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CAO Concert Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.8 out of 5 Based on 5 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “CAO Concert”

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4 out of 5
The smoke is just superb. Im still a CAO Brazilian guy. However, this one makes you have to choose.
5 out of 5
Great smoke
Even burn and great flavor
5 out of 5
Great Flavor, Great Price
My preference is for the mild-medium cigars; the CAO Concert series is not a mild-medium cigar. It is listed as a meduim-full; I would place it more toward the full side of that rating. I first bought a sampler of the CAO Concerts last year at a very attractive price. The first time I lit one up, I was amazed at the flavor; so amazed that I found myself buying more of them, and even though I am not buying them at the sampler price, they are very well priced for a premium cigar. and premium is a good word to describe this cigar.
5 out of 5
Excellent Cigar for the Price
These are solid cigars especially if you are interested in rosado wrappers. I consider this to be a medium cigar; however, it delivers many of the strong flavors I associate with a full strength cigar- I attribute it to the habano rosado wrapper. Like most cigars, the draw and burn benefited from a bit of rest- I didn't notice much improvement after two months.
5 out of 5
CAO is the way to go.
Never a bad one is cigar is always top notch!!
Customer Testimonials
Received two of these in a sampler and was very impressed by the flavor and construction. To be honest , I've smoked quite a few CAO's and have never had one issue due to either. Starting to become more and more inclined to purchase CAO's in the future.
I received two of these initially in the "Sgt. Smiley's" sampler. I smoked one a couple days after it arrived and it was ok at best. Construction was poor in my opinion and the draw was a little tough. I appreciated the flavor, so I said I'd at least try the second one. I let the second stick sit for a month in the humidor, then lit it up. What a difference a month makes (or either I just had a bad stick. Hey, $*** happens)! Much improved draw from the 1st stick and it didn't come apart on me. IMO, it is not a "to the nub" smoke, as it quickly showed me that the band is definitely where the flavor profile ended on this one (Roadie). Otherwise it is a good smoke. Although not my go-to, I did purchase a 5-pack to let them sit longer than the month to see if they improve further. If you're on the fence, it is worth a shot at that pricepoint or in a sampler.
At first looking at this cigar, I thought it would be more potent. It looks dark and potent, but I find this nice cigar to be very pleasant from first light to the end. This is a really good cigar for the money. It is creamy, great aroma, very nice ash. I've had no wrapper issues or burn problems so far. For my taste, this cigar is a excellent buy under $5.00 each.
I like the CAO lineup but prefer the milder blends like Gold and Black. I tried an America on July 4 (of course) and it is beautiful but a bit too heavy for me. I didn't know what to expect from Concert, a “full-looking” cigar, and smoked a Solo after 7-8 months in the humidor. The prelight aroma is fantastic and despite appearances, the cigar is milder than anticipated, leaning toward medium. It has a terrific flavor with just enough sweetness and lots of smoke. Like all CAOs, the construction, burn and ash are perfect. So my review says this Concert is a hit and deserves a spot on your playlist.
A mature tobacco for a mature consumer. This medium to full bodied beauty was as good on the first draw as it was near the sweet spot. If you are looking for a nice cigar and can afford to spend a few extra bucks, go ahead and make this purchase. I found I enjoyed it best with a cup of coffee, as the tastes complimented each other very nicely.
I have been a fan of CAO for a while and have enjoyed every one I have tried. So when I seen they came out with the Concert I couldn't wait to try them. I purchased a box but was disappointed. Don't get me wrong I did enjoy the flavor profile but the draw was sub par. The draw is way too tight, this problem was consistent with every one of the cigars not just one or two if them. I'm down to the last three sticks so this problem was not hit or miss.
As always CAO comes through with flying colors and makes a winner. I'm a big CAO fan and they continue to impress me with new cigars. The Concert keeps with the brand's high quality and will be an instant favorite.
I am quickly becoming a fan of CAO. My intro to them was the wonderful CAO Black, which I enjoyed very much. I recently tried the Concert, which did not disappoint. Though I do agree that they could probably use a little more time resting in the humidor, as mine did start to burn unevenly about halfway through. Otherwise it was nice, started out a little bitey, but mellowed-out about an inch in, and settled into nice flavors of walnut, leather, slight raisin and burnt caramel, and toasted hazelnut. Interestingly as well, I feel like it regained a lot of it's pre-light characteristics about two inches in, which was nice. I will definitely try it again, but will let them rest in the humidor for a while first. Still, a good smoke. Way to go, CAO!!
While I extremely enjoy the MX2 and Black line of CAO's cigar line up, these Concert cigars don't belong in the CAO line up at all.The wrappers come apart at both ends leaving wrapper in your mouth.They do however, have a nice flavor and even burn. Hopefully the humidor will correct the wrapper problem on my other Concerts.
The Roadie is currently my favorite stick with a wonderful earthy leathery flavor throughout with an even burn an solid construction!
What a great cigar, excellent flavor and very unique. The concert has a perfect wrapper with a nice taste and holds well for a long burn.
This cigar was okay at best. I prefer other CAO cigars with a bit more flavor. The first Concert I smoked was poorly wrapped which affected the burn about halfway down. Hopefully, some increased humidor time will help the 4 remaining cigars. While the cigar is attractive looking, I much prefer flavor over appearance.
on a scale of 1-10 ....its a 11