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El Mejor Reviews

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Overall Rating 3.57 out of 5 Based on 14 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “El Mejor”

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2 out of 5
Ok. Sometimes the flavor wasn't entirely recognizable as cigar. Every one had at least one large stem. But ok for the price.
4 out of 5
Corojo for a Song!
It is hard not to like a medium bodied torpedo, comprised of Nicaraguan long filler & a toothy corojo wrapper, well constructed, heavy in the hand, with a fancy band & box, emitting clouds of smoke loaded with spice, cedar & espresso, all for a paltry sum of one dollar & one bit! Not particularly complex or super flavorful, but it's a bargain & a half at these prices! Some folks are going to claim it's the deal of the century. Others may not like the flavors. All I know is that it is possibly the best big corojo cigar available at this price point! I still prefer the amazing Espresso blend from El Mejor, but I highly recommended this one to corojo lovers & bargain shoppers.
4 out of 5
Good smoke
Nice draw pleasant smoke
5 out of 5
Great every day stick
the El Mejor is a nice box press maduro with great flavor. It put together well, always a nice draw and always affordable. It's been a staple in my humidor for several months now.
4 out of 5
Quality cigars for a great price
My 2nd purchase of the corona's they have a Thick smooth oily red tone wrapper real firm and produce clouds of smoke effortlessly with a consistent mid spicy flavor packed in nice cedar box.
1 out of 5
Terrible cigar
Terrible cigar nasty flavor burned good for about the half way point then didn't want to stay lit but that was a good thing since I was done smoking it by then spend a little more and get the Espresso a much better cigar
1 out of 5
Not consistent
Purchased a box a few months back, I let them age a bit. the first one wasn't half bad but tried to smoke 5 more since and the draw is really hard.
5 out of 5
I tried this cigar a while back when it was the free offer for large orders. It still doesn't disappoint and is a great economical choice. However, if CI is reading this, please try and get back the Toro Gordo size!
4 out of 5
A good stick at a very low price
I really enjoy the cigar. It is very well constructed. The taste is very good. I find myself going to it when I don't want a very strong Cigar which is my usual choice. But the price to quality ratio cannot be beat.
4 out of 5
Worth the $ buy some
Good basic anytime firm well constructed cigars that smoke and look great.
5 out of 5
El Mejor Toro
One of the cigars for the money. I wind down every night on my Porch with a home brewed beer and an El Mejor. Smooth flavor with a touch of roasted nuts, not too much though. A good even burn every time.
4 out of 5
What a deal!
What a surprise. Well made and firm cigar with smooth and creamy taste that tops many higher end cigars.
3 out of 5
El mejor corona
These sticks were adequate but seems they were rolled to tight and kept having to light up 2 to 3 times thru out smoke and tasted a little bland but will work for a affordable yard smoke
4 out of 5
Capt Thom
Nice consistent cigar. Lots of smoke and flavor. Burns good have had minor wrapper issues in the past.This & the Emerald I would recommend if you want a good cigar at a nice price. I would not however recommend the Espresso serious burn issues with that one
Customer Testimonials
These were a great cigar, especially at the price they're offered at here. Perfect for everyday. Would recommend and will re-order.
I was a big fan of the El Mejor "Emerald" until its untimely demise. I read some of the fan mail, so I thought I'd pull the trigger on this smoke; it was love at first sight. The construction was put together quite well, it made volumes of smoke, had a nice and easy draw, and an outstanding flavor profile. Rich and very smooth - with zero harshness. This one is a keeper. I really miss the Emerald, but this is a nice trade. The reviews pretty much say it all, but I wanted to throw my 2 cents into the fray. It's priced right and tastes should give it a try.
This is a pretty good cigar. Burned nice. Taste okay. Didn't have the expected coffee taste. Good daily smoke.
Smooth stick with a nice burn. Nice smooth flavor aroma is excellent.
This company (CI) is insidious! Not long ago, I bought a nice little humidor/sampler combo for a nice little price. But 10 cigars look kinda sad in a 50-cigar humirdor, so I order some more, and then some more, and then a bigger humidor. Along the way, I got 10 of these El Mejor Toro Gordos as a bonus with another order. I very much agree with the staff review on these: they didn't knock my socks off, but I enjoyed them. I'm tending to like very full-bodied cigars. These are milder, but satisfying, and seem well made. Definitely a cut above most of the machine-made cigars I've had in the past, but I'm liking that I don't feel I have to make a big production out of smoking one. I just ordered 20 on MMAO, hope it's accepted. The toro gordo is a little fat for me, so I'll have to try the toros, sometime. I warned you - they're insidious!
El Mejor is a VERY satisfying smoke for me. It is full of rich, thick , creamy flavor. Perfect draw, great burn, and very well made. I would recommend resting them for a while before smoking. I find this greatly improves the flavor.
These are great cigars!
Definitely a winner for an "everyday" cigar choice. Great flavor, solid construction, and generous pricing on boxes. CI scores a 'Mejor' victory with this one!
just had one with 14 months in humidor very creamy smooth tasted like a dpjj exellent
Received in the Dozen Roses for Men Sampler in Feb. 2013. I decided to smoke this Toro Gordo today while listening to the Cigar Dave podcast. My wrapper had a couple small imperfections and the wrapper tore slightly when I removed the band; neither of which affected the smoke. Burned pretty evenly with lots of smoke. Flavor was true to the description. Started with lots of spice, but mellowed throughout. Smoked to the nub as usual with no harshness. Great stick for the price. I would definitely order again and recommend.
El Mejor is A Quality smoke at a Low Price.Satisfying taste while forcing the Palate to Enjoy it as though it were an Expensive Cigar!!!!!!!!
el mejor is a great burning and tasting cigar at a great price. surprisingly consistant burn and draw for a cigar in this price range. stay away and do not buy!!! leave more for me...
About 5-6 years ago I started the enjoyable art of cigar smoking while toasting my son's college graduation (Go Blue!) with an Opus X. I then "grew up" on many traditionals like Fuente, Onyx, RyJ, La Gloria, etc. Once I started browsing and shopping from CI several months ago I've enjoyed sampling many of the great boutique brands you sell (Mo'W, Cuba Libre 1, La Aroma, Brickhouse, Padilla 68, Gran Habano etc. etc.). On a whim I ordered some El Mejor ("plain", not Emerald or Espresso) Toros and found them to be GREAT! Quality, feel, burn, great flavor and smoke throughout. I noticed no staff review on them and thought I'd send a hint!
This is a great smoke. It is packed with flavor, the construction is perfect and you cant beat the price. This is a quality cigar. I started with a 5 pack and will be purchasing a box very soon.
This is an excellent cigar. Very smooth with a bold draw. Definitely worth a try.
The new El Mejor is a nice cigar for that price. Well constructed with a nice even burn. Much more full bodied than the Emerald.