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Dark Shark Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Dark Shark”
Have turned a few of buddies on to this stick. They can't believe what this one costs. Never fail to impress anybody I give this to.
CL of Rogers, AR
Because of the price I decided to try the Dark Shark. Cheap and yes the band is cartoonish. Yet I am cheap and always looking for a decent cigar at a discount price.This ain't a bad cigar. I bought the Churchill for !9.99/25. It is a decent knock around cigar that is medium in body with a significant spicyness and a slight sweet undertone. It burns flawlessly and has a very easy draw--almost too easy as it seems to burn quickly and draw too easily. The wrapper is not a maduro. The wrapper is medium dark and mottled in color. Perhaps a Sumatra? Over-all it's a good everyday, knock-around cigar with good flavor, yet don't confuse it with a premium. It's a a very good affordable cigar.
RF of Richfield, WI
I bought my first bundle of these a few years ago and was the first to review them. At that time the wrapper was a medium brown and mottled. The wrapper is now considerably darker and a true maduro. It is also more firmly packed now than it was years ago. I also find that is a different blend in my opinion. I might be wrong. It doesn't seem as spicy or as sweet as it used to be. Still a pretty good stick, with a little more robust body than it used to have. A good buy none the less.
FF of Eau Claire, WI
What can I say that hasn't been said? Great every day cigar to enjoy when you don't want to break out the expensive sticks. Perfect when I want to kick back with Monday Night Football at the Fox N Hound...
ES of Baton Rouge, LA
Wow, these are great smokes. And not just for the price. I spent a weekend camping with my buds up in the mountains. I took along a 20 pack of DS's and handed them out all weekend. The guys flipped. Great taste, smooth aftertaste and even burn! They couldn't understand how I could be handing out $3-$4 cigars like they were Swisher Sweets! I'll never tell. lol
JS of Preist River, ID
Once you get past the goofy name and cartoon band, (the reason I bought them) you have a nice cigar (Dark Shark). I have already smoked about a dozen and each Dark Shark burn even, has an easy draw, and a spicey medium strenght. Ordering more now before the rush.
MB of Smyrna, DE
Not too shabby (Dark Shark)... especially for something costing less than a buck a stick (auction 5-pack). Decent go-to cigar for futzing around the shop.
JB of canyon country, CA
Wish we could get these in bundles of 25 instead of 20. Super good smokes that I realized how good they are after smoking other brands from CI and another company. My wife doesn't smoke, but even she smoked one the other day and actually liked it. (Hope she doesn't like them too good or we might fight over them) Hope CI doesn't run out of them!! To me, these are as good or better than the high dollar premiums.
JP of Whitesburg, GA
Yesterday, I smoked one of these, then I smoked a Partagas 10. The Shark was the better smoke. Yes it was because the Partagas had a toothpick in it, and burned like a canoe. But the Shark could have been a MUCH worse cigar, and I still would have enjoyed it more!
ES of Woodside, CA
Hey for a buck a smoke who is complaining. Burns even with plenty of smoke and tastes pretty good. Let them rest in the humidor and you won't be able to tell them apart from the cigars costing more.
SA of Hiram, GA
I remember when these first came out, I bought them just for the box. The cigars inside were not mind-blowing, but for the price and the novelty factor, they were an excellent buy. Grab your favorite imperial stout and let the good times roll.
EG of Indianapolis, IN
This is my go to cigar for working in the yard, put them in the humi for a month or two they get better with age.
MB of Brookfield, WI
I have smoked alot of cigars in my 44 years. For the money I have yet to find anything close to these. Hope they keep these for a long time or at least let me know if they are going to quit carrying them so I can order up a bunch of them. Better than alot of smokes that cost alot more.
CL of Rogers, AR
Well my worst fears have come true. Just smoked my last one. Have been trying to reorder but on backorder. Hope they get them soon. Really don't like the thought of this being my last dark shark!
