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I don't really know what to say about these. Not a bad smoke, but not really a good smoke either. I've been using them to finish cigar road trips when my palate is already shot. Hey, what do you want for $1.35?
Smoked a robusto with the natural wrapper. Sloppy looking cap and light in the hand. Nice draw with a fast, though reasonably straight burn. Flavor-wise, it was mild and papery (not "peppery"). Eventually I tasted very faint nutmeg and (maybe) clove. This is one of those cigars where you really have to ask yourself, "Should I bite or spend another buck a stick and get something more enjoyable?" I would do the latters as Evelio is just a bit too no frills for my taste.
This cigar flies under the radar, but is a nice little number to smoke. Sweet and mild, it will never disapoint you. I find them to be very consistent and a very good deal. I'm glad C.I. picked this brand up, I used to buy these from "the other guys", but the price was always going up. The band also cracks me up, a semi-nude cherub offering up his cigar.
I used to buy these cigars from "the other guys". Now they don't sell them and C.I. does, which is good because the service is much better with C.I. This cigar is sweet and cedary, I absolutly love them! Somehow these cigars fly way under the radar, but trust me, this is one hell of a good cigar. Mild yet with a lot of flavor, they age well to boot.
I have ordered these cigars from another web-site that I used before I became a CI customer. I liked the robusto size, in natural wrapper. A hefty robusto size, they burned great, the flavor was outstanding. When my friends came over, this was the smoke. Only thing was, they used to kid me about the art work on the cigar band. I really cant print what they said about it. I stopped ordering these when the other web-site started to charge too much for shipping.