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Felipe Dominicana Reviews

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Overall Rating 3.69 out of 5 Based on 35 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Felipe Dominicana”

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5 out of 5
grapbag cigars
These grapbag cigars were of good quality. They lit & smoked well. Will be sure & order more of these.
5 out of 5
Great cigar for a GREAT price!
I wasn't sure when I first ordered them but they've become my go to everyday cigar!
4 out of 5
buy what you like not what you read
There are people out there that expect to much out of these cigars, no they aren't cuban delights, acids etc etc but they are a great bang for your buck quick on the run smoke. The aroma isnt superb, but all in all great stick!
5 out of 5
Great Everyday Cigar
Very smooth and flavorish, great price
5 out of 5
nice small smoke
excellent cigar for just a quick smoke with a beverage,good mild taste,burns nicely all the way through, all around good value,great price
1 out of 5
really not good cigars
these are like infused cigars and whatever liquid keeps dripping out, won't buy them again
4 out of 5
Decent quick smoke!
I enjoyed this cigar. It was smooth and mild. It's a quick smoke but quite decent. It has a slightly sweet taste but that made lighting it up a fun thing to do. Wish it came in a bigger size but in any event this one is a keeper!
5 out of 5
Felipe Dominica
Nice little knock around cigar. Great if you don't have a ton of time to smoke a bigger stick.
4 out of 5
Felipe Dominicana Corona
I enjoyed the cigars. They met all of my expectations based on how they were described and I got them at a great price. I only wish the shipping.was faster and that I ordered stronger tasting cigars.
1 out of 5
live and learn
too mild, just seemed to lack almost any flavor
4 out of 5
good beginner
nice smokes smooth cool to the draw, a good 20 minute, 30 minute smoke
4 out of 5
good beginner
nice smokes smooth cool to the draw, a good 20 minute, 30 minute smoke
5 out of 5
loving cigar international
So far I'm having an 5 star experience with CI
4 out of 5
Really nice daily smoke
These have become my "go-to" daily smoke. Great for relaxing at the end of the day. Good, easy draw and nice flavor. Price is right too!
3 out of 5
Well, these are a mystery to me. 1st bundle; great sweet smell & taste (partly due to sweetened tip). I hardly could wait to have my next one, but then something happened; a few of them developed an oozing tar out of the end. Totally gross, I never experienced that before. But then the next 2 were fine, then back to oozing tar! Even the good ones are not perfect because of the poor construction and the filler bits finding their way into your mouth, but hey, the price & flavor was a treat. 2nd bundle; some of the tips were not sweetened which detracted from the pleasant experience for me. So, to summarize, I greatly look forward to smoking these and only hope that next one will be a good one and not gross.
2 out of 5
they taste like infused
It is not mentioned in product info but they taste like infused. Artificial sweet, soft in touch and not great look. Some get better (less sweetness) in second half. Won't buy them again.
1 out of 5
Don't waste your money on these!
My previous review was never published. I did not like this cigar at all. Had a solvent taste to it. DO NOT RECOMMEND. PB-Chicago
3 out of 5
didn't like them
I'm not sure these are infused but they taste like infused and I'm not a fan of infused cigars
5 out of 5
Great corona!
Received second order. I was skeptical on first order due to the low price. I wanted to explore and figured I'd do that with a daily smoke that wouldn't take hours to complete. Reviews were very positive and so I dove in. Boy did this thing deliver. Excellent flavor profile. It won't knock your socks off with strength, but then that isn't it's design or purpose anyway. I have shared this smoke with several people...about 5 all together and each one liked it, preferred it over other smokes and had nothing but good things to say. Excellent for the beginner and perfect for someone like me who has tried lots and lots of things. I like it alone, with coffee, with beer, with liqour. I plan on keeping some on hand for any and all occasions.
4 out of 5
Nice, pipe-like aroma
Super easy draw, one light will get you to the finish. Great for golfing and times where you may have to put it down for a few. Lots of non smokers will comment on the pipe-tobacco aroma. It smells great (if you like that sort of thing). While this cigar is by no means a premium, I've already gone through 4 bundles and just ordered another. (P.S. It's also a great 2nd cigar if you started off the evening with a full bodied smoke and want to take it down a notch.)