CL of Rogers, AR
I ordered a mazo of 20 of these based on the fan mail that I have read on these. I'll say that for a buck a piece you really can't beat it, especially if you're looking for a maduro on a budget. I've smoked about 8 of the 20 I received. The day after I received them I lit one up. As I lit the first one, the first 1/4 of the cigar wrapper began to crack from the heat. This could have been due to temperature fluctuations or maybe being a little drier than optimal from transport. The cigar burned fairly well with an even burn with a max of 3/4 inch of ash before falling off. Flavor was good and pretty smooth. Since the first one I've had others that have wrappers crack during the smoke. It may not be a great cigar but it's decent. Take your time and enjoy this smoke slowly. Take care not to puff too frequently and over heat the unburning tobacco in the cigar. In this cigar I've noticed that harsh flavors will creep in from smoking too quickly. Great for outdoors or for some decent smokes to hand out to guests.
SW of El Paso, TX
I am surprised that these are not at least $3 each. I have tried each of the unsmokeables, this is by far and away the best of the group. I have had $5 cigars that were not as good. These are quickly turning into my regular daily smoke.
SP of Manassas, VA
This is a damn good smoke. Got a batch of them delivered here in Afghansitan, and they are the perfect end of the day smoke. Don't let the price fool you, they are a good smoke.
JL of Manhattan, KS
As my interest of cigars has been growing I have decided to help others pick the right cigar for them by rating every one in my collection. These are my opinions and are not meant to be taken too critically. Scale 1-5 Wrapper: (5) Perfection! Never seen a better wrapper Taste: (3) Wierd aftertaste, but it grows on you quickly Burn: (5) Perfectly even and smooth! Almost a flat tip burn Feeling: (3) Relaxing and the kinda cigar you can kinda just carry around and puff as you please This in my opinion is a good cigar and is in the wrong section. Price wise, it is king. Can compete with cigar selling 5 times as much
RM of Norristown, PA
I bought a bundle based on the price/reviews. They are pretty well constructed and burn pretty evenly. The best thing I can say about the flavor is that its not terrible, just not very good, instead of pepper I get a touch of bitterness. I've paid more for worse cigars and these would be tolerable or even an enjoyable change of pace for an occasional smoke, but not an everyday 'gar for me.
JC of Wasilla, AK
I didn't expect a whole lot from this cigar...Don't get me wrong this is not a bad smoke but the flavor was unexpectedly strong and it's a flavor dark shark owns all to itself! For a point of referenceas to my taste my go to stick is a Punch maduro. All in all the Dark Shark is worth the little money it costs.
SB of San Antonio, TX
Got the Dark Shark because I heard so many reviews about it. The first day I got them I smoked one and it fell apart, it was very very dry and the taste was very strong. The flavors throughout the whole cigar changed. After two weeks in my wineador they acclimated quite nicely. The cigar has the perfect feel. And the wrapper is staying intact. Although it is very peppery at the beginning the rest of the cigar is very nice for the price. Good consistent burn and plenty of smoke. I think I will let the rest of the mazo sit and try them again two more weeks. I recommend trying it for the price.
AW of Hardeeville, SC
I am now a big fan of this cigar. I actually disagree with the blurb by the company, this is a very good looking, and well constructed cigar, made with quality tobaccos. I would agree with all of the positive comments here.
AT of Bridgeport, MI
A solid, but frustrating, cigar. Inconsistent to say the least, BUT man oh man, you can hit the jackpot with the good ones. In my bundle, I had probably 5-6 that were "holy cow, this is bad". Incredibly bitter, leaving that terrible taste in your mouth that you don't often come across these days. But on the other end, there were also about 5-6 cigars that were INCREDIBLE, particularly for the price. The good ones were much smoother than expected, with a more-than-fair amount of flavor, and even burn throughout. Given the price of these, I'll likely be buying again just for the upside of the good ones.
As an avid Maduro smoker, I am continually looking for reasonably priced sticks. This cigar is a huge find. My only regret is it's only offered in one size. The 7x50 is a 45 minute endeavor and I prefer a little bigger ring. Great roll, great flavor, great ash. In a blind taste test, I would put this cigar up against those costing 3 times as much.
Dark Shark are VERY good and priced right = I highly recommend them and would compare them to any top shelf brand. They remind me of Cohiba cigars of the same style. Enough said!!!
