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Bahia Insignias 10th Anniversary Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Bahia Insignias 10th Anniversary”
This cigar is a conundrum. The first five real draws lead one to believe that they've made a poor purchase. After that, it goes to to a very peppery (which I'm not a fan of) taste for the first third. After that, it mellows out significantly with a leather, earthy flavor. It jumps across the board for taste, the draw is perfect though. To some up, it is a very well rolled smoke that evolves pretty much continuously from start to finish that has a bit of something for everyone, if not everything for one person.
JL of Maple Falls, WA
I had been a VERY long time CAO MX2 lover until several months ago....and I have been in search of a replacement. I am very pleased with the Insignia for it’s flavor mix and easy burn. Goes very well with a bourbon.... Definitely a new stick to “not run out of” in my humidor.
I don't write many reviews but I like these cigars! I bought the 6x60 and I must admit, they didn't disappoint one bit. The description was right on and well worth the sale price. I'm buying more of these!!!
i got some of these in a bahia sampler pack, and to me it's the best of the bunch, especialaly at less than two bucks apiece for the robustos. I have nubbed all of them, which they were longer. Definitely great when I don't have an hour to burn a stick. No relights, smooth all the way to the end. If you haven't tried a fuller bodied cigar, this is a good one to try. Going to buy a box next time.
The Bahia brand is usually consistent however, the Insignias were tight and lacked the proper humidity. For someone who is impatient I would recommend another cigar; for those willing to wait 5-6 months at 72 degrees and 70 percent humidity go for it. It does get better with age.
JD of Salem, OR
Actually, these are pretty good smokes. Especially when they're less than $3/stick. The 6 x 60 gives a couple hours (if not reefing on it too much) of ample smoke without too much effort. They are not intensely full bodied like CAO MX2 or Camacho Triple Maduro, but for a workshop smoke, are a pleasant surprise. If we ever get rid of the snow, I am thinking they will be excellent golf smokes.... I would buy again when humidor space allows. Now I see the Obsidian are on bargain, must go to take advantage......
GM of Tecumseh, MI