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Casa de Garcia Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Casa de Garcia”
Really nice cigar for around a buck. Smooth, nice flavor, good burn, did not burn to hot. Will buy again.
KB of Shelbyville, KY
CDG is the gar everyone is looking for, a cheap smoke that tastes like a real quality tasting treat.
DK of Sleepy Hollow, IL
It's always nice to get something that you would be willing to pay more for. Cdg is one
DK of Sleepy Hollow, IL
The king of inexpensive gars! Easily tastes like a 5 or 6 dollar smoke.
DK of Sleepy Hollow, IL
Wow, great treat for the price. Has a terrific aroma and burns nice and even. Can't beat this one for the price!
RC of Willis, TX
I sit here in my man cave enjoying a Belicoso Connecticut. The price alone should drive anyone in its direction, it is mild with a nice ash and no bite if ya smoke it too fast like I tend to. I ordered a bundle of 20 in the middle of February and I will be ordering some again soon. Trust me YOU WILL ENJOY THESE.
DO of Davenport, IA
Acceptable mild cigar for the price. Construction and burn were okay, flavor wasn't my favorite, aroma is nothing to brag about.
JC of Wasilla, AK
Had to try one right away. It does have a certain flavor I couldn't identify, but it was NOT unpleasant. These are a good cigar for the price. They'll be in my rotation if the price remains stable.
JS of Davenport, ND
Casa De Garcia is a well hidden dream smoke. IMHO, maybe a 90+ for just over a buck. Like everything else cigars have come down to pretty packaging and PR (advertising) and PRICE... CDG is just a damn good smoke at a great price, a buck and change. If it has a flaw it would be the draw, a bit stiff, though there are many of us in the smoking community who find a firm pull a sign of quality. It gives you the feeling of , Hell Yeah, I'm smoking a great cigar. The ash? well keep an eye on her or you'll be wearing it. That baby will hold on for well over 2 inches not looking. If your laying down??? You'll have the whole ash 45 min later. Ah, a second flaw. Hey, I have to be fair. The Churchill on the regular CDG is a bit mild so your first inch or two will leave you longing for more. Then boom, there it is... So maybe not a flaw after all. Go ahead, give em a try. If you are not satisfied or can honestly say this is not one of the BEST cigars for the price, leave your name, I'll refund your purchase price as well...
WS of Taylor, PA
Received this stick as a sample & had it sitting for about a week. Decided to open my last bottle of Westmalle Trappist and smoke this stick right before dinner. From the 1st draw I had a weird taste, couldn't put my finger on it. As I entered the 2nd third the weird taste started slowly going away but this cigar didn't get any better. Ended up putting the cigar out....I have have a theory on never classifying a cigar as crap until I've smoked at least 2 of them. With that being said, the last stick I have will sit for awhile before I even consider to smoke it.
AR of Apo, AE
Tried a stick of the connecticut churchill and absolutely loved it so I had to buy a bundle of 20. it has smooth creamy flavors with a great draw and and okay burn, nothing too bad though. I recommend buying them for a nice everyday cheap smoke!
GF of Matthews, NC
A friend of mine gave me the connecticut churchill and I instantly fell in love so I had to buy a bundle of 20 from CI!
HS of North Weymouth, MA
I bought a bundle at my local cigar shop in the dark days before I discovered CI. I needed a handmade to give out at a party and didn't want to break the bank. Got these for 3 bucks a stick and thought that was a great value for the smoke. Had favorable comments from the crowd. Now I see they are around a buck a stick at CI. Definitely keeping a place for them in my humidor.
I am an apprentice to the cigar world so I tend to enjoy the mild smokes. This cigar has an easy draw and an abundance of smoke. It's smooth, burns well, and has a nice ash. The price alone should steer anyone in its direction. If you are like me and enjoy the milder type of cigar, with a price that fits anyone's budget; you'll enjoy this one.
LB of Cleveland, OH
I was waiting on an order, but got a bit of a weekend jones. I went to the local smoke store and asked for a decent, cheap cigar. The owner said he had never smoked one, but told me he had heard good things about Casa de Garcia, so I bought a couple coronas and to make a long story short, I was blown away. I'll say that the burn didn't start out well, but everything else was a pleasure. So I just ordered a bundle of Churchills and they arrive Monday. Personally, I feel like I've found a hidden treasure.
