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Alec Bradley Family Blend Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Alec Bradley Family Blend”

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Excellent, excellent cigar! Very well made, smooth medium-bodied flavor and perfect draw/ This is a winner.
Bought these on Joe's daily deal. I don't know if I got a bad batch or not, but I was disappointed in this cigar. Not much smoke and a poor draw made for an unpleasant experience. Never had a problem with cigars I bought at CI, this was a first. I have smoked many different cigars from perdomo, carlos torano, gurkha, fonseca ect. This is easily the least favorite.
Alec Bradley produces nothing short of outstanding cigars. This particular selection holds true to this expectation. It is a wonderful mild to medium bodied stick that performs in all categories. They are a bit on the pricey side for an every day smoke, but this is the only concern on the negative side of the ledger.
TASTY!TASTY!TASTY!Just like the review states.Get 'em now because when the word gets out,I can easily see these being on backorder often.A masterpiece.Thanks C.I. and Alan Rubin
Got some robos from Joe's Daily. A very nice AB stick. A 94? Well, only in the way an Onyx is a 94. To me it is a 91 but hey, that is an excellent smoke.
Great Cigar all around!
.The Alec Bradley name is synonymous with great cigars. The Family Blend is no exception to this, and the 5 Churchills I purchased, will lead to a box in the near future. The only negative remark I have to make; I wished the ban had of been larger. My prefrence would have been a 52 non torpedo, but the enjoyment of the smoke didn't make this a real issue. Even with the 50 ban size, you still had close to an hour of smoking time. An article I read by Simon Chase (writer/teacher of cigars), states; What one person may calssify as full, another would use medium as the description of the same cigar. I would call this a great flavor cigar, with enough body to satisfy the mild to full crowd. A method I'm using to find cigars to my liking, is to purchase 5 at a time before buying a box. This allows me to try many different brands, then decide which are worthy of having a place in my humidors. The cost on these are more than several other brands, but I have never regreted the money I put out for the box of Alec Bradley Tempus. I strongly suggest you purchase at least a 5 pack, you won't be disapointed
Tried one of these today, could feel bits of stem here and there. Could even see one after cutting the cap. Great leathery smell pre light. Subtle leather taste after lighting, nothing great or nothing bad about this stick, but not rushing out to get another.
I was very dissapointed with the cigar, and it was far from the quality of othe Alec Bradley's I have in my humidor. My purchase was for a 5 pack, and the first one was smoked a week after time in the humidor. There was no way I could get this cigar to come close in being even, which took away any enjoyment I may have had. The rest of them were left in my regulated humidor (70%), for at least a month. Even so, once again there would be a 2 inch difference from one side to the other when it came to the burn. This is one time that I'm glad I only purchased 5 instead of a box. I noticed that another reviewer had the same problems I had, which makes this purchase a gamble. Being a loyal customer of CI, I trust that they will post my negative review since this was not the fault of CI. This was a problem due to the rolling of the cigars, and CI should speak to the company about this problem.
This is an exceptional cigar. Seldom can you find A milder cigar that has any character. Flavors run from mild spices to A great earthiness. Some wood and leather, just A little. Overall I enjoyed this cigar. Not A powerhouse by far but long on flavor. I can agree with the rating of 93 that seems to be standard for this cigar across the board. A well constructed cigar that I will definitely be buying.
I got 10 of these on a daily deal and have to say that I was very pleased with my purchase. I enjoyed the flavor and the construction was solid. The burn was a bit uneven and I had to relight a couple times. I do believe that lighting issue was my own fault though. Overall I really enjoyed the cigar.
This very attractive cigar is more than just another pretty face!! It looks great and lives up to expectations! The flavor is distinct yet refined! The draw is everything you would expect from a premium cigar. I enjoy this cigars distinct character and you will to! Give it a try if your seeking something that is really kind of special!
This is a dry woodsy smoke. Medium in bodied and strength, it delivers cedar and a mild white pepper kick. Well constructed and burns even with a mellow toasty aroma. This is a straight forward smoke for someone who doesn't want a lot of complexity or big rich flavor. Not much after taste and draws solid with ample smoke.
A Medium Bodied Cigar, Cream, Leather, Good Burn, Smoked The VR1 With A Cup Of Louisiana Coffee, A Very Good Experience.
Nice easy draw and lots of thick smoke. Like a couple of other reviewers I had an issue with the cigar burning uneven, but it was easily corrected with a little bit of fire. Typically I don't drink when I smoke during the week, but I had a small amount of Jack Daniels left in my cabinet and decided to have it with the cigar. It turned out to be a great combination. Next time I think I'll try some cognac. This was a nice enjoyable cigar.
