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Customer Reviews of “C&C Roll Back Maduro”
“(15 August 2012) I bought a Roll Back maduro locally to try. Buy all my cigars in bulk from CI. This cigar was a not as dark as some Maduros, yet, none the less is a maduro. This cigar had a noticeable sweet, almost fruity tast to it, along with a leathery-bitterness. The one that I smoked also had a tight draw. I do not make decisions based on one cigar. Any cigar can be too tightly rolled. Also with inexpensive cigars, they may not have extensive aging. This of course lends to it's cheaper price. Based on the limited knowledge of this cigar, I too reccomend the Ghurka Cuban Legacy, which I have purchased in the past or the Victor Sinclair 55's Seconds Maduro. Both are very nice, affordable maduros. Got some 55's being delivered tomorrow.”
FF of Eau Claire, WI
“This is one BAD TASTING maduro cigar. In fact, no real noticeable maduro flavor what so ever. More like rotting leather. If you are looking for a cheap, BUT GOOD tasting daily maduro cigar check out Gurkha Cuban Legacy, La Perla Habana Black Pearl, Reposado '96 Maduro, or Perdomo Slow-Aged Maduro. You have been warned.”
RH of Coraopolis, PA