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Gurkha Black Ops Maduro Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.7 out of 5 Based on 23 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Gurkha Black Ops Maduro”

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5 out of 5
Gurka Blcak Ops Maduro Torpedo
I love this cigar. It is a little on taste and body but good a everyday smoke . i will buy these again.
4 out of 5
Gurkha Black Ops Maduro
Not to long ago these cigars were back ordered and I was so disappointed. When they came back to CI's warehouse I placed an order for two boxes. One of my top five enjoyments. Stays firm throughout, mild to moderate flavor and is very consistent with each stick. Give it a try and enjoy as I do.
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Excellent smoke. Very smooth and full of flavor.
4 out of 5
not bad, not bad at all
A good smoke at a decent price. Cigar has a nice draw and pretty bold flavor. Not the nest out there, but far from the worst.
5 out of 5
Black Ops
My favorite cigar
5 out of 5
Black Ops Toro and Knife
Great tasting cigars! I also love the knife included for a few extra bucks...
5 out of 5
gurkha black ops maduro torpedo
A great tasting cigar,My favorite
5 out of 5
The Best!!!!
This is a great cigar. I enjoyed the flavor and how it burned.
5 out of 5
The cigars are fantastic, your service as usual is excellent (keep it up!) and I absolutely love the knife. a triple win! Great Job guys!
5 out of 5
Amazing cigar
I've enjoyed smoking these so much I keep buying them! The profile that CI has for them is spot on just a GREAT cigar!!!! And the price is unbelievable!!!!
5 out of 5
Always great products at great prices.
Fresh products and always as described.
5 out of 5
Always fast delivery, great service, quality cigars
4 out of 5
Gurkha deal
Beautiful cigars. Great flavor. Excellent deal. The outside leaf wrapper fell off some of them.
4 out of 5
Happy happy ... good smoke
A great, smoke filled draw. Slow burn, long ash. Was hoping for a more peppery snootfull, but overall, this is a very nice and satisfying smoke, that builds a bit more intensity as you get down toward the nub.
5 out of 5
Gurkha Black Ops and Knife
the knife is a good value. The cigars are a little strong for me, but good.
4 out of 5
These are keepers
These are a good solid smoke, tasty suckers and at a price point that makes them affordable for daily use, the knife is a cool added bonus great gift idea and I find indispensable... These are keepers and will stay in stock in my humidor--more ARE on the way now
5 out of 5
The knife was missing one of the four screws that holds on the belt clip and shortly after (2 weeks), another screw came loose which I found in my left pocket. I really love the weight of the knife, but it's of NO use to me if I can't carry it while I'm on patrol. THE CIGARS ARE GREAT AS ALWAYS!!
4 out of 5
Good smoke, do not recall
Good smoke, do not recall having a bad Ghurka, knife was great, TSA was inpressed. Thanks, Norbert
5 out of 5
Excellent products and service.
Excellent products and service.
5 out of 5
Much Love CI:-)
I Love Love Love my Perdomo Freshies, and I always try a little something extra from CI-this time-Gurka Black Op's Torpedos, and got a free-really cool knife.
5 out of 5
Better than what I was thinking it was going to be.
I enjoyed the price of the cigars and the taste of them. The knife I thought would have been cheap. But it was not. It is a great knife. I thought it was a really good deal with both together.
4 out of 5
great cigars/ok knife
i purchased the cigars since i have had them and like them, but i was not overall impressed with the knife, but hey for next to nothing i have a knife i can take along on my kayak!
Customer Testimonials
I bought the Maduro Toro size. Just VERY LIGHT HINTS of chocolate, espresso, honey, and pepper. Mostly honey and pepper. DOES go GOOD with a cinnamon coffee. An all around smoke for any time of day. Finish is peppery in upper palate and a semi-sour tobacco flavor on the tongue. A TOUCH of sweetness can be detected as well. Star or cross cut makes for nice easy draw. Construction is quite nice. They burn well! Nice prominent, yet not TOO prominent vein-age. I thought they would be more oily than what they are. Touch ups are sometimes needed. White ash with speckles of gray and cracks of black. Ash holds on well and can get quite long before falling off. Has nice retro-hale aroma of a NICE plain tobacco smell. This stogie CAN get to your head if your smoke-in right (drawing, swishing, roll-in on you tongue, retro-haling and smelling). Thick plumage of smoke begin at half-way point. If they were more oily, I would like them better. Overall, I believe they are a pleasurable cigar experience! Just wish they were more sweet and oily. I want to try and always have some on hand. Price dictating. :-) enjoy!
Picked up a bundle of these on a recent trip to the Hamburg Superstore. Only had two bad ones in the bundle. One was plugged and one had a huge crack in it. Overall very good, nice even burn all the way through. I picked up a nice peppery earthy flavor all the way through and on some of them got a root beer flavor on the retrohale. I am still shopping around with all the different cigars available, but I do see myself picking up another bundle of these in the future.
Pretty decent cigar for the cost. Surprisingly mild. 20 pack would be a lot if you are unsure whether you will like them.
