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Colorado by Don Lino Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Colorado by Don Lino”
“I am on my second bundle of the Robusto (5.0" x 50) and am compelled to throw my 2 cents in. I enjoy these with coffee in the morning. I don’t analyze the flavor of my cigars; I just turn to CI to see their description to find out why I liked it. With that said, apparently the notes of nutmeg and roasted nuts are why I find this cigar so enjoyable with my coffee. It is a mild cigar but does give a good dose of smoke and flavor in a single draw; especially mid way through. The quality can be a hit and miss. I have found canoeing to be an issue, especially off the truck. Resting them naked for 2-3 weeks in the humidor seems to alleviate the issue. If you store with the cello, rest it longer. I also had a few with tight draw but not bad enough for me to throw out the cigar. Sometimes it loosens up half way through. I like full bodied cigars so I usually don’t smoke these after my morning coffee but if anyone is looking for a nice breakfast cigar or those who prefer mild cigars, I would recommend these. ”
CH of Perkiomenville, PA
“no brainer on the price. decent med cigar that went well with my French roast in the am. I will order more at the discounted price!”
“I was pleasantly surprised. It is a mild smoke but with a nice flavor. If you're in the mood for a mild smoke on a Sunday afternoon you might enjoy this one. A nice light smoke but with distinction. Try them, I'm glad I did. You can't go wrong with a Cameroon wrapper & C.I.”
“Hands down the best $1.13 cigar available! My 2nd bundle of these spicy medium bodied treats is the Rothschild. It's 4.5" X 50 frame is firmly packed with aged Cuban seed long fillers from The Dominican & draped with a golden brown Cameroon leaf that ups the ante with tons of flavor. It is a cross between a La Perla Cameroon & a Punch EMS Rothschild. More complex than most bundle or budget line blends, Don Lino Colorado is simply made too well, tastes too good & costs too little to be anything but another CI "No-Brainer".”
“Working on my 2nd bundle of Don Lino Colorado. I went through 20 of the Robustos this Summer & when they went on clearance I knew what a bargain they would be. So I got a bundle of the Rothschild size, just to see if they might be any different. But they seem identical, except for the 1/2" in length. Anyway, they are a toasty mild, yet quite flavorful & spicy treat. At a buck & change, it's hard to go wrong. Construction is good, burn is straight & true. A firm white ash clings to the cigar, as it emits clouds of luxurious smoke. It is now & will continue to be a part of my regular rotation. Early morning coffee or the last puro of the day, Colorado is a great buy on a mild but interesting blend.”
“I have been smoking the Don Lino San Andres which I enjoy a lot. I bought a bundle of the Colorado for something different and have not been disappointed. Good smoke and a clean flavor. Will buy again.”
“I like the Don Lino line-up. Colorados are the best, IMHO. The San Andreas habano are decent as well. Both are on my buy-again list. The San Andreas maduro- not so much, too rustic to enjoy; again IMO...”
“A good little cigar. I like it!”
“I think my 1st Don Lino cigar is the Colorado robusto. I wanted to cash in on the big gordo figurdo deal I saw, but the thing is on backorder, so I picked up a bundle of these. After a week in my humidor, I fired one up to find that it is a mild, toasty blend. Tastes of earth, with a tobacco core that is easy to inhale. Scads of smoke & a perfect draw are not what I normally expect from a stick costing so little. This handsome cuss will make a perfect knock around/gardening vitola. An everyday mild bodied smoke at machine roll or sandwich style prices, is typical when ordering from CI. I took a flyer on this one and came out smelling like a rose. You guys rock!”
“A nice little spicy cigar. Can't beat it for the price.”
AS of Greensboro, NC
“Love Don Lino cigars but these won't be on the future buy list. Too harsh for me.”
JB of Valparaiso, IN