EG of Naples, NY
I was looking for a decent, cheap smoke for golfing and yardwork. This really blew me away far and away better than a lot of $4-5 sticks I've tried. I prefer the Sumatra's.
The cigars are truly awesome. Very smooth and very good stick for the price. Reds are very sweet on the start and remain sweet throughout. Maduros are very good and come with a typical Maduro flavor. My first Maduro that I sparked up was composed of all scraps which was actually very disappointing for me. It was plugged as a result. Unsmokable. Went back to my humidor grab another; fired it up and had absolutely no problems. It seems like the sticks will be hit and miss, but the good ones are definitely good. Must buy.
MP of Perrysburg, OH
Real smooth...mild, I was searching for something that a beginner like me could enjoy. These fit the bill perfectly. I know if I went into local "cigar shops" around town that I would have to pay about 7-10 dollars per stick. These are right on the money!
EC of Monroe, LA
Good $1.00 smoke. That about says it all. If you are looking for a cheap (but palatable) cigar then this is for you. Rough veiny wrapper, flaky ash, no finish and a few spongy spots.
TH of Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Try the Red guys! It is now my ride home cigar. Spark it up n relax, and let the idiots fly in rush hour. The 4.5 robo is very smooooth, lasts about 35 to 45 minutes. Just long enough to get home. The draw is good. Once in a while you will have one with a tight draw. It is truly a very good inexpensive cigar. Give them a try, you will not be disappointed.
Recently purchased 20 individual cigars from a local vendor. Was very disappointed that four of the cigars were a complete waste. Two had absolutely no draw through the tobacco (a punch was not available) and two other basically fell apart while trying to light. Have been smoking these for the past few years and found this recent purchase very unsatisfying.
RR of Philadelphia, PA
This is one of those you get what you pay off. In my experience these were bitter, difficult to stay lit and had a hard draw. I am all for a good cheap smoke, this just isn't it.
MK of Berea, OH
I am new to cigars, but for my liking the CDG was absolutely tasteless. It burned well and even though. Maybe I just don't dig "mild". I smoked so far about 10 cigars and all were medium or medium full.
AS of Berlin, NJ
Nice smoke...but what happened to my favorite, the Churchill Red? Loved the flavor and value. Will miss it if it's gone.
SO of Independence, KY
Great everyday, morning smoke, as it compliments coffee very well. And for $1.30 per belicoso, Im not gonna bash this cigar. It is well constructed, good flavor, very nice burn, and delivers what it promises. What else can you ask for at this price point? Will definitely purchase again.
RZ of Barto, PA
Sumatra belicoso. 3 deep into a bundle purchase. Great flavor, draw, and construction. Im not a professional reviewer, but these meet all my requirements to be an enjoyable, mild smoke. Could be the best bang for your buck.... Good stuff !!
RZ of Barto, PA
So far I've tried the Red... no taste....and the Casa de Garcia original?? in Sumatra and Maduro. The Sumatra has a very thin wrapper that tended to crack in the smoking....also a very dry uneventful taste. The maduro is a bit more zesty and tastes better. Haven't tried the Nicaragua variety yet, but will in the near future. For a cheap every day gar the Maduro might fill the bill.
Disappointed in the Toro CT, been through about 3 so far just too difficult to smoke, gave away 5 put the rest up for awhile to see if aging helps. The only cigar that I have purchased that I did not enjoy.
JS of Ocean Springs, MS
A friend of mine have me a few of these a while back and I really enjoyed them. For the price this is the best cigar going. They are like a monte Cristo second. Great smoke!
KM of Woodbury Heights, NJ
This is my 2nd review: After trying these...the Connecticut, the Maduro and the Nicaraguan in a variety of sizes, Iv'e come to the conclusion that the Corona size is the best construction wise. The thicker ring sizes seem to have burn problems, but the Coronas burn almost razor sharp almost all the time. I get nearly an hour with the stick and no frustration with tunneling or canoeing. great for those times when I feel like smoking one after another and I don't want to burn through half a box of more expensive sticks.
