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Gurkha Overruns Habano Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Gurkha Overruns Habano”

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An outstanding cigar value. Gurkha quality and deliciousness at Don "Insert Name Here" prices. Me likey!!!!
Just got these in the mail the other day. I've had a couple now, and have to say I was impressed by these. Great burn, draw and flavor. My buddy loved these. I'm not typically a Gurkha fan but these aren't too bad. Even for seconds or overruns.
Double Toro (6.5"x54) Good burn...good draw. Seems to be more like a Corojo wrapper. Lots of spice. Very enjoyable cigar, but watch out, it can knock your socks off.
Make no mistake, my friend, these are NOT rejects. These are top quality cigars at a working man's price. Even burn, smooth draw, and an excellent taste for under 2 bucks! If these aren't one of your every day cigars, they should be!!!
Great cigar for the price. I had one right when I got my package and it was a 6/10 which is okay in the cigar world. After a couple weeks in the humidor they really seasoned and the flavor is a lot smoother. Doesn't taste like a Gurkha, but I would rate it at a 8/10. Great burn, good ash and construction, draws easy, not overwhelming, no awful aroma, but I'll be buying more.
WOW! What a great cigar for the price. Being overruns I expected them to be a little "ratty" but they all look perfect. The 1 I smoked burned well straight out of the bundle and the flavor was a perfect medium bodied smoke. What a buy!
These are incredible for the price! I am really interested to know what they are overruns of so that I don't have to worry about limited supply! They are slightly spicy, but I thoroughly enjoy that.
Great draw great burn cannot go wrong here bought the robusto's twice now totally hook on these hope they stay in CI'S stable for some time to come. Enjoy
Got a 20 pack of the Habano 7 x 50 and so far have smoked 3. Like almost every other Gurkha I've smoked this one is a pain to keep lit. Requires too many draws per minute to keep it from going out and as a result you lose the flavor profile in a sea of HOT and HARSH. By the time I get a little past the 1/2 way point I'm done with this thing. The scads of rave reviews about Gurkha completely dumbfounds me. My experience with this cigar in a variety of iterations has been about 10% good smokes and 90% frustration. Go figure.
....Bought a bundle of the Churchill and each of the three I've smoked so far has had construction issues. The one I'm smoking right now has an extremely spongy, squishy pack from the beginning of the foot to about an inch and a half in. About 2 inches from the head there is a hard knot. It is obvious that the filler is extremely uneven....These are more like very bad seconds rather than overruns. Out of the many Gurkhas I've tried, the only one worth smoking in my estimation is the Class Regent.
Got a 20 pack of Churchill's on special. Very spotty. Some had good construction, good draw and some had awful construction and lousy draw. The taste also varied from stick to stick. Seems to be a variety of blends in the same 7 x 50 size. The one I'm smoking now has good flavor and a razor sharp burn. Some others have not been this good. Don't know if I would recommend them or not.
These cigars are a wonderful find. They have a terrific construction, draw and taste, with a smooth buttery finish. I bought these originally for the golf course or the lawnmower, but they've quickly moved up to be a fine evening cigar with a scotch or a bourbon. Just delightful!
These are not the greatest cigars you'll ever smoke, but frankly, it is one of the best price points in the cigar market right now. They will not disappoint the seasoned smoker (much) and probably delight the uninitiated (far more). Also, these are overrun cigars, which were rejected for quality purposes, but quality is so high that even overruns are better than anything at this price point.
Nice cinnamon taste in the smoke.
Amazing! great deal! every cigar is a good one worth more than what I paid, no disappointments here!! hurry up and get yours!!!!!
I get these in the Gordo (6x60). I have yet to have a bad one. My CEO is a cigar smoker and I gave him one of these the other night at dinner. He couldn't believe the quality of the smoke and when he learned the price he was very impressed. You can pay more and in some cases that means you get a better constructed, tastier, nicer burning stick. That isn't the case here. These are good smokes at a hell of a price in my opinion.
Awesome cigar, especially for the price.
Great smoke. I really like the draw and taste. I hope you guys can keep this going.
Very pleased!! All the cigars in the bundle were in perfect condition, great flavor with a nice even burn. What more can you ask for, will most definitely order more!!
Winner, winner, chicken dinner. The wrappers are a bit flimsy, but the taste is definitely there. These are the best I've had in some time, and they remind me why I like Gurkha to begin with.
These cigars are the bomb. Would buy them in a heartbeat. They burn great; taste great. Great price.
Awesome. Best bang for the buck.
First time trying the habano robustos, Phenomenal stogies for the price! Let them rest in the humidor for a week before I sparked one up, very nice draw, large plumes of smoke, and very tasty. Inspected each and every one of them and couldn't find any major flaws. Will continue to order a bundle with every order I make at CI! Thanks guys.
Well worth it great tasting cigar
I have ordered these before and they were very good. However, this shipment was not. They are extremely hard to draw and I have tossed several only half smoked because I got tired of pulling on them and getting nowhere. Don't know what happened, but I don't believe I will be ordering any more of these. I always get good cigars and great service from CI and will continue to do business with them.
I have to admit I really thought these over runs would be just as good as the others. I couldn't be more wrong. Very bitter extreamly harsh while exhaling. I was hoping the mistakes in these over runs was just size but these were in the taste plus when I got them they were very dry. Ill stick with the titans status beauty and park avenues.
Love gurkha cigars but not overruns 3out of 10