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La Estrella Cubana Oscuro Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.17 out of 5 Based on 29 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “La Estrella Cubana Oscuro”

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5 out of 5
Good value
Even burn. Smooth draw. Well made. Above average tobacco taste while still on the mild side. Excellent cigar for the money.
4 out of 5
Trusty companion
I can always count on an enjoyable smoke on my limited budget. Smooth and a hint of cocoa makes this a jewel
4 out of 5
My New Daily
Just finished my second Bundle, and I am SOLD! Im a big fan of Maduro's and I finally found my everyday Smoke. These things are great, Nice creamy, flavorful smoke, and not a dud burner in my first 40. Ordering more as we speak!
5 out of 5
Best bargin maduro $ can buy!
i have been smoking these sticks for a couple years and they are outstanding. Excellent flavor (bitter chocolate), even burn, solid ash. If u want a excellent low cost maduro look no further. Another similar maduro bargin stick is the Pioneer Valley Maduro. This is not a overpowering cigar, rather a mild to medium cigar with excellent construction.
4 out of 5
Tasty cigar for the price
Tasty cigar for the price point
3 out of 5
Good everyday cigar!
I had smoked the smaller size a few years ago and really enjoyed it. I ordered the larger Bs this time. I am disappointed, they dont compare to my earlier experience. The cigar does not have the rich velvety smoke or the smooth coffee flavor I remember.
5 out of 5
This is why I shop CI!
These are earthy, tasty maduros at an excellent price. What more do you need?
4 out of 5
Great cigar
Wonderful affordable cigar. You won't be disappointed.
5 out of 5
La Estrella Cubana
Excellent cigar for the everyday smoker, can't beat the price.
4 out of 5
Good for the price
I've smoked La Estrella Cubana since I took up cigars a few years ago. They were a good introduction to Maduros. Lately and with more experience with some other brands, they have lost standing among my favorites. They burn irregularly - some hard, some soft, caps fall apart easily - and they often get bitter by the end. Hard to knock the flavor of these for the price, but I'll probably stick to La Perla and others in the future.
4 out of 5
It's a great smoke for the money.
5 out of 5
nice buy
good little cigar for the right price. I buy these a couple of times a year, burn good and perfect for a quick burn in winter,.
5 out of 5
ordering more
a must have in any humi. Quality construction, burn and flavor at yard gar prices. Tks CI
3 out of 5
Ok for the $$$
The smokes I got were worth what I paid but they were not what I ordered . Still a good value but I really wanted the oscuro .
5 out of 5
Recent order
Great price and service.
5 out of 5
La Estrella
i have enjoyed these reasonably priced cigars.
3 out of 5
Mostly good
The wrapper was lighter than it appeared in the photo, however this cigar is a good solid smoke, draw and burn were no problem. The flavor is there and one will last a 150 mile drive. The only major issue I have with this cigar is the thin wrapper and cap. If it is cut with a traditional cutter, the cigar will begin to unwrap soon thereafter; I have been using a bullet cutter on the end which helps it stay together until near the end of the smoke.
4 out of 5
Very good cigar for the price . I received these in a sampler and they are one of my favorites. I will be watching for them next order. Thanks C.I.
2 out of 5
La Estrella Gubana
Golf course smoke - burns unevenly and just *meh*.
3 out of 5
la estrella cubana churchill
some burn hollow
4 out of 5
Rich, smooth, not overpowering, pleasant
These used to be one of my favorite regulars. Inexpensive, smooth, not bitter. However the last batch of robustos I got have been mediocre, one bad one and overall flavor and draw not quite the same. I hope this was a temporary dip in quality and hesitate to rebuy.
4 out of 5
La Estrella Oscuro
Nice smoke for the price. So far has 1 bad smoke out of 10, but overall very nice for the price
4 out of 5
Great stick
This cigar is great bargain with plenty of flavor..