5 out of 5
Tasted like a swisher sweet
5 out of 5
Buy this one for sure !
It's my everyday favorite. Always a good draw and never a crack or split !
1 out of 5
Worst Cigar at CI!!!!
Perhaps the worst cigar that I have ever had! An awful sweet medicinal taste. Don't waste your money!!!!
3 out of 5
not a good cigar
good flavor but they don't look like hand made what ever they put for infusion were leaking out most of the times
2 out of 5
Felipe Dominicana Corona.
Recieved order promptly. Disappointed with these. Didn't realize these were machine made and overall lacked in quality.
5 out of 5
great cigar for the price, best deal!
2 out of 5
Not my best buy from
Not my best buy from you. cigars are hard, draw is hard too. Will not buy again.
4 out of 5
Great everyday cigar
Great everyday cigar
5 out of 5
Great Cigar
These cigars were a little smaller ring size than i normally order but they are really great tasting cigars that burn well and taste great. They are a great value.
3 out of 5
Good Everyday Smoke
Good taste, nice burn, overall good value.
5 out of 5
In an word, wonderful. Not
In an word, wonderful. Not harsh a bit; for the smoker that wants the enjoyable preferred choice and the bargain shoppers price.
5 out of 5
Great little cigar
Easy to light. Even burning with smooth draw. Just right when there isn't time for a bigger cigar. Well worth the price.
3 out of 5
Great every day or short smoke
i enjoy the preflight smell and draw. Almost like its infused. Good taste. Wrapped a little loose, but nice draw and stays lit well. I wish they still made the robusto size - that was a four star.
2 out of 5
They were not the best smoke.
They have a bit of a sweet taste on the wrapper that I didn't like. They were a lot like a Swisher Sweet which was a big turn off. It was the first time I was not happy with my purchase from Cigars International.
5 out of 5
great cigar for every day
great cigar for every day
Customer Testimonials
The Felipe Dominicana has a crisp, light and smooth finish all the way through. For the price, a great value. Highly recommend.
Smooth, light, and a bit of an interesting sweet taste. Really enjoyed and can be easily shared with non-smokers. Softens up the more time in the humidor. Ordered more, very enjoyable.
Having grown up in Central America, I would say I'm a fairly well seasoned cigar smoker. So, take this for what it's worth. When you grow up smoking Cuba's finest it's kind of hard to judge things unbiasedly. Also, this company does make some fine cigars; however, this isn't one of them. First off, it's very,very sweet. The flavor is VERY mild; overly sweet. However, the aroma is very pleasant and turns heads. It's loosely rolled and construction is mediocre at best. This cigar, is one of those cigars that people who really don't smoke cigars love. Keep them around for your friends, they'll think they're great.
I was initially going to write an honest but negative review, but because the price point is so low, it just didn't seem fair. But over the course of this bundle, I have come to enjoy this little stick. Would not reorder and.... this is FLAVORED which to me makes it like a Black n Mild, but with better tobacco.
Man, I can't say enough about these cigars! I've been searching for a cheap, mild cigar that I'd love to buy in large quantities. These have a sweet taste, a very good aroma and are extremely enjoyable. Every now and then you get a really loosely packed cigar which is a bummer, but for about a buck a piece I've found a new favorite! Will be buying these for a long time to come.
Not bad....and very sweet taste initially. I'll keep looking.
Got these on a super low price deal, thanks CI! Very chocolatey smell before & during smoke; mild, pleasant flavor throughout. In the past I've choked my way through harsh, bitter, cheap bundled cigars- not these guys! Very smooth smoke, pretty much even burning and a medium strength ash. Loosely packed and seemed to burn a little fast, but maybe I smoked it too hard. Great value for a nice smelling & tasting cigar!
My buddies are cigar snobs but these Felipe's had them fooled! Great deal and smooth for daily enjoyment.
Really, in short; these are fantastic. Well made, easy draw, great finish. Flavor consistent to the end.
