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Customer Reviews of “Camacho Corojo Limited”
“The Camacho Diploma(Camacho Corojo Limited)! My Navy buds told me all the time how good and powerful these were and after almost 2 years of listening, I finally bought some. Holy cow!! I spent over an hour on this stick and when I set the tiny remaining cap down I just sat that was fantastic! In 5 years of cigar learning and constant exploring, only 2 other brands have given me that perfect feeling after a outstanding smoke. ( Ashton VSG or ESG and Padron 1926's).”
CK of King George, VA
“This is a stick (Camacho Limited) that I would not buy in a regular cigar shop because they are wildly marked up, but its a wonderfully fragrant and all around good cigar. I have had a fair share of these and I keep them on hand when I order from CI, the draw is consistent, it has nice spice notes... not too dark. A good daily smoker -but not too many can afford that lol! My rate, this stick: 89”
CS of Southern, CA
“Wow. Even though I am a long term occasional smoker of full flavored cigars (Cohiba "Siglio VI", Gurkha "Royal Brigade", Fuente "Anejo #77" being a few favorites) after only 5 minutes smoking the Camacho Corojo Diploma I was ...ah ...stunned. This is one hell of a powerful (feel it in your stomach, slight daze,...) and full flavored cigar. It produces more smoke than a family BBQ, beautiful ash, smokes perfectly with a great draw. Don't buy these, I want more... I have a few boxes in longer term aging as I am betting that this will tone down a notch and smooth over a tad if I give them a couple of years of quiet time to think about their eventual fate. I've come to the Camacho party a little late, maybe my palate needed to develop a bit, but the high end Camacho smokes are simply outstanding.”
“All I'll say is this: I have been an avid cigar smoker and aficionado for years, and when I want a special cigar to ring in a special occasion, the Camacho Diploma is my stick of choice. Okay, one more thing: it's just amazing. ”
JM of Hastings, NE
“Why did I wait so long to try a Camacho?I finally got around to it after 27+ years of cigar smoking.I bought a couple of 5-pack specials combined w/the Padilla 68' series (Camacho corojo limited).Full body,full flavor assault on the senses but in a very good way.This is the strongest blend I've ever had.The strength,pepper,and other evolving flavors balanced each other out quite nicely.Besides the power of the stick,I highly enjoyed the interplay of heavy meatiness and pepper.Power wise it's comparable to JDN Antano or several Don Pepin blends,but this one stands alone.and I will be getting much more Camachos.Thanks C.I.,RK”
RK of College Park, MD
“I've know about the Camacho name for a few years, but this is the first Corojo Limited I ordered. Much as the other members of this family, this is a number 1 cigar. With a great earthy tobacco flavor, along with hints of cedar. It stays smooth all the way down, and never gets hot as some do on the finish. Do yourself a favor and pick up a 5 pack, then see if you can resist a box.”
DM of Taylor, MI
“The limited corojo looks and tastes different from the original. With a lighter and papery wrap, it starts out creamy with wood and cedar. It then picks up with a peppery spiciness on the nose. Sweet cane sugar envelope the taste buds and it all intensifies. The flavors are overwhelming with a perfect burn and lots of smoke. I had to regain my senses, put it down, grab some water and press on. This cigar lingers on the palate long after its done.”
PW of Charlestown, RI
“I had heard of Camachos but never smoked one, so when I saw them as the Daily Deal, I bought a 10-pack of the 08/22's. Upon receiving them I told a buddy, "I don't know how they smoke, but damn that's a pretty cigar!" They didn't disappoint either. The pre-smoke draw was very easy. At first the flavor was pretty strong but good then it mellowed out a bit. The burn was nice and slow (it took me nearly two hours to smoke it) and the ash held on for more than half the cigar. Towards the end the flavor got strong again. All in all a very enjoyable cigar.”
DM of Washington, DC
“Corojo can sometimes be a bit overwhelming in the flavor of a cigar, like putting too much pepper on your salad. Camach Corojo Limited is corojo done right. It's strong, well balanced and gives you a different kick with every puff. The 08/22 is the cream of this crop. The draw is just right. The smoke billows around you. You pay a little more for this experience, but boy, you won't regret it.”
“I picked up five of the torpedos in a sampler. The first half was relatively mild, although tasty. Then I hit the second half. The burn just seemed to freeze in place for about 15 minutes. The strength really picked up, and by the time I hit the nub, I had a good buzz. Strong, strong smoke.”
“Got a box of the Diplomas recently and couldn't wait to smoke these bad boys. I couldn't resist, so after only letting them rest in the humi for a day, I pulled one out and lit it up. Great flavor, great burn, and the ash lasted about half the length of the cigar. Good amount of flavorful smoke, but it was not overpowering. I got that first one out of my system, now hopefully I can let the rest sit in the humi for a while. This one definitely earned it's way up at the top of my favorites.”
CB of Vista, CA
“The Camacho Corojo 11-18 is one of my favorite cigars. It is full of flavor and burns slowly. This is a real cigar for those who enjoy the best.”
“I love Camacho Cigars, unfortunately this one did not do it for me? Way to Light, no much flavor big disappointment. Sorry but true for me.”