserved.
RW of Hopewell Junction, NY
There is just something about the Gran Habanos that keeps me pleasantly suprised. Like a woman that always keeps me smiling and wondering. Each time I smoke one of these its just like a diamond that reveals another facet. She may not be the best, but something always keeps me coming back for more. Just smoked a 3 siglos robusto and It was a damn fine smoke. Solid ash. excellent draw, great feel and I had to remind myself that I only spent a couple a bucks on this gem!! Simply outstanding!
RR of Spokane, WA
To S.P. of northern does that Gran Habano 3 Siglos taste to you now. Probably not as good as it does to us Yankee fans.
VB of San Francisco, CA
This cigar needs serious box time, the sample I purchased when lit one up was a little "Wet" and 1/2 way gave a strong ammonia taste. There is no doubt with 3-6 months "Sleeping" time it will be a most enjoyable smoke. The wrapper is beautiful and I look forward to in 3 months my next review.
WS of Woodhaven, NY
This cigar is in my regular rotation and is one of my all time favorite cigars. Great flavor, great burn and packs a velvet punch. There is a lot to love about this smoke. I got through about 3-4 sticks a day and never tire of this cigar. If you have not tried it I highly recommend you do. You will not be disappointed.
GS of Fleetwood, PA
This is the best cigar I have had in some time (Gran Habano 3 Siglos). I knew there was some hype behind this stick and I had read the review in CA, so I was expecting a nice smoke. But the real thing far exceeded my expectations. Great aroma on lighting up, and very mellow to start off with. The cigar builds nicely and quickly. I think it was a full blown smoke about 1" in. I did not find the cigar very eventful, just very consistent throughout. Cedar was the predominant flavor, and maybe some pepper. Great draw and the burn was good (I had to touch it up a couple of times, but I was being lazy about rotating it). I really liked the cigar a lot and I look forward to smoking some more of them. Happy Smoking
After almost three years I still keep coming back for more. Gran Habano 3 Siglo is a cigar I never get tired of. After straying away from them for about 9 months I picked up another bundle of robustos and wondered why I let them go for so long. They are as consistent now as they were three years ago. Complex flavors of leather, spice and a smooth medium body from start to finish. Add to that a great even burn and a great price. Why did I stray?
JS of Fleetwood, PA
I was not disapointed with this stick. Upon toasting the foot you get a real nice tabacco sent off it. The first couple draws are smooth with taste of wood, spice, leather, and a hint of black pepper. After the first inch the leather notes are more prominate as well as the sweet tabacco flavore. It has a nice wood and pepper nuance through the nose. Halfway in it is a very nice medium body smoke. It does not do what I call a "palete killer". It is very smooth, and alows you to get a fresh taste after each draw. The draw and burn is flawless on this cigar. It is classified as a med-full, but I would say it is medium in strength and full in flavor. I would recomend this cigar to anybody.
DT of DeRidder, LA
Now THIS is a good cigar (Gran Habano 3 Siglos)! I received it in the current Cigar of the Month Club offering and plan to buy more. Faint but very pleasant pre-light aroma with a nice oily wrapper. Excellent draw and a really nice flavour especially if smoked very slowly. It's a powerful cigar. I smoked the first one as the second cigar of the day...and it was still quite early..before 9 am....with a cup of Martin Mayorga's coffee. The burn is absolutely even and it's a pleasure to smoke. Even at the full retail price this one is worth the money. But who ever pays full price at CI?
MC of MLeesburg, VA
WOW! Love this cigar. Feels, smells, and tastes like a cigar that should cost 3 times as much. I smoked one last night in the Gran Robusto size...Solid hour and a half smoke, never needed a relight or touch up, left 4 solid tater-tot sized ashes in the ashtray...Doesn't get better than that. I sparked it up and my wife (who doesn't smoke cigars) said "Ooh! That smells good!" Gran Habano 3 Siglos - CI recommended, discriminating wife approved!
HW of Emmett, ID
I just bought a few off of joe's daily deal (Gran Habano 3 Siglos). What a deal. This is my new favorite. Excellent taste, construction, smell.what a great find.
NS of Melrose, MA
given the promising future of Gran Habano, i was eager to try their new blend, 3 Siglos. pre-light aroma and draw was good and after two matches, i was underway with my smiles paved the way for an eventful cigar. woody, warm, smooth and even a little spicy, the 3 Siglos is three centuries worth of good smoking. a slow burner, a 1 hour + smoke (for a robusto!) this cigar is complex and even burning. this is a great cigar to introduce people to the world of cigars, as long as they can handle the strong stuff! a great 90 point cigar...if only the cigar stopped there! i picked up a faint occurance of California red seedless grapes (!) popped up in a delightful way. that said, this cigar pushes the 91/92 point border and i dont care to differentiate between the two. a great cigar from a great blender. gran habano is looking up.
