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Sol Cubano Cuban Cabinet Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Sol Cubano Cuban Cabinet”
Excellent smoke! (Sol Cubano Cuban Cabinet) Closest thing I have smoked to a true Cuban Monte Cristo No. 2
AH of Dallas, TX
I read a lot about this stick and heard many good things, so I had to try it (Sol Cubano Cuban Cabinet). And boy am I glad I did. You know there is always a lot of hype about a new blend and I recognize this is but marketing. But in this case it is all true. The cigar is nicely made, not heavy or light in hand. My toro size had some veins but they were very consistent and not huge or unattractive. The cap was ok, it was no Tatuaje but still nicely constructed. Upon lighting you immediately taste oak, and lots of it, the oak stayed consistent throughout the smoke. Hints of pepper pop up occasionally and about a 1/3 of the way in the taste of leather comes into play. The leather and oak stay and once in a while I would taste a bit of cherry. The burn was good throughout, only touched it up a couple of times. The draw is smooth. The cigar was smooth throughout. I love the oak and leather, this cigar reminded me of some A. Fuente's I have had. A very, very good cigar. I would highly recommend it and I hope to get my hand on some more of these wonderful smokes. Happy Smoking
One of my new favorites. This one is so good even women like the smell and stand around just for it! So good you don't need a drink to go with it, although I Highly recommend a good IPA or Amber to go with it.
JD of Midland, TX
Really easy on this one, the (Sol Cubano Cuban Cabinet) is a world class cigar. I have smoked about 30 or so in the last several weeks. So far I have tried 4 or 5 sizes. My favorites so far are the robusto and the torp. These cigars are very well constructed. Every one so far has been firm and uniform. Great draw, razor sharp burn, and a cigar that is obviously made with well aged and properly cured tobaccos. I have nubbed every single one I have smoked. At no point did they get harsh or hot. Amazing!! These are medium plus bodied with a very nice flavor profile. Spicy, earthy, woodsy, and very well balanced. CI, you guys are bringing some awesome cigars to this market. AJ Fernandez is clearly one of the best cigar men in the business today. Thanks guys! Cheers :>)
JW of Chicago, IL
Time for an update now that many of these have rested in my humidors for 6 plus months. In my most humble opinion, AJ Fernandez has out Cuban'd the very best coming from Cuba. These Sol Cubano Cuban Cabinets are loaded with tons of earthy, musky, and spicy flavors. They remind me very much of the pre boom Boli's and Monte 4's. I don't know how he did it, but he did. The Sol Cubano Cuban Cabinet is without question (to my taste) far superior to anything coming out of Cuba these days. AJ has brought to this cigar what used to be in the Cuban Boli RC and Monte 4 many many years ago. What's that? Easy, think twang, lots of it, think perfect spicy goodness with hints of wood and even cocoa. AJ Fernandez just might be the best cigar maker alive today, and by a long shot. I am thrilled to have his stuff well represented in my humidors. Great job AJ, and kudos again to CI for your work with him. Cheers! :>)
JW of Chicago, IL
WOW!! I thought that I might be the only one that thought these tasted like cuban Montecristo's. I am glad to see that I am not. Sol Cubano taste more cuban than a lot of cubans, lol! These are truly a diamond in the rough and taste just like a cuban Montecristo for a fraction of the price (and their legal!)
MB of Arnold, MO
Honestly, One of the best Ive had. Sol Cubano Cuban Cabinet Ate a full meal and still got a buzz. Hints of buttery burned toast, almonds and loads of stuff i cant describe. Its a keeper for sure. Super creamy thick smoke.
FK of Centreville, IL
I had bought a 5 pack or a small sampler awhile back and when I tried one, I wasn't impressed. But tonight, I had one along with some good microbrews, especially a Guinness-like porter. The Sol Cubano Cuban Cabinet (isn't that like saying ATM machine) torpedo was excellent. Smooth, creamy, lots of smoke. Hit the target. Good cigar!
S. of P.Northern, VA
Bought the sampler on a whim, and boy am I glad I did. These cigars have great flavor out of the box. (Sol Cubano Cuban Cabinet) Currently I am stocking up on them to let them age...I think they will be great after a year!
