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Cuban Delights Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Cuban Delights”
I bought a box of the corona's (Cuban Delights. These cigars are a perfect smooth smoke. Perfect after lunch or dinner.
JS of Windsor, NY
Smoooooth with a subtle favorite late night patio smoke (Cuban Delights)!
GN of Waipahu, HI
These are a delightful puro (Cuban Delights). I don't fancy flavored puros, but to each his own, and there are "nonflavored" here. and the best part here is the price which is exceptional. Let them sit in the humidor for a bit( if you can), I found the longer they stayed in the humidor, the better they tasted, and they were great tasting right from the start.
DQ of Ravena, NY
Very smooth smoke (Cuban Delights). Great price too. The Cherry Delight has the best flavor of all. I have tried many different Cheery flavored brands , and Cuban Delights Cherry was the best. ENJOY ! ! !
RW of Whitefish Bay, WI
We are in the process of buying a new house so every penny goes into the bank. thanks to CI I can still afford a daily cigar! I only wish they carried the maduro.
RH of North Las Vegas, NV
I am always on the lookout for a decent and inexpensive everyday cigar. I got a good deal on the Cuban Delights (vanilla) and decided to try them. From the first they have been pretty good, they taste pretty good, burn well and (according to my wife) smell good. I even gave a couple away yesterday and got very good feedback from them. I might consider this my go-to everyday cigar.
LG of Columbia City, IN
They have a really nice flavor and aroma, but hard draw and they don't stay lit without 2-3 draws per minute. Don't set it down to sip a beer or you'll have to relight. They should plant this stuff in Southern California to help prevent brush fires. They are certainly compliant with "no smoking" laws because if someone says, "sir, there's no smoking in here" you can honestly say, "I'm not smoking". I found that cutting in half makes an easier draw, and again, they have a good flavor. These were my first purchase from CI and I wasn't disappointed. I just keep the lighter handy.
ET of Fontana, CA
I love vanilla flavored cigars and these coronas are perfect size and flavor and for about 80 cents a stick what a deal ! I will for sure be ordering more. hope CI keeps plenty in stock my golfing friend love these !
KH of wentzville, MO
At this price you will obviously not get a great cigar, but after 3 boxes of Cuban Delights Churchills I must say they are better than some $10 sticks I have tried. Not complex but adequate flavor. For a cheapie, they are well made. I have tried many name brands that do not burn as well as these. Most burn quite well. Remarkably good at this price.
PB of Deland, FL
Not wanting to purchase by the box until I could try one. It appeared that there would be no way I could do this since CI doesn't offer them in smaller box or 5 packs. Walked into a store the other day, and saw a sign; "Fine Cigars". Sure enough, there was a large window face humidor, with several quality cigars. WOW! I was amazed at how much higher they were charging for the same cigars I get from CI. Those that are $3.00 dollars a stick, were $11.00 dollars and higher than ones I purchase from CI. The Cuban Delights were 3 for $10.00 dollars, you do the math on the mark up. Even so, I purchased 3 of them in order to find some good cigars at lower prices. The price offered on this web site, is well worth the money spent. No, it is not on the level with my Alec Bradley Tempus, but it is a good knock around cigar, evern though I like the Churchill Deluxe sold by CI better. Both are in the same price category, and ones that you wouldn't mind smoking from time to time.
DM of Taylor, MI
Got a box of these Cuban Delights as an in between smoke. I'm half way into my first one and I must say I am pleasantly surprised. The one I'm smoking now has a very nice draw and an even burn. Not the most flavorful cigar but sometimes I like something on the mild side and these Cuban Delights are mild. Not bad, not bad at all. These are hard to beat for under a buck per.
NW of Brevard, NC
I first tried these in November when my son got my a 30 stick sampler. I just got my box of 50 today! Love these smokes! I have been smoking cigars for about 15 years, and I am totally a fan of these great tasting low priced beauties. Oh, and my order was shipped promptly and correctly, CI you guys rule!
GT of San Antonio, TX
Smoked one of these after I bought it as a loosie at a head shop for $2.99. Initially it had the oops-I-got-hay-in-my-mouth taste I associate with cheap cigars but really improved towards the middle. Not bad for the price they're go for here, but I sure wouldn't pay 3 bucks for it again.
DW of Madison, WI
Not a bad cigar, smoked one off the truck and it was a bit rough, but gave it about another month and sucked one down. This is my daily and hand-out cigar if I'm not looking to impress. Great party cigar, great yardgar, great moocher cigar. Its not a rocky Patel, or even a Cuban honey, but a terrific value.. can't go wrong for less than a buck when you are having a nic-fit!
Best infused cigar! I wish they also made top shelf style infused blends. Wish the rest of the cigar industry would take notice of these guys making a killing and start make quality bargain infused cigars too. Until then I will be a Cuban Delights customer for life!
IR of Fredericksburg, VA
I've been smoking Cuban Delights for several years now, and occasionally I try some other brand from CI, but I keep coming back to the Cuban Delights. When the cigar gets down to about an inch and a half, it goes into my pipe to be finished off as ashes. For the money, they are a good cigar. I don't smoke expensive brands, I smoke cigars that taste good. For me, its Cuban Delights. Thanks CI!!
