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Gurkha Grand Reserve Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.4 out of 5 Based on 15 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Gurkha Grand Reserve”

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5 out of 5
The best
Yep, best cigar in my book
5 out of 5
Gurkha Grand Reserve Grand Reserve Churchill Maduro
This is a wonderful cigar. I must get more of these
5 out of 5
A must have
Great cigar love the cognac flavor
5 out of 5
Relaxing, mind taken
I enjoy this stick with a glass of rèmy OX in the evening.
5 out of 5
1st time
they were OK but not the best of the cigars I ordered. U guys need to send some cigars to Bruce Armstead for giving me your web site. Wish I knew about you long ago. Dave Connors
5 out of 5
One of the finest
The smoke was smooth all the way down to the nub. This is one of the finest cigars i have had the privileged to smoke. I is a premium cigar that wont break the bank. Definitely a cigar I would buy again.
5 out of 5
I have waited a long time to smoke the cigar I have bought my son for ten years. This stick was worth the wait. I have not tasted coffee, chocolate, vanilla, expresso, or much of anything else reportedly in the cigars I"ve smoked. Finally I got what was I was led to believe was in the stick. I got a mild taste, subtle, of the triple infused cognac. Wow! Awesome! This stick had an effortless draw, a mild-medium tobacco taste, and was a pleasure to the nub. My taste buds are not dead! Thanks CI for a great cigar at a decnt price.
4 out of 5
gurkha grand
it is a very tasty cigar especialy with the right cocktail,such as a good bourbon or even a good glass of wine.smoked well and tons of flavor.
5 out of 5
For those special occasions!
These are very fine cigars. I find they are a treat for celebrations and they are presented that way. Each on in its own glass tube sealed with wax keeping the flavor in. Opening it and smelling the aroma of the fine cigar is very satisfying. It has great taste with a hint of cognac, a easy draw and a nice even burn. I would suggest getting these for a gift or for those special occasions to let someone know they are special. I will get these again and again.
5 out of 5
Best of cognac infused cigars
This cigar is among the best in the world. Flavored are perfectly balanced and the strength is medium and satisfying. I use them by opening one and putting it in my humidor where it has a wonderful flavor influence on all my cigars as they age. After a month I smoke it and it still has a terrific cognac flavor.
5 out of 5
awesome cigars. Packaged well.
5 out of 5
Outstanding smoke
I have just placed another order for this ultimate cigar the Gurkha Grand Reserve. I expect the same fine smoke I received with my previous order. Long lasting and extremely smooth with a very good taste of cognac. I handed out a few of these smokes to good friends and they all said the same thing OUTSTANDING smoke, I agree.
1 out of 5
Not what I expected
The cigar wraps were falling apart. I expected better quality then this. I am now re-thinking my purchases moving forward. I have spent a decent chunk of change Cigars International and this was disapointing.
3 out of 5
I have smoked a lot of gurkha grand reserve, but the last couple batches seemed to lack the amazing flavor I fell in love with.
3 out of 5
Decent, but not the best
There seems to be alot of hype over these, as well as a decent price tag to follow it. Its not too expensive, but the flavor of this smoke wears of about half way through. Mind you though the first have is tasty, but after that it ends up in my ash tray.
Customer Testimonials
Very smooth smoke. This cigar draws well and smooth. I felt like it was a very mild cigar, but I have been trying some very full cigars lately, so I may have some perspective issues there. I wouldn't think twice about buying more of these. Everyone comments on the presentation as well; it's a good conversation starter.
Ultimate Gurkha fan; these are great treats for yourself. Just get em way less here; if you're lucky enough to find a close local retailer they will be double, so just pickup a 3 pack. I don't even like cognac and these are phenomenal.
I bought these for my Marine in celebration of him completing his Masters Degree while deployed overseas. He absolutely loved them! I did my research beforehand to make sure I got him one of the best cigars to celebrate this momentous occasion. This cigar did not disappoint! He said it was an excellent smoke, smooth, with an easy draw and impeccable flavors. He also said the cognac flavor was prominent, but not overpowering, and the cigar held together well until the very end. I personally loved the presentation of the cigars in the glass tubes with the wax seal. It just made the gift even more unique and special! I have added these as a 'regular' item on my ordering list to send as a Care Package Surprise for My Guy!!
A buddy of mine had been telling me for years, the best smoke of his life was a Gurkha in a glass tube, infused with cognac. I had to have heard the story five times. I ran across the deal on CI, and I bought him a couple, and he was blown away, He had paid $45 retail for his first, never found another, but would have paid that price again. I did not have the heart to tell him I paid 11 dollars a piece. I have since turned him on to CI.
I have smoked plenty of fine cigars in my lifetime. Gurkha is definitely one of my favorite brands. With that being said, the Grand Reserve is simply amazing. This is honestly the best cigar I have ever smoked (as of 01/20/2015). The cognac "infusion" gives this cigar a subtly sweet taste, while not having the qualities of a flavored cigar. Now I must try the Private Reserve and the Royal Reserve.