5 out of 5
Great Cigar
If I have another review in here,,it's because I couldn't stay logged on,,anyway,,,this IS,,without a doubt,,my favorite,,the cigar JUST hits home with me,,the construction is excellant,,and they put off HUGE amounts of smoke and needless to say,,the price is fantastic.I savor these like I would a much more expensive premium smoke..Buy them,,you will not be disappointed
5 out of 5
I've fooled many with this cigar
Outstanding cigar,,for the money,,they can't be beat and of course,,that would be my humble opinion
4 out of 5
Best "cheap" cigar I've found . . .
This is my default cigar when I can't get Romeos or Arturo Fuentes or Montecristos, etc. They are tasty, consistent . . . a VERY affordable. Best cigar for the money I've found.
3 out of 5
Some flaws but worth a try
Average smoke, some cigars tend to break apart towards the end. Some draw well and others don't. For the money, there worth a try.
5 out of 5
great everyday
best deal cigar for that anytime smoke
5 out of 5
La Eatrella Cubana Oscuro "R"
Been smoking this cigar as my "go to" for three years! The consistency has been great! They draw well and burn even all the way till the end. Highly recommend these cigars!
Customer Testimonials
Cigars are like wine. Just because they're expensive or have a high rating doesn't mean they're good. The LEC tastes good and burns a strong and tight white ash and better than a lot of 90 plus ratings I have smoked. At $29.99 for 20 this is the best bargain I've found!
I was first turned on to this cigar by a family member and it was a toro. Love at first sight or taste if you must. I purchased a bundle and they aged for a little while. I gave one to a friend and he also loved them and he bought a bundle and gave me half. I am down to my last two and I will purchase another bundle. This cigar is on my top five list and I have been smoking cigars for many years and been to different parts of the world so I tasted different stogies. This is definitely underrated, and for the price it makes it even better. You can't or at least I haven't found a cigar for the same price or close to it that tastes as good as La Estrella Cubana.
Due to budget, I only smoke cheap cigars, except when I am on vacation when I only smoke expensive $10-$15 a stick. I am used to mediocrity, as you get what you pay for. Well I just came back from vacation, and I smoked a boatload of good stuff. The UPS truck pulls up today, I popped an L.E.C.O. out of a bundle to try it. Lights decently, has beautiful continuous burn and ash. With budget cigars, I often throw them out when they are half smoked and lose taste, or will not burn. Well today I got a finger burner. The taste was good, but the smoke was so delicious that my nose got high. I smoked it down to nothing. This La Estrella was better than any of the high end cigars I smoked last week, except for the $20 a stick Cubans I had of various brands. For an affordable bundle, this is a great cigar. I hesitate to say that, because years ago I smoked La Glorias when they first came out and were cheap. Everyone started saying great things about them and the prices shot up to the quality of the product. I have been searching for decent affordable cigars for years, and I will definitely be reordering these often if the rest of the bundle are as fantastic as the first one.
A checkout time impulse buy that I am SO glad I made. Rich, full bodied, creamy smooth textured smoke with full notes of espresso and unsweetened cocoa, hints of vanilla and all the cedar spice you can ask for. More of these on the way sometime very soon...
These are true winners. Just such a nice, easy to love cigar. They have a nice light and easy draw. The burn is straight each time. The ash is a little soft but no big problem...just relates to the lightly pressed bunch. No need to double puff as each draw gives a nice full cloud of smoke. Can't wait 'til my next one. I will order more, no doubt! Great job CI!
I found these cigars to be a pretty good smoke, but the only issue I have is that the cap and wrapper tend to separate. The best solution is to give a really shallow cut on the cap, so that you are not trying to cut any of the filler. If you have a super sharp cutter, this may not be an issue. Other than that, I can see these as being a go-to every day smoke. I would give it 3.5 of 5 stars
An incredible cigar at any price! Hints of coffee, nougat and great draw! I recommend buying as many of these puppies as you can fit in your humidor while you can! Robusto is about a 35 minute smoke; great for those cravings when you don't have time for a long one. Gonna stock up!