Great cigars for the price just ordered 20 more if I had a bigger humidor I would order 100 of them.
JS of Charleston, SC
Bought a Casa de Garcia Maduro at my local shop today opened it up looks are not impressive but one of the best smokes I have had in a long time. I can not believe there $1.00 per cigar. Right now I have a 3 inch ash and have not had to touch up. Razor sharp burn and the flavors are unbelievable. Buy this you won't be sorry WOW.
JC of Wichita, KS
Pretty much what you would expect for the price. Good, but not great. A good choice on the golf course or mowing the lawn where, if you run over it, you're not too devastated.
To my liking I found the Maduro the best of the two between that and the Connecticut (but I do prefer Maduro's). Both burned evenly, drew well and were very mild to my palate. If you don't want to pay much and have a light smoke while hanging out on the deck or riding around in the sun on your mower...these could fit the bill.
ZR of Mechanicsville, VA
Holy Crap! What a hidden treasure this cigar is! If you love mild inexpensive cigars this is for you. Mild flavor, well constructed. Regularly get 2" ash that winds up on me! Been smoking them for 2 years. Get for the first time cigar smoker.
DP of Victorville, CA
Solid, well constructed cigar with even burn and smooth taste. Best cigar for price I have ever smoked. Highly recommend.
JG of Ambler, PA
I've been happy with my purchase of the Robusto Connecticut version of this product. I've smoked four of the twenty so far and have had great, even burns. I have not had to relight once and the draw is quite nice. Tonight's stick produced about two inches of ash before it fell off. I'm new to cigars so I wanted to start off with ones that are mild-bodied and cheap, but still have quality to them. These are just that.
DD of Dallas, GA
In a blind taste test held by 5 seasoned cigar smokers age 47-68 this baby beat four 90 plus rated cigars. I had to see it to believe it.
WS of Taylor, PA
Great cigar. The Corona Connecticut is my fav! Thanks.
Didn't expect much from this stick...BUT Boy was I surprised. The ashes did flake on me but thats alright with me. Would def smoke one again.
RS of Ladson, SC
I'm a newbie cigar smoker (since Oct. 2014) and this is the best cigar I've found. It's not overwhelming and mild enough for the beginning cigar smoker. For the price it has clearly become my everyday smoke. From the ones I've smoked, they burn better and more evenly than the $5-$10 cigars. I can see myself with a 200 count humidor packed with Connecticut Churchills. (I'm working on it right now.)
JL of Clayton, NM
Great cigar for the price...I have purchased these cigars a couple of times and have not been disappointed.
Not a bad cigar. Burn was even enough and flavor profile was ok. It gets a little stronger as you smoke, but not as bad as cheaper cigars. Overall, This one is a great value. I tried the connecticut, but I think I might prefer the maduro- I'll order those next time.
MP of Benton, AR
Wow! I was a bit hesitant about a cigar of this size, but it was really great.
JL of Clayton, NM
Nice tasty cigar.
A great smoke, very mild with a wonderful flavor!
RP of Virginia Beach, VA
I received five Connecticut robustos from a friend. In my humble opinion they were all about as "middle of the road" as they come. Almost no flavor, but mild and well constructed. Wouldn't buy myself, as I think there are better options in the value category. If you're gonna try a Casa de Garcia, I recommend the Honduras, which is still pretty mild, but has some pleasant flavor for a value cigar.
SR of Waverly, IL
I love these cigars. Mild smooth taste, burns well and very affordable. Great for an every day smoke.
DS of Bentonville, AR
These are really good. Can't beat this for the price.
GH of Yorktown, VA
Average cigar at a great CI price.
DD of Reddick, IL
great everyday cigar.....highly recomend
DM of Dellroy, OH
If you are looking for an inexpensive Good cigar, this is it. Very nice in every way. Burn well, although I sometime have problems with the draw. The flavor is great. Nutty and spicy Cameroon flavor.
For the price you can't go wrong. Easy draw, lots of smoke, beautifully constucted, smokes like a $5.00 cigar!!!