These are by far my favorite cigars and what got me into the cigar scene.
Just finished the Grand Reserve torpedo. Im quite confused as to what the tube does.... Very dissapointed in how this cigar was packaged. In spite of all the and packaging problems it smoked good and was tasty. Light smoke at first, but then thick and creamy for the second half.... All in all I'd say 3 out of 5 stars.
These are the first Gurkha's I have had and let me say, they are mighty fine! As soon as you open the tubo, the smell of cognac erupts out. Gets a little full bodied near the end but is not a big problem.
One of the most beautiful cigars I've ever smoked. It is infused with fine Cognac that you can actually taste. This cigar is one of my favorites from the Gurkha cigars. The presentation is always beautiful. A very smooth and great tasting cigar.
Best cigar I have ever smoked. Start to finish nice smooth high quality PREMIUM cigar!
When I went looking for a wonderful cigar to celebrate my birthday this past February with, the local cigar shop suggested The Gurhka Grand Reserve infused with the Louis XIII Cognac..I was not disappointed with this cigar and have smoked one other since then..This cigar is definitely a go for special occasion or holidays when you are smoking with a close friend or two with a glass of your favorite drink..
Best cigar I've smoked. Perfect draw, great flavor. Awesome.
the most amazing cigar you will ever smoke, smooth all the way to the popping. The cap is like like opening heaven, you will keep the tube around just so you can remember the cigar and its wonderful smell, I want one right now... go army !!!
Honestly, I'm not a big flavored fan , BUT these are amazing. They are so smooth, creamy, cool, and light on flavor but big on taste. For the price you pay on here is decent, but buying them at a cigar boutique store for $20 a pop, rediculous. I would recommend, at least give one a shot and keep one on stock for a special occasion.
I started to buy this cigar when I was in Iraq when I started the hobby and since then I've got fascinated with it. Although its expensive I won't trade it for nothing.
I was given this cigar as a nice gesture from someone. Already a fan of the Gurkha line, I eagerly anticipated enjoying this one! I decided to bide my time an wait to enjoy it as my Christmas cigar. I waited 3 whole weeks to pop the top and let me tell you, it was well worth the wait. I was immediately hit by the heavenly aroma of the cognac and that was only the beginning. From the first until the final draw of this bad boy, this cigar was amazing. It had an amazing smooth draw to it that stayed that way until the end. I will without a doubt be purchasing more!! They are worth every penny. A fellow cigar smoker and I have been keeping a book rating our weekly cigars on a 1-5 star. No doubt it gets a 5 star in my book.
I waited for my meager three pack of these cigars like a child waiting for Christmas. Upon arrival they were unpacked and placed on the top shelf of my humidor. The following morning I decided to see what the big deal was about this cigar. Upon cracking the seal of the Tubo I was greater with the sweet aroma of Louis XIII. I was a bit dissapointed however, when I could not get my cigar from it's crystal tubo due to the band being stuck to the glass. Perhaps this cigar was mocking me??! With my USMC mentality I improvised, adapted, and overcame. Removing my cigar FINALLY! Now cut and toasted the first draw on this stick was unbelievable. I found a smoothe smoke with an unbelievable aroma and sweet medium smoke. All the way through this was an experience not short of amazing. Outstanding job! I quickly informed my fellow cigar nut that I had found a cigar that could very well have been touched and rolled by the hand of GOD. I will indeed be ordering more of this ultra- fine cigar!
I love the smooth taste of the Gurkha Grand-Reserve with the infused Louie XIII. The first draw from this magnificant stogie, was heavenly, and the even burn remained throughout my smoke. The flavor never dissipated. I rate this cigar a 100! :-) The Gurkha Grand-Reserve just moved to number 1 of my favorite smokes! Great Job!!!!
Great cigar, I enjoyed every puff of it! You can taste the cognac from the begining to the end! Strongely recommend them! Thanks CI for the awesome deal on these gars. They sell for $15 a stick at my local cigar shop.
after i got past the pretty display of the platinum cigar i didnt find much to like. in the past i was very big into flavoured cigars but i got over that but thought id give these a try. worst descion i made. the whole time i was smoking it i was thinking why didnt i just buy some rocky patel decades, and with the money left over i could have bought some backwoods and had a more enjoyable smoke. the bottum line is these are over priced and poorely constructed they canoed over and over again against my best efforts. dont buy these cigars unless you love congac.
If I had to choose one cigar to smoke for the rest of my life....which to choose (Gurkha Platinum & Grand Reserve)? I haven't had the Royal Reserve line or the HMR but so far I would have to choose the Louis VIII Cigars from Gurkha. Fabulous from beggining to end!