Love these! My go-to favorite cigar with great flavor, good construction--an excellent cigar overall. Especially love the price. I have ordered these a couple of times and will continue to do so. Thanks CI for such a great offer!
This one is a bit of a mystery to me. Starts off like dark chocolate and coffee and morphs into a creamy espresso... little bit of really mild pepper. Smooth and easy to smoke but not quite what I was looking for in a Maduro Oscuro. If you like your Maduro mild-medium you'll enjoy this smoke. Leaves my mouth feeling dry and empty. No aftertaste... Not the quite the finish I was looking for.
Yes, and another please! These were a dark and thick treat that paired nicely with my choice stout. Give this one a try!
These chocolatey gems are naturally sweet and delicious.
Excellent smoke with rich plumes of smoke. Great taste and easy on the pocket book. This is my "go to" and I always have at least a mazo of 20 in the humidor. Can't go wrong with this stick.
So far, unfortunately, mostly the wrapper, sometimes the cap, sometimes both, but ALWAYS the wrapper comes unglued.....rendering the stick un-smokeable.......generally around the start of the 2nd 3rd. I had this exact problem with a tin of Macanudo Maduros from CI except they came un-rolled pretty much as soon as the head was snipped. Not sure exactly what gives as all other sticks from CI are flawless. So much so that CI is my exclusive cigar supply......seriously! Well.......Their prices are like a broken drum stick, (can't be beat), as is their customer service. The deal on these & the reviews led me to give them a try as a "daily knock around"......but I have yet to get to the halfway point with a single one! Decided to give them a few weeks of humidor time & see if that fixes this issue. Hope that does the trick as they seem to be a good stick with a great price point.
Great smoke! As a runner I limit my smoke to a once a week treat, unless I'm on vacation, which has never been dificult until I bought these bundles of joy. They burn perfect and taste even better. Nice roasty and earthy cocao flavor with the slight maduro sweetness. I have found my all time favorite especialy with the price. Fully recomend!
Pleasantly surprised by this smoke every time I buy them. I can't think of a better Maduro under $2.00 bucks. Or 3 or 4. Not a powerhouse, but a great sit and relax on the porch stick.
Recently bought La Estrella Cubana Oscuro and was disappointed. They were backordered but was able to order 20 maduro and the quality of the wrapper was bad. The size of the robusto 5x50 seem oversized....
She won't win any beauty contests but WOW does she offer a lot of flavor! Creamy, silky, and milder than I had envisioned. Has a feel and draw of a box pressed higher dollar stick. Only drawback was a little dry ....can't wait to smoke another after being in the humidor for a while. I will definitely buy these again and share with my friends for a small fee. They don't need to know how much they are.
What can I say, a great smoke at a price that allows me to make this my everyday cigar. Deep dark wrapper that really comes through from start to finish. If you like a note of chocolate in your smoke, this is the cigar for you. It never fails that when I give a friend one of these they end up buying a bundle and no one believes me when I tell them it is a $2.50 cigar. Buy 'em you will enjoy them.
I love these cigars from start to finish. Nice, cool, full flavored smoke. Consistent and even burning. Well worth the cost.
Great cigars for the money
I just now, ok about an hour ago, received my bundle of 20 Toro 6x50. right out of the package I was amazed at how smooth these are, or I should say "is" I am smoking one right now. I must say they have the whitest ash of any cigar I have smoked and the strongest ash too. I say this is a great medium cigar, I would put it up against some of my favorite big name high priced ones. Ya gotta try these. I will always have these in my humidor, do yourself a favor and try em you'll be surprised. (I can wait till they are in the humidor for a while)
I ordered the factory seconds that were not made to the specification CI had ordered. Great discounting from CI landed the lovley gars at .99 a stick to my APO address. My lucky day was when these gems arived in a 30 bundle and the first one had me hooked. I will always keep these fellas in the humi at this price.