Good cigar, but almost tastes flavored like cherry. I'm not a fan of flavored cigars, but if you are you will like this.
Good 1/2 hr smoke, and nice smell. At the price, you can't go wrong.
I bought two bundles last week based upon the reviews. I am glad I did. This is a good cigar.
These little beauties are fantastic. I've smoked some very high rated cigars, but these are better than most all of them. Creamy thick smoke, great draw all the way through, taste great and absolutely no relights. And I sat it down for a while, like 5 minutes or more and came back to it two times and it never died out. It never had a harsh taste. Not even at the end. The only time I got any loose pieces, is when I got to the very end. And that's because I wanted to see what it would do if I smoked it all the way down to a doobie! This is actually an any occasion cigar for me now. And at this price my humidors will stay full. About to try these Petrus next.
Wow! that is all I have to say. I just got them in the mail right now. I opened one and smoked one. They are amazingly good for the price. Very smooth and mild taste and with a smooth draw. Smoke comes out nice and thick when exhaled. They were so good that I had to review them. They offer so much for the price. This will definitely be my everyday choice of cigar.
....I'm a fan of CI's cigars and their shipping. This Felipe Dominicana bundle smelled good as well as felt good. There were some color differences, but that makes no difference to me and I got them on sale for $12.50 (5.5 x 43). I'll put them in the humi and try one this weekend.
Ordered these as a bundle of 20 based off of an email. When I opened the package I got really excited because of all of the different aromas. The wrapper is really soft and the stick itself is lighter weight-wise than most other cigars I have had. This cigar has a fantastic draw and amazing taste. Definitely a mild to medium, the mild being the vanilla and cedar tastes and the medium being the peppery taste throughout. I did not feel comfortable smoking it down to the nub with the wrapper being so soft. Overall a decent cigar, especially for the price, just think that the wrapper is extremely poor.
These are really sweet; for the price, they are a wonderful everyday stick.
Recently ordered the corona-sized bundled cigars on closeout special at CI. Though not as flavorful and substantial as the small robusto (4x48) which is no longer made, these were a milder reminder of the pleasures of yesteryear. Wrapper is a bit flimsy; taste is mild-medium but okay, and the price is certainly right.
Kind of a vanilla flavor; very smooth. Nice, even burn.
This is my current favorite inexpensive bundle. It always burns clean with an interesting cinnamon-like spice.
I got one of these out of a brown bag sampler and prefer to not research any of the sticks until after I've smoked them. The first inch or so was a little rough (maybe I over-toasted it? I'm still new to this), but it soon turned around and was very pleasant down to the end. I couldn't tell you the specifics on the flavor, but it was mild and enjoyable and now that I see the price, I would definitely consider ordering more of these to have on hand. Thanks, CI!
As always I don't like to be negative, however these just are not my cup of tea.
These had poor construction, but taste was decent.
Well constructed with a great burn. You won't mistake it for anything above a $2 stick but your paying under $2 so all is well. First 1/3 generic at best. Mid stick flavor gets much better and by nub your puffin a med-full in my opinion. After my snob words...yeah, I'd smoke another!
These are great for an everyday mild smoke... Well made, even burn, smooth to the finish...I've got Baccarats, Edge Lites, Acids and Java Maduros in the Humi.. For the money, I'll keep buying these.. Very enjoyable...
A decent mild to med. smoke. No burn issues or "sponginess", which is surprising at this price point. Will reorder if still around when I need a refill.
Can't pin down the interesting taste. Try it and see if you have ever tasted anything like it. Innocent mild-to-medium strength.
I'm shocked at how good this cigar was. My wife ordered me a sampler bag for my birthday and this was my favorite by a mile out of the whole lot. The CI review was dead on. Fearing the worst I saved it for last....I will be ordering more of these soon. Thank you CI for introducing me to this cigar. -SSG Chrest
I like these! Any chance of being able to order anymore Boa's? Please try to get these in sometime between now and next broccoli season.
