Cohiba Edicion Diamante Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Cohiba Edicion Diamante”
“I received this as a gift for my birthday and found it a truly remarkable smoking experience. From the moment I toasted the foot I could tell this cigar is different. The burn was even and the complexities build as you enjoy this remarkable cigar. You will want to mark off some time, relax and enjoy this rare stogie event.”
JB of Wolfforth, TX
“Not over pretentious, yet it simultaneously delivers enough complexity while remaining smooth and well rounded. Do yourself a favor and pick one of these bad boys up while they're still around.”
JP of Houston, TX
“1 word, Gorgeous. Its rich, its spicy, its what you want an all around special occasion smoke to be. Earthy, notes of walnut wood, many cupboard spices, cinnamon and more. This is an in depth beauty that you will just need to try some time.”
TR of Wyoming, MI
“I received five of these for my birthday and have smoked one so far...It is a great smoke and is worth the time to sit, relax, and enjoy....”
“These are amazing cigars. I just bought my second box and I am putting that one away for a long slumber. I smoked my first one a couple of nights ago and am so glad I made the purchase. If you really love fine cigars you have to have at least one of these it will be memorable.”
“Seeing all of the positive reviews still cannot make me second guess my experience with this cigar. The taste profile is as flat as year old Pepsi, uneven burn, many relights...Save your money....”