Got one in a sampler last year, tried it after a few months and was really impressed. Early this year I ordered a bundle of Belicosos. I completely agree with what some other reviewers have said; a few months in the humidor makes a big difference for these smokes. After sitting for a bit, they have a great cream, coffee and cocoa taste, and burn great. I haven't had a single one tunnel, go out, or plug. Great purchase for maduro fans!
A veteran aficionado friend of mine gave me a La Estrella Cubana Oscuro Belicoso to try insisting that they were highly recommended. Of course, I was somewhat skeptical since how good could a $2.50 stick really be? Needless to say, it turned out to be one of the best smokes that I'd had in years easily comparable to the finest $10-$15 cigars. This 6"x52 torpedo had an oily jet black wrapper, smooth draw and the flavor itself was definitely more on the medium rather than mild side. The ash was white and firm and the stick evened itself out quickly despite its initial slightly uneven burn. The complex flavor instantly reminded me of the Cohiba Black with its rich notes of chocolate and coffee but without the $10+ price tag. And unlike some other premiums that develop that peculiar "skunky" taste towards the end, the LEC was nearly flawless all the way to the nub. As a result of this great discovery, I just bought my first of hopefully many bundles of this fabulous stick!
This is a follow up to the review I made in Oct. of 2011. I took one of these out of the humidor this past weekend. Wow!!! What a difference six months on these bad boys. I was so disappointed, ROTT. Do yourself a favor, first buy these, then store them away for three months or more. Sit back and enjoy a FANTASTIC smoke. You'll be so glad you waited!
This is a superb cigar. I find this cigar to be somewhere between a black pearl and a LGC type R or at least a good 1st runner up. I would expect to pay 7 or 8 dollars for a cigar of this caliber. I must say a little time in the humi does them good.
I don't understand how the price on these is so low. I don't expect a lot from a sub $2 smoke. These surprised me. They are great for when you want a low nicotine, smooth, well-made maduro with a nice coffee note. If anyone has a bad experience with these, age them. In my opinion they are too wet and young off the truck. The complexity and flavors come out with about 6 months of age.
I bought the robustos the first time out, and frankly felt, like a couple of reviewers, that these weren't really all that good. And they never got better. Then I got a sampler, if I recall, that had a Churchill in it, and I let it hang out because I didn't really feel up to that much of a not so great cigar. When I finally gave in and smoked it I was surprised at how nice it was. Hmmmm.... So, I ordered a bundle of toros, thinking that maybe, for some inexplicable reason, the blend needed a particular size to really work. I've had a couple brands like that over the years. Anyway, given some time, a few weeks, they indeed smoke quite nicely from start to finish. Now, we all know the story: Good cigar brands sometimes go bad, other times are spotty in consistency. Annoying. But the toros work for me, with some time in the 'dor. I will order them again, and may be disappointed... Or not. I wonder if they use different leaves for different sizes... presumably. So maybe size does matter, lol... ;0) My experience has been that bigger is better for L.E.C. Your mileage may vary.
Tried these when I first got them and was disappointed. Threw them in the cooker 3 weeks, and tried again today. What a difference. Enjoyed the smoke. I'll buy more.
I'll start by finishing first - One great cigar. Ok, I bought a bundle based on submitted reviews and quite frankly we all have very different opinions when it comes to a cigar but I will have to admit I love this cigar and everything about it. Lights easy, draws perfect, burns true and delivers outstanding flavor all the way through the short "one great cigar".
This is a well made cigar with a beautiful appearance. The dark maduro wrapper exhibited the right amount of oils and provided a very pleasant chocolate aftertaste. This one is a definite keeper. It provided an easy draw the complete length of the cigar and the ash was solid and well maintained througout the smoke. This is a great cigar to smoke with a good 15 year old Scotch. I actually ordered a bundle for my humidor and highly recommend it.
Got this today as a gift from wife. This one I enjoy. A smoke that should cost a lot more then it does.
