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La Flor Dominicana Ligero Series Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “La Flor Dominicana Ligero Series”
I don't know what the reviewer was smoking..literally. The Double Ligero line from La Flor Dominican is still one of the best in my opinion. The Double Ligero Chisel, The Double Ligero 654, and the Limitado 3 and IV are some of the best smokes I've ever had. I just can't keep myself stocked in them because they average 7-9.00 with the schip bs. Eat a good meal, and then smoke the The Double Ligero Chisel natural. The maduro is a good bit more of a kick in the teeth. Then sit back and enjoy the cigar. Give it about 5 minutes to get past the spice kick, and then the cigar just gives off amazing plumes of smoke, and aroma.
CS of Denton, TX
I had the Ligero Cabinet L-300 Oscuro. The cigar starts a little bit without flavor. However a quarter through, the flavor kicks in, giving a peppery, flavorful taste. But the ending left a short, bitter after taste. Overall not a bad cigar but there are better ones for the price.
AJ of Washington, DC
I had the pleasure of trying of smoking a DL700 before. This time, I bought a box of the Chisels for myself (La Flor Dominicana Ligero Series). These smokes are not for the novice cigar smoker. The construction is solid with a smooth draw. It starts with an underlying spiciness but maintains a sweet cedar like character throughout the next two thirds of the cigar. The finish has the taste of nutmeg. Since Rush Limbaugh enjoys them on his radio show, this stick is wonderful for the cigar smoker who appreciates a smooth, full flavored cigar with lots of character. Highly recommended!!
AR of Alhambra, CA
Do you like a strong yet balanced smoke? You know the kind that has all sorts of flavor yet doesn't bite? If you do the La Flor Dominica Double Liegero is a real find! I really think to make a strong cigar with no one overpowering characteristic, or rough edges for that matter, you have to be a true master. Even a master doesn't always have the good forturne to have the best crops with perfect aging as must be the case here. Highly Recommended!
JW of Cullman, AL
Doesn't matter what size stick you are smoking as long as you are sitting down! This is aowerhouse smoke (La Flor Dominicana Ligero Series). Great flavor from start to finish. Nice oily wrapper. Goes great with a couple of drinks! I have a new favorite to add to my list.
SP of Jackson, MO
I thought the (La Flor Dominicana Ligero Series) looked great sitting in the box and then I got a whif...I couldn't put it down; I practically shoved it up my nose to get more of the aroma! On first smoke, I did get the hint of spices throughout the whole, with a bit of leather and earth at the start. Only complaint was the bad wrap job my first one had. Easy draw overall, but not billowing smoke (I think the fault of the wrapper) like my Punch GP has. Nevertheless, I smoked 'em to the nub. Overall, nice body, but not an overpowering smoke at all. I'll certainly pick up some more of these.
CM of Orange, VA
The DL700 (La Flor Dominicana Ligero Series) cigar smokes like a dream. It is differently on my short list. Full bodied and full flavored to say the least. I’ve smoked about 10 of so far, and I just can’t get enough. And the price, for this cigar, is way to cheap it should cost twice the price!
GA of N. White Plains, NY
Id say the Ligero (La Flor Dominicana Ligero Series) is one of the best smokes ive had in a good while. make sure you get it in the biggest robusto possible, it adds to the feel that this cigar deserves. be careful with the double ligero, thats one hell of a cigar, i couldnt even finish it.
AS of Setauket, NY
Top notch is all I can say about the Double Ligero Chisel Gorda. Well okay I can say more, buy a box ASAP !!!!
RJ of Indianapolis, IN
I very much enjoy the DL-700, even though the big ring is slightly larger than I prefer. I think this is a powerful, flavourful cigar without being harsh at all. It's best smoked slowly and perhaps after having had a bite to eat. It has an excellent draw and burns remarkably even for such a fat thing. Good cigar.
MM of Leesburg, VA
The Double Ligero Chisel Maduros (La Flor Dominicana) are simply out of this world. Not often do I crave a particular cigar like I do this one. When I want one of these, nothing else will do. Great flavors, lots of smooth smoke and it lacks no strength at all. The wrapper is flawless, dark and silky with a stiff ash that needs to be forced off the stick. Goes great with Bourbon. No wonder it was rated one of the top cigars of '07 by CA. The price at Cigars International cannot be beat, so get some!
ST of Brandon, FL
La Flor Dominicana is my new favorite brand of cigars. These are better then anything the Fuente's is putting out on the market. The oscuro wrappers feel like leather and are oilier then a teenagers face on a bad day. The DL is not as strong as people say, but it does have quite a bit a flavor. Over all, this brand has very few competitors.
NT of troy, MI
One of the most under rated cigar lines out there! (La Flor Dominicana Ligero Series) The entire line is calculated and well balanced! Quality, start to finish! The Double Ligero 660 and 700 are “Packed” with flavor that will surely please even the most seasoned smoker.” Notable and surprising, the complexity builds all the way through! Just ask anyone who’s smoked Lito’s Cigars!