Gurkha Platinum, First let me say that i had meaning i smoked the crown jewel Gurkha His Majesty’s Reserve last Christmas best present i ever got and for about 3 minutes i debated weather or not to smoke it, until i thought about it....what if I get hit by a bus tommorrow my wifes new husband is not getting my house,cars etc and my most expensive smoke too boot ;) no question the best infusied cigar i ever smoked. But.... if the Gurkha HMR is worth 750 per cigar then the platinum is like stealing at around 20 bucks a stick get some have on hand for friends who what to try cigar smoking this will hook them for sure. IF every non smoked tryed one the smoking bans would get lifted for sure ;)
The Platinum(Gurkha) torpedo's are absolutely the finest Cognac infused cigars made today period. They are triple infused (Not Flavored) with a Maduro wrapper. I spend thousands of dollars on cigars with Cigars International and mostly smoke huge ring gage cigars. You veteran smokers know what I mean. Bigger Cigars, Bigger Flavor. I do not smoke flavored cigars. These are not flavored but infused. These are easily 15.00 cigars. They are sold exclusively by Cigars International as far as I know. Gurkha does not even have them listed on their web site. That`s how rare they are. They are selling for half price with a regular price of $450.00 which I believe is a little low. I just bought 180 of these cigars which is 6 bundles and I might just buy some more. Get them while you can because they only make 5000 of these annually for the whole world and they are on sale for half price. You will not be disappointed. My whole house smells like cognac. Yummy!!
I have smoke both these cigars. i started with the Grande Reserve and was floored at how good it was. perfectly kept in an individual tube with construction and presentation unlike no other cigar. you can smell the Louis Cognac emitting from the tube! the Platinum is even better (if you can believe it). there is nothing bad to say about either of these smokes. these should be enjoyed on rare/special occasions. you dont want the cigar to end! i put these up there with Rockys Olde World Reserve and Padron Anniversario.
I was given a (Gurkha) Grand Reserve and immediately fell in love. I then sprung for the Platinum's and was floored with the best Cigar I have ever smoked. It is very difficult to mix cognac and leaf, but I agree Gurka has achieved it to perfection.
All that is said about the "Gurkha Platinum" is true, it's a wonderful smoke, but don't sell the "Grand Reserve", short. I've smoked other cognac cigars and you can tell the difference. "Gurkha", has married the flavor to the tobacco and you don't feel like your sucking on a candy cane. Once again, GURKHA does it better than anyone else in the industry.
I have yet to try the platinum but I have to say that the gran reserve is one of the best cigars I have ever had the pleasure of smoking! Its sweet, mild and the cognac flavor lasts throughout the entire smoke, my only complaint is that it had to end! I have already placed a back order for 6 more of these amazing fantastic cigars, you cant go wrong with Gurkha!
The Platinum is absolutley amazing. The regular Gran Reserve is NOT amazing. The Platinum is my absolute favorite because of its presentation & price. But the flavor and aroma are just plain AMAZING. If you are going to buy one of the two stay away from the Gran Reserve and stick with the Platinum. I am generally not a fan of infused cigars but to not try this cigar would be a huge mistake by anyway. Try a Platinum and you will not be dissapointed. Absolutley wonderful cigar.
After reading customer comments about the Gurkha Platinum, I bought a 3-pack for my brother and presented them to him at his wedding. He is not a serious cigar smoker, but is a huge fan of Louis XIII. Based on his rave reviews, I ordered a few more and would have to agree with the other readers - the Platinum takes it's place on the throne of premium cigars. Can't be beat!
I ordered these (Gurkha Platinum) off of a recomendation from a friend in the States. And shortly after receiving my Gran Reserves i had the oportunity to sit on the roof of our iraqi house, overlooking the soccerfield just outside the base and smke with an old friend. both of us said it is simply the BEST cigar i have smoked. Well worth the few extra bucks they cost.
Very very nice cigar (Gurkha Platinum), I have found a new favorite I hope CI puts these on special SOON!!!
TREAT YOURSELF!- A friend introduced me to the Gurkah Platinum a few weeks ago. I ordered three 3 packs IMMEDIATELY after I finished that cigar. Everything about this cigar is awesome! The cognac infusion gives it a sweet, but not overpowering flavor. Smoooooth! I smoked one outside at a local beach, and within 1 hr. 4 people stopped and asked what kind of cigar I was smoking, that smelled so good! Not inexpensive, but delicious, and well worth it. Enjoy
We had an especially good year at the cabinet shop this year. I've recently gotten my boss into fine cigar smoking,and was very suprised to recieve 2 Gurkha Platinum toros as a christmas bonus! I smoked 1 on valentines day and am saving the other for a special occasion. needless to say, the folks at gurkha really know how to produce an exceptionally good cigar.long ashes to ya, j.
A friend of mine bought me humidor for my B-Day 2 months ago and it holds 75-100 cigars...In it you will only find Gurkha Cigars and it is full...then I came across the Gurkha Grand Reserve and once I tried one, I imagined what it would have been like to be a king....Louis XIII Cognac infused in the cigar makes it the sweetest smoke I have ever put my lips around...I bought 9 of them and stuffed them in my already full Humidor...It was well worth it and when I am able to make more room in it I will buy some more...
(Gurkha Platinum & Gran Reserve) This is one of the best smokes I have ever had. I love this cigar.