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Casa Magna Oscuro Reviews

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Overall Rating 5 out of 5 Based on 1 Rating

Customer Reviews of “Casa Magna Oscuro”

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5 out of 5
I find all of the Casa Magna cigars to be great smokes.
Customer Testimonials
My first time having this cigar and it was fantastic. It fits the description and I really like it.
Excellent cigar with a great taste. Definitely will keep this in my humidor. Nice and mellow smoke with a meaty taste. CMO has a wonderful aroma too. I enjoyed it to the nub and I have to order more. If the prices keep rising I'm going to have to find a new hobby. Hopefully everyone will respond to congress about the price increase on cigars. It makes no sense at all.
OK...Call me the buzz kill...These were OK when I smoked one right after the shipment arrived and they were good. After 3 months in my humidor they tasted like Cuban sandwich cigars. I would rate these 85 tops . Try them but if you like thick smoked maduro cigars go to PDR's or CAO Brazilias.
I loved this cigar medium flavoured, very pleasent smoke.
Bought a five pack ...smoked one after just one day after. BIG MISTAKE! Virtually no draw tried to smoke anyway until wrapper came undone.. disappointed will leave other 4 in humid for a good rest & hope for the best!!! I've been told they are normally tasty to the nub...we shall see!!!;
Ordered these about a month ago and put them down in the humidor for a nice rest. Finally grabbed one last night on the patio after dinner with nice fire going. Absolutely blown away nice smooth leathery butter. Picked up some spicy notes half way down only to enhance the buttery smoothness. One and a half hour of bliss. One of the best……….
Found this cigar by accident. My shop ran out of my brand. Beautiful draw. Evenly burns throughout. Don't let the wrap fool you. Not a typical Maduro. Medium to full body. No burn factor like you would think. I love these. My new "go to".
Smoked my first Casa Magna Oscuro last night with a friend. Mine was perfect, his had a tight draw and the wrapper came undone about half way through. I tasted a slight hickory flavor. No sweetness that I could detect. Really enjoyable. I would smoke more for sure.
I had the torpedo while on a walk with my sons. I had read the reviews and was expecting a little better. Good burn, relative easy draw, but lacking the flavor I expected. It was in my humidor for about a month prior to smoking. Fair, but not making it into my rotation.
I purchased a 5 pk Belicoso and allowed it to sit in my humdor for a few days, finally sparked one up! Wow, Excellent Smoke! The aroma and the taste is awesome and couldn't put it down. This is the first time I ever smoked a Casa Magna and won't be my last! If i were I was to rate this Bad Boy I'd give it a easy 95 rating!
I bought this cigar as part of a sampler.....I don't talk about notes of cedar, nuts, fruit cake flavors,etc., but I KNOW what I like!!! This was a very delicious cigar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
These were sent from a friend in New York. Picture a bunch of guys sitting at a gas station in an older neighborhood, smoking cigars and having bagels and coffee...."faget about it", thanks Anthony. I smoked one with coffee this morning. The burn was a little uneven and wanted to unwrap itself and also split twice. I smoked passed this. They probably had a rough trip from New York yesterday. I figure some rest will solve this problem. Tons of smoke, effortless draw, GREAT aroma and very smooth. Smoked this until I could not hold it any longer. Never got bitter. An outstanding smoke!
I do not care for the notes/flavor of the Colorado. This Oscuro has got me hooked. Give it a try.
This cigar generates tons of smoke. I mean tons. If you plan to enjoy it in an area where those around you may be allergic to or offended by cigar smoke, you may want to consider an alternate venue. It burns slightly hot throughout. I did have one burn issue which cut the smoke shorter than it could have been. All in all, though, this gar is a winner and a fine ‘anytime’ choice.
Got it in the cigar of the month package. This was a great cigar. So far this one is my favorite. I will be ordering more of these.
one of my favorite cigars! so glad CI is selling them now. try one, you will not be disappointed.
This lovely, dark cigar is excellent. Nice to look at, well made and very flavourful. Always a few in my humidor.
A very good smoke, Thanks for sending it.