MC of Azusa, CA
After buying scores of samplers and several boxes over the last seven years I know for sure what my favorite cigar is. I also have figured out which cigar I can afford and still have a wonderful experience, and that one is 3 Siglos. The draw is always perfect, the burn is reasonably even, the wrapper never cracks or peels, the cap stays put, the smoke is exceptionally pleasant and copious, and I've never had one turn acrid toward the end. The only thing that makes me quit is my fingers not being able to stand the heat when there is only 3/4” left! I’ve got 4 dozen in my humi along with many more expensive sticks that are much inferior to the 3 Siglos. It’s been a long journey, but I’ve found the cigar I’ve been looking for.
SC of Lake Forest Park, WA
No offense to the NY fans, but it was nice to enjoy this cigar as I watched the Phillies beat the Yanks behind Lee's pitching and fielding, as well as the two homeruns by Chase Utley ... man that last one zipped right out of there ... and the fielding by the pitcher had me laughing, he made it look so easy ... Oh, back to the cigar, the 3 Siglos torpedo (came to me in a sampler) ... First of all the appearance ... it is a beautiful cigar, natural in color ... well constructed, close to flawless, the banding is classy and elegant ... a third band tells you that it's a special anniversary edition ... I like the hefty ring gauge, showing you that this is a serious cigar. It lights and draws easy and evenly ... no touchups needed ... clouds of smoke, straight ahead tobacco flavor of the best quality (it came across as medium to full in strength) ... delightful down to the last inch ... a really fine cigar. I look forward to having it again.
S. of P.Northern, VA
A unique and suprisingly complex cigar that is quickly entering a top spot on my "favorites" list. The churchill draws effortlessly, burns flawlessly, and has an elegance to it but is far from wimpy. Amongst other notes, I got a prominent, warm cinnamon bun (with a hint of bourbon) about half way through to almost the nub... For the CI price, this cigar is totally worth the indulgence and then some!
EJ of Pittsburgh, PA
The Gran Habano 3 Siglos is a beautiful cigar. The one I smoked had been in my humidor for almost two years. The 3 Siglos has a flawless wrapper: no veins or imperfections. The wrapper is oozing with oils causing the wrapper to shine. Although, the wrapper was stunning the band had excess glue causing the wrapper to tear as I removed the band. The cold draw yielded a nice complex sweetness. The first few puffs delivered a very mild earthy tone which was surprising for a M/F bodied cigar. The cigar booms smoke with every puff which was very creamy and enjoyable. The home stretch gave me notes of black pepper and a searing spice, which hit me right on the tongue. The very end of the cigar actually turned bitter, which was surprising since the cigar had a two year cedar nap. Thankfully, the bitterness quickly passed and since the cigar remained cool it allowed me to smoke it to the nub. While smoking the nub the wrapper split which was more annoying than anything else. I love this cigar.
LL of Round Rock, TX
This cigar is by far the best bang for your buck out there. Actually all of the Gran Habano Cigars are awesome price/quality ratio but this one especially so.
This is an excellent cigar! While vacationing in the Nassau, I purchased several fine Cuban cigars. The tobacconist asked what I was currently smoking and I gave him one of my 3 Siglos. His expression as he smoked it was one of pure delight. He asked me what I paid for them and was astounded by my answer. He then offered me two more Cubans for the two remaining 3 Siglios I had with me. We were both happy. He had two more fine cigars and I knew I had more 3 Siglios in my cabin on the ship.
BM of Macon, GA
This is a great cigar...but when you account for the price of the smoke you will never match this...I buy various cigars for my smoking satisfaction and I rate this up with all my inventory.
KG of Exton, PA
Just boxed Gran Habano 3SLS gran robusto. What a great cigar...wrapper has great color and texture, nice slow burn and a mild, almost sweet palate. You can't beat this deal for the price.
PM of Akron, OH
Having smoked close to 1,000 cigars since I started smoking, the Gran Habano 3 SLS is without a doubt, hands down the best deal on any cigar out there. $2.50-$3.00 for a premium and top-of-the-line handmade cigar that burns slowly and evenly with full flavor complexity throughout makes my top ten (out of 1,000).
ZT of Pensacola, FL
What a cigar! very creamy and flavorful more medium body than full. Nice draw and wonderful aroma Siglos 3 is now in my rotation on a permanent basis.