I must admit to enjoying the fan mail that people write on their fav cigars! I am some-what new to cigars, but once I tried one of these maduro's I decided I needed to write one myself. "What a great cigar" was the first words out of my mouth after lighting this chocolate boy up! It has a very smooth draw and a super even burn! I was smoking with a buddy who also agreed that this should be in the standard rotation. Guess what, I'm ordering another bundle right away!!!
The saga continues...After a week in the box the cigar has become quite a bit less harsh and is just about smokable. The flavor profile is coming to that of dark chocolate with a hint of coffee. However the last half tasted markedly of wet cardboard, while not wholly unpleasant, it was not what I wanted to taste after the first half. La Estrella has moved to a 73. At a $1.75 each with shipping included...not too bad. I hope this cigar continues to improve because I am wondering why ALL the other ratings are so good and Steve O's were off the charts. It just doesn't add up. I so want La Estrella Cubana to be THE giant killer.
Just on the WOW reviews, I purchased a bundle. I was disappointed. I tried 5 over a few weeks and they didn't get any better. Harsh and the wrappers tore easily. I left a few in the humidor to try later. I'm not holding my breath. It could be possible I guess, that I just got a bad bundle.
I will admit I don't know much about cigars but I know what I like. When I finished this smoke I logged into my account and added it to my favorites. The only bad thing is that the sampler I purchased only included one of these. It is a great smoke at a great price. Thanks CI.
This is an awesome cigar. Taste is similar to Gurkha Empire III but at a better price. Plenty of smoke and nice chocolate taste. CI has plenty of great cigars at great prices but I would put this one at the top of the heap. This is one cigar that I hope to always have in my humidor.
This cigar takes the cake for a tasty maduro for the budget minded. I bought a bundle of these at the same time I ordered the Gurkha Cignarnivore III sampler and I like these LEC's better than any of the Gurks. Delicious chocolate taste and an absolute TON of smoke. My only word of caution: The delicious taste left in your mouth after smoking these will cause a devilish temptation to light up another.
Big clouds of smoke, great taste, great burn--------Delicious nuff' said.
OMFG... Don't let the low price trick you into thinking this velvety cigar is cheaply made. Amazing flavor within clouds of creamy smoke for a very low price. Don't hesitate to try it.
I got one of these in a sampler, and was not impressed with the look of this cigar at first. Then, after an especially hard day at work I lit one up in my truck for the drive home. HOLY SMOKE! It was like someone set off a smoke bomb. I had to roll down the window so I could see to drive. The draw was so easy I checked to see if the cigar was broken somewhere. Nope. Great taste, good burn, nice price. Keep up the good work CI.
The Estrella Cubana Maduro Is a surprisingly tasty stick. Nice barnyard aroma, a dry chocolaty taste, woodsy, earthy and a maduro sweetness. These tasty sticks are dirt cheap, that's the surprise. A good cigar at a great price, period.
Wow, I first smoked one in a CI sampler pack. It has quite a taste of flavors, very fresh, and finishing off the 1st bundle with another order coming. The relatively low cost does not come close to the smoking value. Highly recommend smoking one.
Nice!..near perfect burn with an easy draw and plenty of flavor. Ranks right up there with smokes I've had at 2 to 3 times the price. An excellent buy.
Prelight: Lovely Barnyard, somewhat salty-chocolate aromas Upon lighting: This has a nice smooth creamy dark chocolate, rich espresso flavor. I highly recommend this cigar, Hands down the best bang for your buck!
man what a smoke is about all I can say. everyone else was right what a value. Now all I need to figure out how to make room in the humi for more.
I just burned one of these last night. It had been in the box for about w months resting before getting in the queue. Talk about a surprise... it was smooth as silk. I like a strong cigar, and this one was smooth and fairly strong. I agree with the other reviews that said there is a definite cocoa flavor throughout the burn. While it doesn't change character much, it does stay consistently mellow for the entire smoke. Construction was great, and the entire cigar smoked perfectly to the nub in just two long ashes with no relights or touch ups. It was getting a little more woody (yes!) in the last third, but never harsh or bitter. These are a steal at these prices.
