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Customer Reviews of “Don Lino San Andres Maduro”
“I am kicking myself for not buying more than one bundle of these beauties! I hope to see these on the 1 day deal again soon, or the weekly special. No burn problems with these (unlike the regular Don Lino Maduro). To me, these are as good or even better than the Bahia Maduro...which is an excellent cigar to me.”
JP of Whitesburg, GA
“This is a damn good cigar for the money. I should've bought more then one bundle. I'll be keeping an eye on this one. Not bad CI, not bad.”
ET of Joplin, MO
“This is a good cigar! The Mexican and Nicaraguan tobaccos and especially the San Andres wrapper blend together to give it a sweet distinctive flavor. Mexican cigars, in my opinion, are as good as any on the market and even better than some. I prefer the maduros but the habanos are nice if a little milder. I like to think these will remain at CI at the same great price but it doesn't sound like it.CI, make it so!”
“Strong espresso and semi-sweet cocoa with a sweet maduro finish. Same flavor profile, to my palate, as a 5 Vegas Series A. Construction is superb. Has the same solid feel and draw as a Fuente Rothschild. Unbelievable for the price. This cigar joins 5 Vegas Classic, Morro Castle and Perdomo Mistakes as my affordable, everyday cigars.”
CA of Euless, TX
“I held off until I had smoked several of these before I wrote anything, but now it is time. The word would be "interesting", I think, and I mean that in a good way. Not "ew...", but "oooh...". I found the flavor varies a bit from gar to gar, but that happens with most blends. On all, however, I found the finish to be quite good, and quite similar, one smoke to another. Make no mistake, it's not a great cigar, but it's a good one for those who like maduros. I actually feel it compares favorably to Nica Libre, another of my favorites. And seriously, given that they don't suck, and the price is great....”
“WOW! I put these in my humi for five days then pulled one out, lit it up, I was blown away!!!! The blend of cococa, spices all blend so well produces a hearty flavorful smoke. The first puff I was sold!!!! Up there with best I've had, and will continue to have, as long as they keep makin' them.”
DB of Landmark, MB
“....Very hard draw, awful flavor, not smoke output...”
“Didn't live up to it's billing. Agree that it looks great, but lacking in the favor department. Had a few canoe on me and very light construction.”
“I've smoked several out of bundle of 20 I got back around Thanksgiving. Darned decent cigar for price paid. Remind me a LOT of Don Mateo's I used to buy in the mid-late '90's. And come to think of it, they're... a lot like Matacan's too. Both were pleasing cigars for tolerable expense, so are these Don Lino guys too ! !! !!!”
“Great flavor for the price, however I had a serious issue with the burn. 20 out of 20 cigars has issues with canoing.”
JL of Flower Mound, TX
“This one runs hot or cold. A good stick has a great profile, good smoke, and very pleasant. Its unusual in a good way. A bad stick is either impossible to get a good draw on, or canoes to the point where I've bail and grabbed something else.”
MC of Portland, OR
“Great Don Lino cigar. Always surprised at how well this brand burns. The flavor, draw and smoke is very good.”
JB of Livonia, MI
“They might have been good if that's was shipped. I was out of town when they arrived, and the person who opened them didn't know any different. The sleeves were taken off and they went into the humidor. I ordered the Maduro Churchills and got a bundle of Corojo Toros. The cigars were dry even after a week in the humidor. By the end of the month they reached the point where they could be smoking, if you didn't mind the bitter taste or uneven burn. I ordered the cigars because years ago I bought box after box of the Don Lino Havana Reserves which were one of the best cigars I've smoked. I'm a fan of the San Andreas Maduro wrapper clear back to the Canary Adore cigar of years ago. No hard feelings, Sh*t happens.”
DL of Eugene, OR
“2 out of 10 looks great just not there for me”
JO of Southfield, MI
“Flavor was good. The majority of these cigars did not burn even and often ran on one side.”
SS of Conway, AR
“Loved these smokes. Rich San Andrean tobacco flavor with just enough Nicaraguan to take the edge off.”
AS of Greensboro, NC