AP of New Carrollton, MD
This is an excellent cigar. I just finished my first 20 cigars (Gran Robusto) and I can truthfully say I found it better than the Cubans I have smoked. I'm disappointed the "3 siglos" is being phased out since I guess that means I won't be able to get the 54 ring size again. I'll get another size, I guess. If you haven't tried these, you owe it to yourself to do so.
JR of Gulf Coast, AL
The (Gran Habano 3 Siglos) will knock you off your feet (quite literally!). This is a powerhouse cigar not to be taken lightly. Excellent construction, a very dense core with a lot of spicy kick. I enjoyed this one very much!
GR of Sterling, VA
Great cigar. Slow to get started, but after the first one half to one inch it gets going. Flavorful and strong. On my regular list.
MG of Short Pump, VA
When I was a kid growing up in Ybor city I used to watch the men drink their strong coffee and smoke the wonderful smelling cigars. That's what this cigar reminds me of. It had the smell and the look of those bygone days in Tampa. With each puff I can hear and taste those latin nuances that take me back to that era. What a great cigar!
SA of Hiram, GA
I am a big fan of Gran Habano. I have the 3 Siglos Torpedo and Churchill sizes. Funny thing is that the Torpedo is a bit more mild that the Churchies. I think it is just a difference with the wrapper at the time of harvest or through the fermentation process. The Torps are a solid medium and the Churchies are a good medium ++. You won't go wrong with these. Order with confidence.
CS of Rock Springs, WY
Good cigar. I prefer the Vintage 2002 slightly more than this one. I've noticed a few Gran Habanos were a little bit sloppy in constrution, as if they were made in a hurry or something. But no problem with burn or flavor. I really enjoy them.
MB of East Greenbush, NY
Among the top cigars I have smoked, and I ones that I could smoke all the time if I didn't like to smoke a stronger one from time to time. They are the kind that you hold on to until your fingers start to burn. I wish I had the ability to describe the flavor, but I have never eaten leather, white pepper, charcoal, on other things that people use to describe the taste. I'm still wondering how those who use these terms found a way to digest these items. I've really tried to taste the smoke and describe what it's like. I did find one that had a bit of a fruit like flavor. What I do know, this is a great cigar and one worth your purchase.
DM of Taylor, MI
I have tried about 15-20 different types/brands of cigars now, and this one is by far my favorite to date! The only one I've liked close as much as this one is the Oliva "V" series. It's got a nice spice to it, and the smoke is mild-medium intensity, but very flavorful. They are also very consistent, as I've had 3 or 4 of these now, and they have yet to disappoint.
JD of Philadelphia, PA
UPDATE: I just ordered the churchills. They have a bit more oomph to them over the torpedo. They still have a nice consistently open draw. I got considerably more smoking time out of the churchill than the torpedo, but that could be attributed to the strength, just as much the length of the cigar. The jury is not out on which of the two I like better, but if you prefer stronger go churchill, and for pure taste I would go torpedo. I have given quite a few friends and family the torpedo, and everyone has loved them so far!
JD of Philadelphia, PA
WOW! I went into these because they were on sale and thinking they would be more to satisfy the craving than to enjoy the flavor. WRONG! These are some tasty, medium-full smokes. It's a shame they are being phased out. I need to get me some more! Grab 'em while you can. Or wait! Don't grab 'em (more for me!).
SP of El Cajon, CA
The 3 SLS has a great mix of sweet flavors followed by a hint of spice on the exhale. Although mine didn't sit for almost 2 years, I still had the same great experience with mine after only a few months in the humidor, but never had a "bitter" taste towards the end. It finished smooth to the nub. The 92 rating may be pushing it a little, but it should be a welcomed smoke for EVERY humidor out there. I wouldn't hesitate to get this one again.
JM of Hickory, NC
Just made my way through a bundle of these beautiful cigars. The wrapper is dark, rich and oily just the way i like it! The question is, was this cigar just another a pig in a prety dress? Absolutely not, this cicar rocks! At the CI blowout price... you must order a bunch of 3 Sigos before they are gone!
TC of Temecula, CA
A Good Cigar, Cream, Cedar, Medium Bodied, Burn Is Spot On, This Cigar Should Grace Anyone's Humidor.
MF of Bogalusa, LA
just received my box of the gran robustos. I've read all of the great reviews and thought I had just gotten away with highway robbery after my purchase. Smoked my first one and wasn't impressed. It was not an even burn, and I didn't receive any consistency in the draw through out the entire smoke. Thinking that this many people cant be wrong I decided to throw these in the humidor and will visit them again in a half year/year.