NT of troy, MI
I simply love the taste and flavor profile of the sol cubano cabinet its is one which will be in constant rotation in my humidor "GREAT SMOKE"
AL of aurora, IL
Bought a mega sampler when these first came out (Sol Cubano Cuban Cabinet). At first I think they were a little green - probably in a rush to get them released - but now with a little aging, they are EXCELLENT! I let a friend have a puff of mine the other day and his reaction was, "Where have you been hiding those?" Everything the pre-release hype had them made out to be (which was considerable).
CA of Northwest, OR
Got this cigar in the monthly cigar club buy. I never heard of them before. WOW....what a great surprise. This is a GREAT cigar. Will certainly buy some more soon. Great flavor and really well made.
SA of Richboro, PA
Great cigar! (Sol Cubano Cuban Cabinet)One of my favorites in my humidor. Smooth and tasteful out of the box. These always find their way into my hands when choosing a cigar to smoke! I never will be giving these out!
BD of Quincy, MA
This is an incredible cigar!! I highly recommend the number 4 size. It starts out full bodied with a nice amount of spice, but it slowly mellows into a creamy medium bodied smoke. I’ve gone through almost a full box of 20, and the cigars have all been consistently well constructed and flavorful. The draw is smooth, it burns evenly, and it produces plenty of smoke. I’ll be purchasing another box very soon.
CH of Oviedo, FL
Outstanding! Everything a cigar should be. Could be a twin brother to the 5 Vegas Classic. Great flavor, draw, etc. A shining example of quality and taste.
MR of Dell Rapids, SD
Had the robusto. Good as anticipated. I think AJ has come a long way over the recent years, and trying his earliest creation here shows the quality product that was and still is getting better and better. The wrapper here was as smooth as the Nub Habano, and the spicy opening is familiar to other Oliva habano leaves. The price to quality is on point, and I got some real nice spicey and cedary tanglike flavors, opening into alternating cream and leather. The finish was a tad dry for me, and the burn was even at first but started to slightly canoe towards the end after ashing. Overall, this is a versatile medium body stogie that anyone can appreciate. It's an everyday cubanesque cigar, but can easily substitute for an after dinner treat so long as you relax and allow the spice to do all your digestive work for you.
RA of Glendale, CA
Beautiful cigar in my opinion...absolutely flawless construction! Interesting depth of light spice...not the overpowering peppercorn taste that a lot of other's give. Tight draw to start but once it gets going it's okay. Overall an incredible cigar...the price is just a bonus!
KC of Kaneohe, HI
Just finish smoking a Sol Cubano Cuban Cabinet, WoW this cigar blows me away great construction excellent draw amazing flavors and thick clouds of smoke, my kind of cigar it's more medium body than full. I would bodly state that this is one of the best cigars that I have had in a long time and go further by saying it could stand tall with the best cigars on the market today. I'm in Love!!!!!
AP of New Carrollton, MD
I've only been enjoying cigars for about 6 months;however, I've tried over 300 different smokes. I'm keeping a journal about each one and rate them. This is the best yet! WOW! A perfect cigar. One of the few that will go in the top shelf of my humidor.
DN of memphis,, TN
First review. I tend to enjoy medium-full to full value smokes. Like wine, I imagine there are only two kinds of cigars, ones you like and ones you don't. I am no expert. This cigar was exactly what I wanted. Spicy but clean; easy draw; nice value. My every day smoke is the Oliva O or Vegas A so, there you go.
MI of Clarence, NY
Beautiful tasty cigar Presidente is the perfect prestigious size. I will buy several of these 3 pack boxes. If they ever make it back into the line up Good cigar at a good price.
EH of Oceanside, CA
This was my first exposure to the artistry of AJ Fernandez. This will go down as one of my favorite all-time non-maduro smokes. This is also a great stick to pass to someone who thinks they like cigars. It is almost like a gateway smoke into to stronger more mature cigars. Hard to not love it. I have not tried the newly branded version. I hope it has not changed.
ME of Mauldin, SC
Great big cigars in a great box!
RS of Mastic Beach, NY