As a big fan of: 1. Mild/medium cigars 2. Maduros 3. C.I. I can easily 100% endorse the staff and fan reviews regarding the LEC's. The catalog description is dead on. These offer a wonderful smoke for perhaps $2.00 each. Try one of these and you will easily come to the conclusion that purchasing anything even close to this quality from your local smoke shop would run around $5 to $6. OUTSTANDING VALUE!
I love to be experimental but this La Estrella hit me the right way after trying several... but there was a consistent value all of them I tried, there was gentle bouquet and touch of sweetness to it, I'd have loved to have had that Dominican filler replaced by Jalapa leaf -- that would have been special. My rate on this stick: 82
I just smoked my first La Estrella Cubana last night that I received in the Chunktastic sampler. A hefty 6x60 vitola...what a great smoke! If you like maduros, as I do, you definately have to try this. And for the price, you just can't beat it! Another CI winner!
I received a La Estrella Cubana Oscuro in the 'Honest Pour' sampler while searching for an everyday smoke (the Honest Pour is 15 cigars that appear to retail in the $1.50-$3.00/per range on CI). Of the sampler's offerings, this cigar, the Perdomo Lot 23 and the Gran Habano Connecticut #1 really stood out in my view - I really enjoyed all three of them. When looking to purchase a larger quantity the price point of the La Estrella Cubanas won handily. Just finished the first 'E' toro from my bundle and couldn't be more pleased with my purchase.
La Estrella Cubana is a very nice and rich smoking stick. It is very well made and burns perfectly. Very rich flavors, but lacks the sweet finish I look for in a maduro. At the same time this is a very fine cigar with ample flavor.
Well... This has got more flavor than I imagined from some of the feedback, which is good. It burns real nice, has an excellent draw and produced big plumes of smoke. I am happy, and the price is the real kicker, I whole heartedly agree with the staff reviews. Oh, and it just got delivered yesterday after a week in transit, can't wait to try it with a little age!
These should get a Best Buy award. It is mild but has plenty of dark maduro flavor, burns well, and sometimes that's enough. Gave one to a buddy who is only an occasional smoker of higher priced sticks and he was impressed. Give them a try if you like a mild maduro once in a while.
This cigar was not as strong as I was hoping for, but still a very good smoke. Actually an excellent smoke for the price. If you like maduro, order some and you will not be disappointed not for this price.
I received one of these cigars in a CI sample pack. I was blown away by this great tasting smoke! The aroma is fantastic, I saved the band so that I could order more and I just did! What a fantastic price for this cigar! This will be my go-to cigar when I can't afford my Rocky P's!
These are smooth and very mellow, with a first rate wrapper( rich). All of which burn slow and consistant. I found it relaxing. I found myself wanting a little more flavor from the filler.All in all, a good deal.
I bought some of these recently and boy am I glad I did. So far these have been well worth the 1.66 a piece that I paid for them. Lets hope that the prices on these never go up!!!!! This will probably be my daily smoke from here on out.
I'm just about done with my first bundle of these (La Estrella Cubana Oscuro). Tasty. Very close to my standard, Gurkha Doble Maduro. Maybe a hair smoother, but has that rich cocoa I've fallen in love with. I will definitely be buying more of these. Please don't run out CI!!1!
Winner,Winner,Winner, I just got my shipment of the robusto size La Estrella Cubana , and let me tell you these are really good. A mild Medium, bodied smoke that is jam packed with flavor. Its a very tasty maduro with some sweetness , some coffee bean taste, and hint of dark chocalate. The robusto size I got was $29.99 That was the best $30 bucks I paid out in a while ,and in these tight money times its great to know that you can get a really great premium smoke cheap as hell! Did I metion these cigars are a Winner? I am boldly stating if you purchase a bundle of these , you will most definatley get a few more, I know I will be.