I really like the CAO flavor cherry bomb so I was hoping to get something at least a little close with the CD cherry jubilee. I was very surprised at how similar the two are. If you took the band off of both, I'm not sure I could tell you which is the CAO. No problems staying lit. Draw is almost always good. For less than a dollar each. I'm sold. Can't wait to try the vanilla.
Bought some of the vanilla's and they were great! The Churchill's however I had some issue with. They were great in flavor but about 1 in 3 started becoming unwraped after a few minutes of casual smoking. Other than that small issue they were great buys!
Very good small Cigar. I've noticed that most small cigars once you get half way down, the flavor starts to go, but these cigars, the flavor holds up and I was able to smoke it down to the band and still have that mild flavor. There isn't a very strong vanilla flavor in these, the vanilla is so mild that you really don't taste it, but the flavor of the cigar itself is nice and these are diffently worth the price and I will continue to order them.
DB of Pompano Beach, FL
Revised Review: My first review was smoking my Vanilla Cuban Delights directly from the wrapper, and they were good, but after placing my cigars in the humidor and smoking one after being in the humidor, these cigars are GREAT! The humidor brought out the vanilla flavor and actually made these cigars taste even better! I truly can say these are fantastic little cigars and I recommend these to anyone who wants a mild, flavorful cigar....grab your boxes now!
DB of Pompano Beach, FL
The Cuban Delights are a great smooth and cheap cigar. You can not beat the price for such a great everyday smooth even burning smoke. Thumbs up!
DL of New Carlisle, OH
I know this sounds odd, i enjoy these cigars, but I dont light them. I just use them like I would a toothpick or straw while working on my PC or watching a movie. CI just has to many other great deals and good shipping to smoke one of these when I have the time or company to enjoy smoking a cigar. That being said, I think these are the best low budget cigars I have found. Look at the 90+ seconds if your looking for a great value cigar.
MA of Olathe, KS
Wow. These smokes are awesome. I have tried them all and a few cheap ones, but not as cheap, nor as good as these. I filled up my humidor with these and look forward to having them just sitting back with a coffee. I would rate these an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being Excellent. So, no need to look further -- go for it, you won't be disappointed.
I have been smoking Churchill Cuban delights for about 4 months now. Getting ready to order my 5th box. This cigar has a very deceiving price being priced as low as it is. I really enjoy them as an everyday cigar. On the average I smoke 2 or 3 a day. They are easy to draw, even burning and well rounded flavor. I highly recommend these as a everyday smoke.
DL of New Carlisle, OH
Picked up a Cuban Delight from a local smoke shop here in town for $2. I want to try a few cigars before I decide to buy a box (new to cigar smoking), and I read a review of these not too long ago. The cigar was great up to the last third. Just started getting warm, and almost bitter tasting. I also had to touch it up a few times with the lighter. Other than that... The flavor was perfect and consistent. Might get a box of these for my daily cigar.
AS of Las Vegas, NV
Just smoked one of these. It was nice and smooth with a lot of smoke. The only negative was that the cap had a weird taste to it, and when it got down to the nub, it was actually making me gag from the taste. It does leave behind a semi-sweet aftertaste, though.
BM of Chesterfield, MI
Loved the first box of these, they were smooth mellow and a great smoke. I was very disappointed in the second box. The cigar had totally different characteristics. Much darker wrapper and a much more harsh flavor. I doubt I'll order these again without knowing which cigar I'll be getting.
Not sweet!
EW of Virginia Beach, VA
Great cigar for the money.
I bought a box of the Cuban Delight Amaretto Cigars better then any of the other brands of Amaretto flavored cigars. Strong scent of Amaretto when you open the box but just the perfect amount of flavor in the cigar. I will be trying some others in the future but as was said in other reviews these are the perfect after lunch or dinner cigars.
RA of Beltsville, MD
got my Cuban delights today50 churchills ,smoked 2 already right off the ups truck and really like these.smoke good ,draw is fine ,burn a bit unevenbut for the price cant bitch, the taste is very good for the price .think these will be in my regular rotation want to try the vanilla ones too but never seem to be able to get em
AD of Callensburg, PA
For what these are, they're alright. I haven't had one in ages, but I bought a couple when I was first getting into the hobby. I've seen them in stores in CA being sold at $6-7 a piece, haha! Cuban? No. Delights? No. Decent buck-a-stick yard gar? Yes.
NW of Vallejo, CA
They are huge, that is a plus. They have great taste and they last forever when lit. I really enjoy these cigars. I will want to order more in the future.
JC of Middle Village, NY
Bought a box of cherry flavored cuban delights and put them in the humi for 2 weeks and they are amazing. Smoked half as they where shipped and this is a great cigar!
NM of Crandon, WI
Just purchased a few of these at the Hamburg store, couldn't wait to try one. Had the rum,thought it was a bit harsh...going to leave the others rest in the Humi for a did mellow a bit,but have had other rum flavored cigars I enjoyed more.