In my storage I came across a couple boxes of these FG Dominicana in the "Special T" torpedo size. I was planning on donating them for a benefit golf tournament for an order of Dominican religious sisters (what ... would I donate Nicaraguans?) Just to make sure they were okay, I broke the seal and cello. Boy they looked & smelled beautiful as I opened the cedar-lined box. I lit one up and it was very smooth and good mild to medium tobacco flavors. Really enjoyed it, and shouldn't have a problem getting a decent donation for each during the tournament. Wish there were more boxed torpedos available on sale. You would easily pay $5-10 for a cigar of this quality in the B&M (the ones I have are at least a couple years old).
I have about 1.125" of unburnt smoke sitting here as I write this. Hope to convey my thoughts as freshly as possible on this one. At first sniff I thought this one that came part of a sampler was just a cheap POS, but after burning it down I did a 180. It really didn't smell too great before being lit. So far I'm favoring Oliva and Kinky, but this one is almost as good overall, but at a much more friendly MSRP. I was mostly impressed with the construction and fill amount which resulted in a favorable draw, but sadly a weak and short ash. I have no favorite at this point, just a couple of prefered ones really, but will be putting this one at the top of my list of budget smokes. Overall I think that this was quite a decent stick for the price and would recommend.
Very good "daily" cigar or a very casual cigar that you could share at a party and what not. Great aroma, burns very even, mild to medium flavor. I was very happy with this cigar. I received one with one of CI sampler packages. My wife loved the aroma, hints of pepper...woody, and something that I could not place. I liked so much that I'm ordering a box of 20 right now and to my surprise...they are on sale! Go ahead and give'em a try, you will be happy that you did!
Great smoke, great draw and reasonably priced. What else can a cigar smoker ask for?
I have been smoking cigars for 12 years but only full time within the last 8 months since that is when I discovered CI. I have tried numerous brands looking for a solid smoke that fits my palate and my wallet. I prefer mild to medium sticks though I absolutely love Montecristo White label as well as their classic. They are my special occasion smokes. I have smoked several of Gurkha's blends and like the Castle Hall but the last half is too strong for me (I still will buy more). I adore La Aurora 2nds but they just don't fit for an every day smoke (I have reordered them though). Then entered the Felipe Dominicana. Wow is this ever a sheep in wolfs clothes. The pre light smell and taste (I like to taste the cigar before smoking) is very flavorful, almost completely satisfying by itself. It leaves a wondeful hint of aged tobaco on the palate. The light is equally impressive with suttle hints of spice and pepper. The smoke itself is light but ample (difficult to explain so just buy them). The construction is spot on as well as the draw. The Robusto is a the perect size for a every day cigar and I will buy these til CI does not carry them anymore. Then if I must I will buy from other competitors. They are simply that good. I actually split a bundle of 20 with my father, needless to say he never got his half.......
A very excellent mild to medium smoke with an outstanding flavor. One of the outstanding value cigars from the DR I've EVER tasted. I smoked the little bitty Robusto (4x48) from a few years ago, purchased from CI, and it was wonderful. Jump on these!
I picked up a bundle of these on a special offer and boy was it a "special offer". I mostly smoke medium and medium-full cigars and usually maduros, but occasionally need to go to the lighter side. I love this cigar. The draw was perfect, the burn was perfect, no construction issues at all. The only problem is that I only got one bundle. I shoud have bought a truck load.
This is a good cigar... nice thick creamy smoke... never overwhelming... decent burn throughout... smooth almost perfect draw... a little on the warm side near the last third but never bitter... smoked this one to the nub... will definitely recommend this one... and will be buying more... thanks CI...
I ordered these based-on an e-mail ad from CI and I'm convinced I should just start going with CI's recommendations exclusively. These are great! Nice aroma, white ash, and can be smoked at a relaxed pace. I like a cigar that'll stay lit if it's put down for a few minutes. I was working on a backyard lighting project and lit one for the first time to try it. I liked it right out of the gate. At one point I realized it'd been almost ten minutes since my last draw and I expected to have to relight. I picked it up and it was still "idling" patiently. It was good all the way down, and in fact, I peeled the band off so I could get one more inch. Will definitely order again.