A bang for your buck, excellent smoke. Smooth & full bodied, in my opinion. Well worth the investment.
Ordered these in 12/2014. RotT - Bit of an "I don't know about this one". I think the not storing it in cedar gave it a bit too much "plastic" aroma. But a couple of days after resting in the humidor .... MMMmmmm goodness. Interesting twist with a cedar/almost sage touch to the typical leather/chocolate flavor of a maduro. Leaned toward the med/strong scale. Definitely will buy again. Nice patch and armband holder with it.
Good everyday cigar. Will order again.
Pleasantly surprised. Well-constructed and tasty for a stick in this price range. A true bargain. Will order again for sure!
I was not particularly impressed with the flavors of this cigar and found it to be a bit stereotypical and uninteresting.... However, it did burn razor sharp even though there was a breeze outside so at least it was well constructed.
What a surprise when I pulled this one out of a sampler bundle. Very spicy to start and the spice stayed throughout the smoke. Rough looking roll, not too visually appealing. This smoke is reminiscent of The Punisher. No burning lips, but a rough ride. The draw is good. The volume of smoke is good. There is just not enough flavor to get me through the spicieness. Almost done with this smoke now and its not my taste....
I like a dark, thick, strong smoke and while these won't knock you on your butt, they are very good! Strong enough to have at the end of a long day with a glass of your favorite single malt yet tame enough and smooth enough to have with a nice espresso/dark coffee to start your day. Best yet, they don't kill the pocket book and are quality sticks you can share with friends w/o feeling like you're killing your high end stash. Highly recommend!
Just average, definitely not worth what they cost. You can find a lot better cigars out there for this price. Might be worth a buy when they go on clearance for half this price, but until then look elsewhere.
I bought a 20 bundle on the advice of a friend. Smoked one right away and was not too thrilled. Let the rest of them soak in 72% humidity in my aging humidor for several months. Lit one up today and put it down before I was half finished. Very boring, ho-hum smoke for a maduro. Not much flavor and no complexity. Transferred the rest to my public humidor for guests to take at will. Will not buy again.
Just an okay cigar. Not real flavorful. Got them super cheap.Does not have that oliy maduro taste. I would pass on these next time
I got his as part of a buy this much and get this free. I'm new to the cigar world but so far this has been my favorite.
Surprise !! This rugged lookin, soft rolled, inexpensive cigar delivers delightfully yummy maduro flavor profiles . Draws and burns well. For the price you can't go wrong with this one! A good everyday cigar. I will reorder. Thanks CI!!
I smoked 1/2 of my first bundle and I think it's a solid cigar. great favor.... It's good at any price.
What a great cigar for 50 bucks. I was very impressed and will be buying more in the future. The extra buck for the Black Ops lighter was definitely a buck well spent. The lighter has substance and a solid feel to it and works great. A great bundle from the CI guys.
A friend ordered these and gave me a few. Yeah a great friend! I ordered a bundle after smoking the first one. Great bargain, good cigar, even burn, lots of nice flavor. Will be a major filler in my humidor.
I bought a bundle of these 2 weeks ago. Very surprised; great smoke, good burning too. Can't wait to buy another bundle.
The Gurkha Titan is one of my favorite cigars. I ordered a bundle of 20 of these Black Ops Maduro cigars at a fraction of the price of the Gurkhas, and if you blindfolded me, I would not be able to tell the difference. Great bold full-bodied flavor, nice even burn. Makes for a very long and enjoyable smoke at an unbelievable price. The optional Black Ops lighter is also BADASS (especially for the price of $1 buck!). I am writing this review upon my return to buy another bundle of these cigars!
Good cigar. Even burn and easy draw. Hints of coffee and honey with draw with thick white smoke. If you like a medium cigars with a little sweetness this one is for you. Great with a morning cup of Joe!
I should tell everyone that this cigar bites so there would be more for me! Truthfully this is a great smoke at a good price. I ordered more and plan on stocking up. I got an even burn, good draw and more than decent taste. I guess that's why Gurkha is one of my favorite brands. The band is also pretty cool too.
just got my shipment here and lit one asap. this is the first real cigar ive smoked since swishers and let me tell you, you wont be disspleased. you get the notes of coffee and pepper and it's smooth as smooth. I'll have to restock soon.
A Great Cigar For Some R&R! Intimidating, Yet Tempting. This Is A Stick That Reminds You How A Cigar Should Be. I Got The Notes Of Coffee, And Pepper; While The Burn Was Perfect, And The Draw Easy. I Saw These On The Cover And Thought How Badass They Looked. I Bought 'Em And I'm Not Dissappointed One Bit! The Lighter Is Cool Too.
I got these cigars n they came as dry as the Sahara n tasted awful. But after a couple days in the humidor the flavor burn n draw took a turn for the best. Very good tasting smooth cigar. Even better with a strong cup of coffee.
Just received these today. I have always been a fan of Gurkha Cigars and their blender Kaizad Hansotia. I am totally blown away by this Cigar. Great flavor and burn. Would recommend to anyone. New to Cigars or Old School. Fantastic price and excellent burn!