JD of Coal Township, PA
Nice clean smoke got plenty bang for my buck.
GL of Augusta, GA
I've tried the Tatianas and the cuban honey flavored cigars and these are by far the best cigars. Love the cherry flavor looking to order a box of vanilla next!!! Can't go wrong for the price either. 1 month in the humidor and they tasted even better!!
NM of Crandon, WI
Got the cherry Cuban Delights and these are very tasty yet mellows out the longer you smoke. Handed out a few to some friends and so complaints and nothing but compliments! Will definitely be ordering these again!
BA of Sacramento, CA
I purchased both the cherry and the Rum Runner they have a great flavor and are priced below what you would expect to pay for a cigar of this quality.
AY of goose creek, SC
Cuban Delights Vanilla are an awesome sweet smoke. Couple weeks in the humidor really brings out the vanilla more. Love these smokes and so do all my friends. On my 2nd box gonna need a third soon. Cherry was very good also even a lil sweeter than the vanilla.
NM of Crandon, WI
Having experienced this particular brand within an assortment, I now get to have them alone! Was impressed with the packaging and that it was sealed in plastic. These may become my second favorites, if they can be kept in stock! ;) Thumbs up!
AB of Oklahoma City, OK
Very good mild cigar for the price.
My husband loves these and your prices are the best!
DT of Albion, PA
WOW! What a great Cigar, great burn, great flavor. you can't beat these puppies for a buck apiece! Keep up the great selection on amazing cigars, you rock CI!!
JL of Hampton, VA
For what these cost, they are ok. Good low budget sandwich smoke for yard work and such. Too mild for me though.
MI of Winterville, GA
I bought these as a goof to hand out to friends, but then I toasted one myself and I was hooked. Very mellow billowy smoke with a really consistent burn. I'm not saying I'm walking away from my usual 90+ rated sticks I order, but I'll remember to toss a five pack of these in with my orders from now on.
JS of Cheshire, MA
This is by far the best cheap cigar I have smoked to date. I am ordering another 50. What a great deal. Thanx CI. Love your cigars. Got a call from the other place I used to order from and they said I had some points accumulated. I told them to keep them I found CI and I am a lot happier and will no longer be using them.... I am hooked on CI.
SW of citrus springs, FL
Great under a dollar everyday cigar and for the moochers. :)
RS of Utica, NY
I've had several batches of this smoke. They have always just been an everyday smoke, nothing special.... I'm letting them set in the humidor and age a bunch....If they improve with age I'm update my opinion....
Unbelievable. At a buck a stick, these are amazing. I thought they'd be pretty good "golf course" cigars, but now I even enjoy them with my favorite scotch. They burn evenly and are not at all harsh. Kudos.
My Cigar just right for me
If you are looking for a cheap everyday smoke... Any one in the line of Cuban Delights is your cigar. The cherry, natural, what have you. I have enjoyed each one I have had and for less than a buck!!! Once again, a great deal from CI.
BB of Saint Paul, MN
A little bland. I didn't expect much and got what I expected.
LH of Santee, CA
great smoke for the price!!! a must try.
AB of Hampton, VA
Nice cigar , good combination of natural tobacco and cherry flavor gives it a unique taste. Good draw, slow equal burning, and would recommend it for launch smoke. The only "negative" I could say about this cigar is its size for this particular flavor(in my case it is cherry), it would be nice if it would be bigger(like 5.5x50 or larger).
AN of Chicago, IL
...With a cocktail they are alright....
GP of Batavia, NY
These are a great everyday smoke perfect for anytime. I have recently really started getting into smoking cigars. I wouldn't say that these are the best you will ever get compared to Rocky Patel Vintage 1990, Padron Series, Camache Pre-Embargo 1962, or Graycliff Vintage 30 Year. Although these are still pretty good. I haven't found a plugged or bad stick yet. They only smoke for about 20 minutes or so, but hey that's ok by me. Plus they are easy to give out to buddy's at a BBQ, golf event etc. I am sure you will like these.
BH of Ballwin, MO
Awesome everyday stick!
JJ of Cape Coral, FL
like better then the Tatiana.
BP of Fort Worth, TX
I bought these sticks to hand out at BBQ's and gatherings. Something that wouldnt break the bank. I must say, I am not a flavor fan but these sticks are a big hit. I find myself grabbing one of these vanilla flavored Delights more and more as time goes on. The draw is a bit hard but the burn has been, for the most part, fine. The flavor is not subtle but in this case, that is not a negative. I never intended to keep these around for personal use but I find myself ordering more as soon as I get down to ten. Dont be afraid to try these as a change of pace. They wont replace my Alec Brads but they now have their own small humidor in my cave.
....A really light smoke the cigar itself wasn't all that sturdy, but if what you're looking for is a quick, sweet smoke, this cigar will do the trick. I got the vanilla delights and would recommend these for gatherings especially for the price.
TJ of Hanford, CA
A hands down favorite Great taste inexpensive but good smoke
WC of zion, IL
Very pleasant anytime smoke. Never harsh, holds its firmness, and keeps lit. I WILL KEEP ORDERING these cheap suckers JP,Neptune, nj