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Graycliff 30-Year Vintage Reviews

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Overall Rating 5 out of 5 Based on 2 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Graycliff 30-Year Vintage”

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5 out of 5
great cigar but very pricey
great cigar but very pricey
5 out of 5
A great, smooth smoke.
I often find medium bodied cigars lacking in flavor but this has a very rich, complex taste.
Customer Testimonials
Just finished the Graycliff 30-Year Vintage. Nothing spectacular, but nothing bad either! I would rather smoke Hemingway or Oliva Cameroon. The wrapper is very fragile, but it smoked fine; just no WOW factor.
If you love mild, slow burning cigars this is it. I smoke nothing but Graycliff cigars. This is by far my favorite!
I grabbed 5 of these with a "Build Your Own" sampler. The idea of the 30 year old wrapper was appealing. I figured it was an experience not to be missed and getting them for approx $3 a piece versus $15-$17 for the PG... it was a no brainer. As others have mentioned the wrapper and construction were excellent, although one of them unraveled like a spool of twine. However, as others have noted, the flavor was nearly non-existent. I usually like to pair a good-great cigar with a quality Single Malt. This might pair better with a white wine or light beer. Not my kind of smoke and not worth the full price by a long-shot.
Heard some unfavorable reviews on this so when I picked it up as part of a sampler I kind of wrote it off. After trying it I can tell you that any bad reviews must come because of the expensive price. This is a fantastic stick that gets better with every puff. Didn't love it at first, but halfway through I got a flavor and a draw comparable to any of the best cigars I've ever had.
Personally, I enjoy the creamy flavor and am thankful it's not overpowered by a more complex smoke. This cigar is a real treat, and I smoked mine down to the nub until it was too hot to handle. I will definitely purchase more.
It is all about pairing this cigar properly. Some cigar smokers just do not get that. Pair this one with a hoppy beer and you will be overwhelmed with joy =) If you are not into hoppy beer or something strong tasting to bring out the flavors, then stay away from this cigar. I tried 2 of these so far and just ordered another 20 because they were that good.
Plenty of smoke, perfect construction and burn...if only the flavor matched these qualities....picked up a bit of a nut flavor and cream but overall it was bland. Considering that for the same price I can get an Armada or Reconquista which are both much more flavorful (IMO), this cigar simply does not live up to the price tag.
Was privileged to pick up a 5 pack in store on a clearance sale for $20! Wow this sick is a pure treat! What an amazing mild to medium flavor that just evolves as you smoke it. Consistent burn throughout. You can't go wrong here, great smoke and a great value for your money when you want to splurge . :)
This is one unique tasting stick. Be prepared to be patient. With this one, the complexity of flavor builds throughout the smoke. It started out with almost no finish. It did however have a very distinct and enjoyable flavor from the beginning to the end that is experienced just after I exhausted the smoke. This was an unique taste I have never found in any other cigar. But strangely that flavor fades within seconds somehow continues to linger as one of those memory flavors that roll around in the mind even after the taste is long gone. At the start of the smoke this is about the only taste there was but from about 1/3 in that began to change and many complex flavors began to abound. The look, draw and burn were near perfect. This cigar starts out very mild with not much going for it. But that soon will change. It ends up in my opinion at the upper end of medium. For me the flavors changed drastically numerous times throughout the smoke. More so than any cigar I have ever smoked. It is expensive but rare only 500 boxes they say. Enjoy while they last.
....Construction is excellent on them I must say, but nothing for the taste buds. I'd compare these too a factory made cigar to be honest....