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Arganese CL3 Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.29 out of 5 Based on 14 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Arganese CL3”

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5 out of 5
Still my favorite 15 cigar deal ever! Can't wait for it to come back.
5 out of 5
Cigar burned very nice and left a great taste in your mouth while smoking. Have ordered more once I tried them!!
4 out of 5
Good cigar
Tried them for the first time, and are generally good. The only drawback is they burn a little unevenly. Some inconsistency in the ash ranging from white to grey, otherwise they fill the bill.
4 out of 5
A reliable everyday stick.
Not too eventful or complex. But at this price they are well worth it.
5 out of 5
Arganese tastes yummy
My brother suggested we buy these. No regrets, just a very good stick! Highly recommended!!!
2 out of 5
Arganese Torpedo CL3...
Arganese Torpedo CL3... Would call this just an average cigar at best... Most burn ok, a few a burned uneven. Taste is ok, nothing special, Med stregnth, a bit on the weak for my taste. Not a bad cigar but not my norm either...
5 out of 5
Good cigar!
Bought these to try, pleased to find them a smooth, tasty smoke. Some are rather tight, but most draw well. Would purchase again.
3 out of 5
Good little cigar!
Well constructed, good draw and flavor.mGood little cigar.
5 out of 5
Very mild mid price cigar
These are a very mild easy smoking cigar. Light on flavor, not heavy or obnoxious. Last about 45-60 minutes. Binder does not run.
4 out of 5
Very Good Smoke for the Price
I was pleasantly surprised with the mellow flavor. I will keep these on hand as a regular in my humidor. The only down side is they were dry upon delivery. Let them dwell in your humidor for a few weeks and you will have a very nice smoke.
5 out of 5
Surprisingly Decent Smoke
For the price its a pretty good cigar. (Ordered 5) Pleasantly surprised. Nice pull, even burn. That nice balance between full body to medium without the bite. Will be ordering more.
4 out of 5
good for the money
good flavor and burn but some of the sticks have a bit of a tight draw.
5 out of 5
Arganese Torpedo
Great Cigar, good draw and flavor
4 out of 5
ARganese CL3 Torpedo
Surprisingly good! Picked these up on a dealand would recommend them. Even burn all the way, with a nice creammy taste right to the end.....
Customer Testimonials
The CL3 from Arganese is a beautiful cigar with a wonderful construction and then once it's lit, WOW, what a smooth and easily addicting smoke. Their great for any time of the day or night and make a great base cigar for the beginners or old smokes. Cream and cocoa and just enough spice to hold your interest, they are one hell of a good cigar at a good price.
I knew nothing about Arganese cigars until I saw a small clip on YouTube from Gene Arganese. I bought 1 box and I was floored by how good they were. Sweet, spicy and aromatic. A true pleasure to smoke. @ the price I bought another box. Before I knew it, I already smoked 2 boxes! I ordered another! I don't know how much longer these will be around, but I am stocking up for the long haul. If you never tried it, it's worth it! The price is right!
These are awesome! Very high quality construction and great smoke volume. Yum!
I love these Arganese CL3 cigars! I just enjoyed my third one in as many days and can hardly wait until tomorrow for my fourth! Each cigar has provided me with a perfect draw along with a straight as a nail burn that hasn't once looked like it was even thinking about canoing. They burn so cool and the beautiful white ash made it to nearly a full two inches until it won and I caved by flicking it -had I not flicked it, who knows how long it would have gotten because it took a bit more than just a gentle flick to get the ash to let go! While I haven't actually timed it, these have burned slowly and provided what must have been about an hour and a half to finalize a robusto. I will be buying more of these, and if you're thinking about it, give them a try, I don't think you will be anything but satisfied! they truly are a good, enjoyable and relaxing smoke. I know they are marked as medium to strong, in my humble opinion I would call them medium in strength.
I knew nothing of Arganese cigars and ordered a box of robustos and torpedos (both CL3) and WOW, I am most impressed. It's a very moderately priced cigar, the fit and finish easily equals a cigar of twice its cost. I found it smooth and consistent from start to finish. It has become my go to cigar!