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Customer Reviews of “Don Lino San Andres Habano”
“These are a great everyday cigar. I was very satisfied with this purchase. It has a good wrap; I didn't have one fall apart on me. The filler was packed nice and tight. Just cutting the head won't due. You have to open it up a little to get a good draw. Definitely purchasing these again soon.”
ML of Templeton, MA
“Very nice cigar, well constructed, good draw, nice creamy smoke and best suited for the less than medium smoker. Well worth the CI price. I will purchase them again. Not a bad one in the mazo so it would be a 7 out of 10 rating on a tough scale. Wish it had an earthier taste. Compare it to Rocky Patel Cargo line.”
CF of Worcester, MA
“These get better & better, the longer they rest at 70% humidity. Ordering my 2nd bundle this week & waiting for the Maduro to go on sale at less than a bone per vitola. This could be the best buy yet, when you factor in taste & price. The Colorado blend has just run out. Can Habano be far behind? Kudos to Don Lino & the Madcaps at CI, for offering so many deliciously cheap options.”
“After trying out several brands and samplers from CI, I finally got to try the Don Linos....DIOS MIO! These cigars are; smooth, earthy, delicious and just a pleasure to smoke. In fact, I was so impressed by the quality and taste that I have since ordered an additional two bundles of torpedoes! I intend on making Don Lino a permanent addition in my humidor. Thank you CI.”
JM of Brooklyn, NY
“Good flavor, nice aroma and it burns very evenly. A very nice cigar! Thanks CI!”
DB of Landmark, MB
“Don Lino offers several blends that it's hard not to like, given the cost. San Andres Habano is a case in point. A clearance price of under one bone on a bundle of Gordo Robustos, is difficult to pass up, so I bit. I have enjoyed the Don Lino Colorado blend before, so figured I would give them another try. What's the worse that could happen? Get 20 yard 'gars or something for handing out to mooches. Well, much as Colorado had surprised me with its buttery smooth Cameroon wrapper, over mild nondescript long filler, San Andres Habano is graced with a cocoa brown Habano cover, that compliments the medium bodied Mexican long fillers. Woody & graced with a hint of spices, the flavor is good, with potential to be much better with some time in the humi & patience. She's not the most glorious flower in the garden. Construction is good, but veins & soft spots are apparent, although not a detriment to an overall decent smoke. The wrapper is a little dry, but stays together for the duration. A very good deal, at the price asked & a bundle with potential. I think I will box press half of these for a few months & smoke the other half, while I order one more bundle at least. 85/100”
“Love it! These will always be in one of my boxes. Nice smooth, even draw, burn and a nice mellow cigar. I wish I could find the fat torpedo's you had on sale before. I'd buy 100 of them!”
JB of Valparaiso, IN
“A great everyday smoke for the price. I'm sure to order more. ”