E.P. Carrillo Short Run Vintage Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “E.P. Carrillo Short Run Vintage”
“This is one great cigar. The churchill smokes smooth and is full of flavor and takes well over an hour to finish, and at the finish you can't wait until the next time you light the next cigar. I was lucky to get a deal on this cigar and if CI ever runs a special on it do not hesitate to pick up a 5 or 10 pack. You won't believe how good they are, and they will satisfy any palate from medium to full body. This is top shelf.”
SK of Garden City, NY
“I received 5 of these cigars as part of the "Build your own" sampler from CI. These must have been locked away and aged for some time because all five had a significant amout of plume. The first one I smoked instantly became one of my favorite smokes. It was very smoth with lots of earthy flavors that were very satisfying with a lingering fininsh and I would say it was medium in body. I will be looking to buy more of these in the very near future. You should too.”
“WOW,,fellow cigar guys these cigars are WONDERFULL.beautifully made,very nice looking and have a kinda heavy feel in youre fingers.these are very fully packed-no short cuts on these.the taste is verrrry smoooth,welcoming aroma.i realise everyones tastes are a different but these to me have hint of maybe caramel?no matter what it is I LOVE IT.if you try these im pretty sure youle have a hard time waiting til you can have another one.IM HOOKED!!!!. ”
JR of Fairmount, IL
“I think These Cigars are some of the Best Cigars I ever smoked, hands down . It make You crave Your next one when Your finished Smoking. I really Love it !”
GP of Lake George, NY