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Customer Reviews of “Don Tomas Cameroon”
“I think this is a great cigar right off the shelf at the cigar shop, and even better after a few weeks in the humidor. (Don Tomas Cameroon Collection) It's a handsome cigar, and especially distinctive in the perfecto sizes. There's no "off" or "green" taste on this cammy. I seems mild in strength and medium in body to me. It's well-made with a smooth toasty flavor. Bargain prices for these here at CI. Cheers!”
MM of Dallas, TX
“This (Don Tomas Cameroon) is top-notch. If you like a cameroon wrapper that gives ya a sweet undertone with an adequate amount of spice try these, as they are excellent as is the price point. Constructiion is excellent as is the burn. I highly recomend this stick.”
RF of Richfield, WI
“I find it hard to believe that nobody else has left some positive feedback on the Don Tomas Cameroon, it's such a top-notch cigar. It seems to be rather unappreciated and maybe drifts under the radar a bit. This cigar is a true gem!! Medium to full bodied with a lot of complexity, especially considering the price point. The cameroon wrapper brings your usual dose of subtle spice while the multi-national fillers and binder bring forth cinnamon, citrus, and wood. Excellent!! If you enjoy cameroon cigars you'll love this one!! This cigar ages quite well too!!”
BH of Baltimore, MD
“Very good cigar (Don Tomas Cameroon Collection). Fairly toothy wrapper with nice pre-light aroma, even burning and very flavourful. This is, in my view, another one that will be kept in the rotation. Good job that CI has excellent prices, or else I'd STAY skint keeping the 5 humidors full!”
MC of MLeesburg, VA
“*** Just had a well aged (had some bloom on it) Don Tomas Cameroon petit perfecto (#1) as a second cigar this evening ... it's making me forget my first cigar which was a good well constructed cigar but very mild without a lot of flavor. The DTC had a harder draw but made up for it in the flavor department ... can't really go into the details other than it was very tasty & enjoyable ... definitely would like to try others in the line, especially a bigger one, though this size really hit the spot for me at this time. Would like to see this cigar in some sampler offerings.”
SP of Northern, VA
“This cigar blew me away (Don Tomas Cameroon Collection)! I thought that I would give it a shot and man, I was not disapointed! It has a leathery, woodsy taste right from the start, and keeps going through to the end. Mild to medium, and not harsh at all! I definitly will be keeping a good supply of these puppies in my humidor!”
CG of Roseville, CA
“I have loved these (Don Tomas Cameroon Collection) from the first time I tried one, and the price makes them unbelievable! Now, I'm not one to use the term "bang for the buck", because that implicates that it would not be a good cigar at a higher price. If these were $20 a stick, I'd still have them (just fewer of them), as they are just plain great at any price!”
MH of Hamilton, OH
“I never thought much of Don Tomás until I tried the Cameroon Collection. The 4-country blend imparts a far more subtle & complex flavor than you would expect at this price point. The Perfectos in particular make the most of an exceptionally sweet Cameroon wrapper.”
NI of Jefferson, LA