DC of Allentown, PA
this is one of the most reliable cigars that I have ever smoked. each stick burns flawlessly, tastes pretty much exactly as the description says, and smells incredible. it's as if each cigar is a tasty clone of the previous one. you will never be disappointed with this cigar. try it in the toro size for a long, cool burn right down to the nub!
Burnt fingers, good cigar.
At the ridiculously low price on these, I was expecting them to be a weekday/yard work cigar. Way off. These are true premium cigars. Appearance and construction excellent. Full bodied, complex, and with very good flavor. The cigar imporves as it burns, increasing in complexity. And I mean all the way down to the end. I was doubly impressed with these cigars after resting them a couple weeks in my humi. A better cigar at these prices cannot be found. If you like deals, this is a deal of deals!
ZH of Lutz, FL
i got the gran habano in a sampler from c.i. i let the sampler rest in my diablo humidor also purchased from c.i. for just 1 week. upon choosing it as my after work stick i was rewarded with an absolute treat..sumptuous from first draw till practically burning my lips...too many flavors too mention...a must try cigar for all to enjoy!
CH of Philadelphia, PA
I was very impressed with the 3 SLS. These could easily be boxed and sold for twice the price.
JR of Las Vegas, NV
Got this one with a sampler. A solid $2 smoke. Pretty much a give-a-way to friends who don't know sick 'em from com here. No proplems with the Gran Habano 3 SLS.
CH of Magnolia, TX
Great cigar. Some wrapper issues. 9/10
PM of Crystal Lake, IL
Definitely a good medium smoke. From beginning to end the draw is good and mellow notes of wood and pepper played all the way through. The flavors are not deep, definitely not full, but delivered a consistent toasty taste that was very pleasing to the palate.
LG of Alpharetta, GA
Took a chance and bought these. Man am I glad I did. Outstanding Cigar. I love it. Smokes like a dream.
GP of Lake George, NY
Good cigar. If you are looking for a good alternative as these are phased out, check out George Rico's Opium, also mighty fine.
CN of St. Louis Park, MN
Ok, I just received my first bundle of SLS and well.... Are these unadvertised seconds? Not that they weren't a good smoke but the wrappers had serious defects and the construction seemed to be less than stellar. Once I fired one up however I have to say it had me. The overall quality here seems to be spot on as far as draw and flavor go. Mine are just plain ugly to the eye. My palate has another opinion, it says buy more! Maybe I just got a bum lot on cosmetics but the taste is certainly there. I will be buying more, just hope this is an isolated case of ugly.
JA of Clarksville, OH
This cigar is all about value. Excellent full flavor cigar for less than $3. One of my favorite everyday smokes. Burns a little uneven. Sometimes comes unraveled. Always taste superb.
As Hannibal Lecter would say "goody-goody"! This cigar was good all the way to the nub. It fits the description and I really enjoyed the smoothness. Great cigar!
EW of Virginia Beach, VA
Bought a bundle of these based on the very favorable reviews. It's a good cigar, but I don't find it spectacular. The price is very good, though. If your humidor is looking a bit bare, these will fill it up nicely, and you can actually afford to smoke one, now and then. Honestly, there's something to be said for a smooth, solid smoke without a lot of bells and whistles. I got the 6X60s, this time, but I think I'll try a smaller ring, next time. It might benefit from a smaller ratio of filler to wrapper.
MS of Westover, WV
I, just now, finished my third sample of this wonderful stick (from my third Backyard Boogie Mega Sampler). I liked the first one. I REALLY liked the second one. I am nearly heartbroken that this one is now simply a fading memory. Nearly heartbroken, with singed fingertips. So I guess I loved the third one. Gran Habano produces at least three of my Top Ten Favorites. Keep up the good work (and that goes for C.I. as well). Thank you.
JC of Oklahoma City, OK
Love these cigars. Full of flavors, and slow smoke. My favorite to date.
Nice smoke. A bit rough around the edges, but a couple of months in the humidor has made it a great tasting even cigar.
SS of Chapin, SC
This a nice, pretty cigar. It was a bit light and uninvolved for my taste and just a tad green. We'll see how it does after a turn in the humidor. Regardless, the wrapper and band are gorgeous. The torpedo shape is cool and a big stick, to boot. Everything about the cigar is what I look for in a reasonably priced cigar to impress the non-initiated should they wish to join you in a cigar and Scotch. It did go a bit better with wild Turkey than Scotch, though. Though I can't see me smoking many myself, I've found it pragmatic to have in my humidor more than just cigars I love to smoke. This is a nice one.
JR of Fordyce, AR