TH of Chatham, VA
I work as a contractor in the middle east and smoke these beauties daily. (Thank the gods for APO.) Easy to lite, lots of smoke, smooth draw and even burn. It's the ones I carry on me as my go-to smoke. Luv 'em. Nuff said.
Great cigar for the price. I have shared them with friends and they like them. Better than some more expensive brands. Have been my favorite for two years. Unfortunately on back order now. Hope they'll been in stock soon
Love em Here's to Face Book friends and Cigars
PP of Sanford, NC
A nice smoke for cutting the lawn or washing the car. I enjoy this cigar and it's at a reasonable price.
Ok stick for the price. Definitely alot of flavor. Would buy again.
JB of Santa Monica, CA
This cigar was way better than I expected. I had to try one right away straight out of the box and I loved it. I'll be letting the rest age properly and rehydrate in my humidor awhile to get the full flavor effect and I will be getting more of these to use as my knock around cigars.
JC of Omaha, NE
A great everyday smoke, for me anyway. I see these are on Backorder. Here's to hoping CI gets more in soon!
TD of Las Vegas, NV
Excellent smokes, and got them at such a great deal on CI's "Make Me An Offer" I can afford to hand them out to friends. Don't under estimate the sharks!
JT of Cushing, TX
This is a great cigar!
These are truly underdogs. I believe these are my new favorite daily smoke. CI, you've got the best selection in town.
DC of Sharpsburg, GA
Great plumes, smooth draws, rich and mellow flavor. Great all day smoke and inexpensive enough to share.
PB of High Springs, FL
Received a double bundle from my son as a birthday gift, first timer and I fell in love with the #darkshark, and will be getting more in the near future. At first I read all the reviews I saw when I googled #darkshark and was thinking why did I pick these ones, but after the first smoke im glad I did. Added to my ATF list thank you CI!
BB of Vallejo, CA
Decent cigar. If you look at it from this perspective, you are getting a lot of cigar tobacco for the price. I'm smoking one now and you can taste the sweetness first thing.
BC of Warren, OH
You people really should stop praising this sweet ceegar. They get backordered WAY too often now;)
AC of Temple, TX
Good for the price. Decent smoke.
RS of McMinnville, TN
Best bang for the buck ever!
RE of Kennewick, WA
Wow what a good smoke for $1.25 a stick. I smoked alot of them at least 75 or more and have not had one bad one yet. This is a great everyday smoke I will always come back to.
JM of fresno, CA
I have not bought or tried every cigar; however, after 15 years of cigars, I do believe that the Dark Shark is the best value. I have had a few $8 cigars that were better... but at this price point or any other price point, this cigar is hard to beat.
AT of Bridgeport, MI
MS of Muncie, IN
Bought it...... Love it........Each puff is freaking..... WOW!!!!!!!! Became an instant fan.....Should have bought 2 mazos instead of something else I ordered......Hats off to Dark Shark........The Dominican Republic....The land of beautiful women and great cigars....
Exactly what the description said it was. Not the best cigar that I've ever had, but definitely worth keeping in the rotation (especially for the unbeatable price). Great golf course cigar.
You cannot beat this deal, I've got all of Dayton, Ohio smoking these.
GW of Dayton, OH
Good smoke for the money!
SP of Dana Point, CA
Very goog cigar, slow burning, great aroma, but the flavor is the best. You can not find a better cigar for the price
I totally enjoyed them.. nice burning. just rite..
DM of palmetto, FL
Great cigars. Can't be beat for$25.00 for 20. Unbelievable.
WO of Saint Cloud, MN
Read all of the reviews, and thought it's too good to be true. So I bought a bundle, and much to my surprise...the reviews were spot on. Not the greatest, or best looking. But damn it's got pretty good flavour for about a buck a piece! Will definitely buy more soon, very soon. Thank you CI!
MJ of Fremont, NE
Great value in a buck and a quarter cigar. I have paid a lot more, and got a lot less. Probably the best in it's price range. Can't be beat for an everyday cigar.