One of Alec Bradley's earthiest offerings, I recently purchased a 10 pack of their Family Blend robustos. While smoking #6, I feel it is time to review them. 1st 2 or 3 I smoked, left me wondering why its lofty 94 rating was earned. (I give it a solid 90) I think the Maxx line, specifically the Fix gordo robusto deserves a 94 & receives a 5 vitola rating from me. (the highest) Nothing wrong with Family Blend, I do enjoy its earthiness & subtle spice notes, mixed with leather & smooth tobacco undertones. Burn was just slightly cockeyed, but not a major problem. Draw is easy by simply snipping the pigtail top with sharp scissors. Volumes of smoke are available & inhaling leaves a pleasant cedar tingle in the nose. At $6.00 per stick, it slightly exceeds my strict $5.00 limit, but even with that in mind, I give this cigar a 4 vitola rating. A very nice compliment to my 3rd cup of Italian roast coffee. Alec Bradley seems to have cornered the market on nearly perfect medium bodied cigars. I enjoy them all & am looking forward to trying the few I have yet to experience. Grab a 5er of these & decide for yourself. You really can't go wrong with any Alec Bradley offering, in my experience.
Purchased a single stick two weeks ago at an in-store event here in West Des Moines, IA, and was really looking forward to trying it. The reviews seemed to point out it was a great, low cost, highly rated stick, and I went in with an open mind last night. Grabbed a Deschutes Obsidian Stout and a glass, then headed out to my deck to enjoy the evening. Cut the end with a guillotine cutter, warmed the foot with a wooden match and lit it with two individual wooden matches... the problems began from there. It was very difficult to get an even burn on the stick, and if I wasn't constantly puffing, it would actually go out from time to time. One side would creep up faster in a burn, then the lagging side would go out. Once lit again, it would be fine for a minute or two, then start all over again. The flavor profile didn't seem to strike me very well, especially in comparison to other Alec Bradley cigars I've enjoyed from their catalog. This has not turned me off from Alec Bradley cigars, as the quality has always been exceptional for the price, but I will not be purchasing this stick again and cannot recommend it to others.
Sucking back on a big, b*d*ss Alec Bradley GS57 Gordo Toro as the New Year rings in & can't think of a better cigar to toast 2014. This 6" X 60 monster is a monumental achievement among medium bodied vitolas. Crisp, clean delightful clouds of smoke peel forth with every lung filling puff & bring a mildly spicy, earthy aroma that clings to the nose. The palate is bathed in tobacco with the slightest hint of sweetness to offset the wood & cedar that predominate throughout the entire smoke. Delicious! Give them a try & begin to see why AB is the master of medium bodied smokes. Those 90+ ratings are not a mistake & this one garners well deserved 94s.
Last night, a buddy and I went to a holiday party at our favorite cigar shop, and Alec Bradley was the featured maker. Alan Rubin and some of his staff were there and they had some pretty good deals. They had free food and open bar, so about 500 of their closest friends showed up. I grabbed a few Alec Bradley Family Blend and New Yorks', and went next store to the adjoining wine bar. It was my first Family Blend and I have to admit that it was one heck of a smoke! Just like that, it now ranks up there as one of my favorites!
I smoked my last Family Blend gordo toro recently & am glad to report there were no burn issues. It has taken me more than a few of these cigars to come to the conclusion that it is a wonderfully executed example of the mastery of blending that exists at Alec Bradley. The taste grows on you. It is quite different from any other blend, in that it has a flavor profile that sets it apart. Dry spices, medium bodied/full flavored notes of black cherry & an earthy, leathery component that is addictive. My original rating did not do this fantastic cigar any favors & I would like to revamp that rating to give Family Blend a 94/100. Based on that rating it makes Family Blend one you should try. Thanks to CI, I often find good deals, which is exactly what I did when I realized I was out of not only Family Blend, but Tempus, Tempus Maduro & Prensado. A quick trip through the area of the website known as "Make Me an Offer" yielded a four pack sampler of exactly those blends. A first attempt was rejected, but a second was speedily accepted. At a rate far below retail, which makes cigars of this stature & expense affordable for someone like me, who is on a fixed income & therefore cannot pay full fare. Thank you CI for making it possible with your many discounts, freebies, add-ons & just plain good deals.
Great taste! I clipped it and did a dry taste for a few and then lit it just fine, but then it came to the draw and it was a little difficult. Unusually difficult, actually. Probably just a badly rolled one, but it was still a tasty blend.
I have to side with the rave reviews on this one. Mild smoke, but great mix of flavors with a major league burn. Fantastic.
This came to me in a mixed batch of highly-rated sticks at a bargain price (THANKS, CI) and it was the one I was most curious about. I never hold it against a cigar if it does not impress me when I first light it. I tend to wait for the warm-up and hope for that blissful change at the halfway point. From the first spark, this new friend said to me, "Welcome to the family." Gotta go now, and make this one of my new "Favorites."
This has got to be the best tasting cigar from start to finish and with a long burn time for ultimate relaxation. Highly recommend.
Quickly became my favorite daily smoke cigar. So creamy, smooth and light. I can puff on it all day and it tastes great till the very end.