TK of Camp Hanson USMC, AP
The L400 is a nice size and a really enjoyable cigar! The construction is good and the cigar has an array of pleasing flavors throughout. It was medium in body, which is often what I prefer. Great "under the radar" cigar and a must smoke if you don't like them too spicy and overpowering.
SL of Lexington, KY
Awesome smoke (La Flor Dominicana Ligero Series). I do not find it as strong as some other smokers seem to find it. Very clean, crisp smoke. Cedar, berry, toast. At times a hint of citrus. I have been smoking the 600 Dbl lig for about 2 years now and the consistency is amazing. You can smoke this one to the nub. My favorite smoke. Buy a box. For this quality smoke the price is great.
RT of Paul Smiths, NY
Wow a great boutique cigar on CI?!?! This used to be available at B&M stores only. These are full bodied smokes with full flavor. Give the Air Benders a run and you'll be suprised how little you paid for it. Want a strong smoke that you'll enjoy but that isn't in your face about it (like a velvet hammer")? Try the double ligero chisel maduro, the wrapper gives it a bit of sweetness. Either use a punch or pinch the head long ways....the guillotine cutters don't work so well with the chisels. I'll be really impressed if CI gets Berger & Argenti next.
GB of Birmingham, AL
I found my new cigar!!! The double ligero is the best tasting, full strength, even burning cigar I've had in a long time! This will be one in my humi from now on before any other cigar! If you like a full flavored smoke, this is your stogie. Just make sure you don't try it on an empty stomach! Eat a hearty meal beforehand and you'll enjoy this cigar to its fullest. You won't regret it!!! Smoke on....
AB of Del Rio, TX
I think the staff review was waaaaay off on this one. I was introduced to these at a b&m in Chicago on west Jackson st by some serious cigar folks. I can't give you exactly why these are so good, you just have to try em. Flavor is amazing, I thought I had my favorite til I was turned on to these. Burn was a little off on a few but worthy of touchups. Better have a meal first though, this thing packs a punch, especially the Digger. Happy smoking!
MM of Chicago, IL
What to say about the DL700. I wanted to have a cigar that would knock my #$%^ in the dirt and the guy that runs my local lounge recommended this one. Was I in for a surprise! The cigar is deceptively strong, very smooth and the flavors are complex and enjoyable. To get the best experience out of this cigar, roll the smoke through your nose and smoke it slowly with a nice whiskey or cognac. I loved this cigar from the pre-light all the way through to the end. One of my all time favorites.
DP of Stockton, CA
This smoke packed a punch, holy cow!! I really enjoyed this cigar but I was having burn issues and I had to re-light on several occasions, which took away from my enjoyment. Other than that great cigar.
RT of Del Rio, TX
A sweet stick that fills the nostrils with pepper and sweet wood. I smoke the DL-700s and they're a great stick. I recommend the double ligero maduro lines the most. Enjoy this cigar with a nice coffee, tea, or bourbon.
AG of Greenwood, IN
DIGGER!!! I was gifted a digger by a friend of mine sometime last year. The girth of it was intimidating and I could never imagine a time where I could sit down with this behemoth. I finally pulled it out of the humidor after a year and lit it up for a road trip. I was amazed that the draw was perfect and the flavors were rich. Each puff was thick and chocolatey with woody notes. I'm a seasoned smoker and I wasn't overpowered or sickened by this huge smoke. Despite my original apprehension about this cigar, I would happily smoke another or purchase one for another road trip. Don't let this large cigar detour you as a novelty, it's a great cigar and a great time smoking it.
This is for the Mysterio Oscuro. This is the nicest looking cigar I've ever seen. It burned razor sharp and lasted a good 90 minutes. It starts out with a medium bodied creamy tobacco taste and after a couple of transitions becomes more full bodied with a really delicious black pepper. Draw was super nice and gave off a ton of thick smoke with a really good aroma. I can't recommend this stick enough. I saved it for my wedding reception as I thought it would be a special smoke. I was right.
WW of Whitman, MA
The Double Ligero Chisel. The finest smoke on the block. But you had better be serious. I don't have a stick often, so when I do, I do not smoke bad cigars. These are on my short list of about 5 cigars I always have in my humidor, (though I do keep over a dozen other brands that rarely get smoked) and get nervous when I do not have an unopened box. As a matter of fact, the Chisels and Chiselitos are the only cigars I buy by the box. I live on a lake in Texas, and on cool spring or fall evenings, I'll sit on the porch with a fine hot chocolate, (you can add anything you like to that) and fire up a stick. Life is good.
One of my favorite cigar lines, but they tend to be inconsistent between shapes and ligero vs double ligero. I have smoked more than 12 of these and can say they are yummy from time to time if you're in the mood for a spicy kick. The reason I say they are inconsistent is because I feel the blend is different in the different sizes of the same cigar. LFD does a good job, i give them a 7.5/10 over all. Not bad, not bad at all. Beginners should go easy as these tend to be a bit of a cigar meant for more experienced smokers, I'd say go with the ligero line instead of the double ligero to start, and when you're ready, give the double ligero chisel tip a shot, it's fun.
MS of Lawrenceville, GA