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Cult Reviews

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Overall Rating 4 out of 5 Based on 3 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Cult”

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5 out of 5
My Absolute Favorite Cigar!
I was introduced to Cult cigars by CI's Cigar of the Month Club and was tremendously impressed! I utilize a wedge cutter to snip off the tip and find the draw smooth from beginning to end. This cigar burns even all the way through and affords the tastebuds something to really savor. I haven't had a single sour draw on any of these and this is the first cigar I can literally smoke down to the point that my lips can almost kiss the ash before allowing the cigar to cool and then enjoy the flavor of the wrapper as the nub rests between my lips until I'm ready to retreat back indoors. While my humidor always had a supply of JC Newman's Julius Caeser, Cohiba Red Dots, Rocky Patel Vintage, Macanudo Gold Label, and Mark Twain No 3 as my daily smoke, I will be keeping my humidor well stocked with Cult cigars for the foreseeable future. Furthermore, the box is the weightiest and most significant of any cigar box on the market bar none. Cult cigars have undoubtedly earned my ardent following and if they are searching for their biggest fan to grant them a lifetime supply of these fine cigars, place me first on that list!
4 out of 5
Cult Robusto
Nice mellow smoke, not too heavy on the spice. First one third held a beautiful solid ash, has a soft spot about half way in. Still a good smoke. My favorite is the box, nice crafted, beautiful box. I honestly bought these for the box, cigars were a bonus.
3 out of 5
Not Bad
Got one of these at CigarFest 2015. While ring size is huge, smoke started off very nice with good taste and draw. Half way through the wrapper started coming apart. Not pleased with the construction.
Customer Testimonials
I bought a box of 10 of the box-press Robusto size. The freaking box weighs about 5 pounds, a ridiculous thing indeed. However, the inner contents were beautiful. Perfect wrappers, nicely capped, and flawless. The label is edgy, but tasteful. (Take note Camacho!) This is, as seen in other write-ups - a bit different. I have often seen the word "tea" used to describe cigar, but never actually experienced it before in a cigar. (Nor have I ever tasted "pencil lead", Mr, Shanken.) This cigar does have a character that reminds me of tea, for sure. In a really good way! And talk about about flavor evolution - this cigar delivers very nicely. It starts out on the light (but very tasty) and builds over time. The "tea-like" character never leaves completely (still a good thing) and the flavor profile of the most classic Nicaraguan tobaccos is present through the whole thing. The bottom line is this - delicious, addictive, and I will be very surprised to hear any complaints about buying a box of these. Really a top recommendation in my view.
Bought the 5.5 x 55. Great price, but you get what you pay for. Never again! Had soft spots, no character and awful taste. I have 2 left of a five pk. I am seriously thinking of just tossing them or leaving them in the humi until they are the last 2 cigars on earth. I enjoy a full bodied stick. This was not!
Beautiful draw right from the get-go. Nice white ash that hangs on for quite awhile. Billowy cloud of smoke. Not to mention delicious! This is now one of my favorites. I recommend the box press.
I took advantage of the 10 cigar offer with the bonus Cohiba 4 pack. Did a little online checking around for reviews beforehand. Seemed a safe enough bet, and I was pleasantly surprised. I typically smoke a much stronger (and more expensive cigar) but the Cult robusto was very nice. Somewhere between mild and medium yet full of flavor, perfect burn, lots of smoke and just the right draw. And this was right out of the box after the UPS guy dropped them off.
Verrry Interesting. Fired up a boxed press beauty as soon as I got them in. Good draw, good flavor. A nice creaminess to it with hints of spice and tobacco. Very nice sweet spot. The wrapper split somewhat which was not unexpected without settling in the humi for awhile first. The box they came in is almost a work of art in itself. A nice addition to the rotation and then some. Goes well with a top shelf bourbon.
Online reviews have been mediocre (as in bland) and one guy here likes these. I got two sampler packs of the box press, and so far 2 of 2 in a row burnt awful. My whole session consisted of touching up one side, then the other. My lighter was getting hot from overuse ...
I picked one up at the retail store in downtown Bethlehem today and fired it up as soon as I got to the car. It is really fully packed, heavy in the hand and contructed beautifully. Not a single soft spot to be found. The burn was razor straight with a nice tight white ash. The draw was a little on the firm side, but still produced plenty of smoke. It is a straight forward medium bodied cigar with leather, cedar and some cream. Kind of one dimentional, but some time in the humidor may bring out more flavors. Overall it's a good cigar that smokes slow, cool and never needs a touch up. To me it was not a mind blower in the flavor department, but I will try it again and let them nap a little.