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Graycliff Platinum Series Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Graycliff Platinum Series”
I just got mine a few days ago and had to smoke one before resting. This cigar was great from start to finish, draw was excellent & not to over powering. I'm going to be smoking my bundle wisely these babies are smooooth! I was lucky to get them on sale, I could never afford full price. Smoke on my brothers!!
I've been smoking cigars for about 18 years. This is the best cigar I've ever smoked by far! If they go on them!!! To me...this is the closest thing to sex. Starts off with some fore play,then gets down and dirty with the real flavor! :) Crap! I only have 11 left!! Not a good feeling. :( I want my humidor to always have these.
Received mine after purchasing them on sale....First impression was not impressive.... Pretty harsh tasting.. After letting them sit for about a month in the humidor, tried another and found a much improved, smoother smoke. Very nice taste and draw, but I still don't believe they are worth the price.
These are freaking amazing. I cant pay full price, but when they go on sale it is one hell of a deal. The sale price makes them cheap enough to share with friends at my expense.
These aren't very good. What I mean to say is, they're pretty bad. A harsh, burnt grass smell when lighted accompanied by a harsh, burnt grass taste when smoked. Pretty surprised they were this bad. Oh well.
I got a bundle of 15 for myself as a Christmas so mad I only got 1 bundle, these are excellent cigars. If it weren't for the incredible deal CI had I might not have tried them, unfortunately after spending only $32 for 15 its going to be difficult to spend over $150 but these are one of the few cigars I've had that are truly worth the price. They have an amazing flavor, perfect strength and are incredibly enjoyable. I gifted 2 of them to non cigar smoking friends and they have since become interested in cigars....I hope CI runs another deal with these because there's no doubt ill be getting more of them.
DEFINITELY 1 OF THE GREATS !!!!! got them at sale price ... icing on the cake ! This is a great cigar in ALL ASPECTS ... I only wish I had 1 of my 300s stocked full of these ! As always ..... GREAT JOB C.I.
RY of Rockville, CT
I looked forward to trying these, but was really disappointed...the taste was harsh, they burned hot and uneven. The looks and draw are good, but I have had $2.00 smokes that were much better than these...they are way overrated and not worth the price....
JP of Indianapolis, IN
I agree with the other posts. Best damn cigar I've ever smoked. Smoked every brand on the market and nothing compares.
WM of Lorena, TX
Like most of the previous reviewers, I bought the Graycliff Platinum on a CI special. I have been smoking premium cigars since 1972 and have had more than my share of great cigars and I can say without equivocation that these cigars are not even close to being good let alone great. They burn hot, harsh and uneven, not what you would expect from a cigar at this price point....
5/12/2014 -- Rec'd 5 Pirate size Torpedo 6.1 x 52 in a sampler pack. Smoked the first one a week after acclimating it in a humi. Very harsh and dry. Smoked the second one a month later. Very harsh and dry. Am now smoking the third after 2 1/2 months in a coolidor kept between 67-70% humidity and at a temp of 73 degrees F. Very harsh and dry. Depending on how you buy these they are between $14 and $22 per stick unless you pick them up in the sampler w/ 15 other sticks at 20 for $60. At the $3 per stick price point they may be worth a try if you're curious about them. But for the full CI price they are definitely not worth the cost.
A truly gorgeous smoke. Can't figure out why these buggers really haven't caught on. Smooth yet authoritative. Nice volume of smoke with good consistency all the way to the end. Started off as part of a sampler and now purchasing by the box. If these are truly limited production you should grab some while you can!
SS of Chapin, SC
Can't understand the reviews about "harsh & dry". Must be puffing too hard.
WM of Lorena, TX
Got my torpedo in a pic your own sampler and have to say that this is a mighty fine cigar. Complex flavors and just the right enough pepper to keep it interesting. Is it worth $14 if one to buy a bundle? I guess that depends if you can afford that kind of a cigar. For me I would never purchase at $210 for a bundle of 15 (what no fancy box at this price?) but I would order again with a sampler, if it is still there when it comes time to order again. I will say that I have had some other +$10 cigars that left me saying, "Really?!?! I wouldn't pay $5 for this thing." But the Graycliff is certainly a cigar worthy of attention. Good thing I have had other cigars that are a quarter of its price that are just as satisfying. But it is unique enough to get again. AT THE RIGHT PRICE.
TW of Saluda, NC
I got this in a sampler pack. After putting it in my mouth dry prior to lighting, I thought, Oh no, this one's going to be harsh...smoked it down till it burnt my fingers with nothing left, WOW, I enjoyed every puff. I tend to like medium smokes with smooth and mild tones packed full of a lot of flavor...this was all that and it surprised me from what I experienced when I just sucked on it before lighting. I had left it in my humidor probably for a week in a half prior to smoking it around 71-72.
JS of Milwaukee, WI
I just got one of these today in my brown bag sampler. I am so excited to have gotten one. I will let this puppy roast in my humidor for a little while before trying it.
GM of Hingham, MA
Been smoking these for over a year now. I have bought 100 or so of the platinum cigars. The first one I ever smoked had a pepper bomb at the foot of the cigar and tasted kind of harsh/dry. It did mellow out eventually. They have improved dramatically with humi time. I cannot say this cigar is bursting with flavor. I can say it is very smooth and does taste great. In fact the best thing to point out about this cigar is the way it pairs with a micro brew. It is my go to micro brew cigar and will pair with pretty much any craft brew out there.
MB of Gaylord, MI
3 words: UN FREAKING REAL! Nuff said.
JC of Lakewood, NY