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Customer Reviews of “Pleiades Overrun Cigars”
“A DECENT SMOKE. Not worth the $200 or $300 off the shelf. Definitely worth C.I. reduced price. ”
RH of Coraopolis, PA
“Finished about half the bundle. Great , smooth taste with great burn. Sticks are wrapped way to tight though. Need Doctor'd up during a smoke to avoid breakin' a brain vein. Still worth the C.I. discount price.....”
RH of Coraopolis, PA
“Just tried on - they are gonna be a great fishing cigar! Affordable, long lasting, mild and pretty smooth. Gotta watch the beginning tho - burn seems to drift sideways if you don't light it even enough...”
JE of Easthampton, MA
“Not a bad smoke at all. I think they taste more like a longer lasting version of a Fonseca 5-50. Creamy, slightly salty with a dash of wood/toasted nut flavor. Very mild, but well worth it if you can get them cheap.”
TS of Corona, CA
“Got one from a friend and liked it so much I ordered a bundle. Agree on the burn issues, but great flavor and great value.”
JR of Tulare, CA
“I am around 20 deep into the bundle of 25. I'd say that of those 20 that 15 burned completely properly, 4 were an uneven burn and 1 was so tight that I should have just given it up. For roughly $2 a pop though these are pretty good, particularly when you consider that it lasts easily over 2 hours. I probably will order more because the creamy flavor is excellent. I recommend them, but be advised that if you are sensitive to a firm draw, these may not be for you.”
PB of Deland, FL
“Just finished my first bundle of these and ordered two more. Very good creamy taste. Out of my first bundle several burned a little unevenly and one was almost unsmokable because of the tight draw, but probably 20 out of the 25 were quite good. The draw tends to be tight, so try something else if you are sensitive to a tight draw. I bought the long ones of these and they tend to last over two hours each, so at $2 a pop, that's a good deal.”
PB of Deland, FL
“Very good mild creamy flavor marred by inconsistent construction. Most have burned properly, but one was so tight I was turning blue trying to smoke it and at least two others burned unevenly and one developed a bulge that cracked open about an inch and a half below the ember. At this time I have smoked about half of my order. One good thing about these is that they last over two hours, so cost is really quite moderate in relation to total smoking time. Depeinding on how the second half of my bundle goes, I may order more.”
PB of Deland, FL
“Man these bad boys are silky smooth and very tasty. I usually like a more full body but I have to say I really liked'em and I will get more for sure!!!”
JW of Richmond, KY