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Bahia Icon Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Bahia Icon”
First off, both my friend and I received cigars with wrappers much, much darker than the CI stock photos. That's not a big deal to me, but maybe it would be to some. Flavor-wise, I taste bitter wood and nothing else worth mentioning. Maybe the bitterness is a sign that the cigar/tobacco was not aged long enough, I'm not sure. The draw was okay, and of the couple or three I've smoked thus far the burn has been a little crooked though not bad. The Bahia Icon is not to be confused with the excellent late 90s Bahia cigars that were made in Costa Rica.
AF of Bloomington, IN
Wow the robusto is not for the faint of heart. Full strength with straight forward flavors that will keep you happy til the last puff.
PM of Ocala, FL
So, I was looking around on CI when I happened across these Bahia Icon Presidente's. Having had a Bahia Maduro, I thought, why not - I like a good cheap smoke from time to time and my humidor was getting kind of bare. So I pulled the trigger and bought a few boxes. I was truly thinking that they will help consume some space to balance the humidity, and even though the Bahia Maduro's aren't super special, they are decent enough to keep around for a cheap every day smoke. These Icon's are really good! Smooth, leathery, hints of cocoa and spices, earthy yet introspective with a lingering aftertaste from start to finish. I really like top shelf stuff and these Icon's can hang with the big boys in my humidor any day!
Bahia Icon= decent construction, burns razor sharp with no touch-ups, ample smoke output. HOWEVER, there is no flavor or strength to the stick I just smoked. I bought a 5 pack of these at least 6 months ago, and have been resting them, or, as it appears, over-resting them. I bought these based on the CI description of a full-bodied, full-flavored cigar. What I just smoked could not possibly be the same cigar.
I got a box of these for cheap and figured why not? I have read a lot of bad reviews about these which is why I am reviewing these myself. First off, I smoked this one after a week of rest in my humi at a constant 68% and it is the Robusto size. The cigar is very well constructed and draws easily. No burning issues and went smooth. The first third didn't have all that much flavor to be honest. Tasted leathery and almost like toast with a hint of some type of nut. The second third was more of the same except a coffee flavor was detected. Now...the last third was the best. It tasted like a combination of all of those mentioned and actually tasted like the full flavored cigar I was expecting. Overall, it is not a bad cigar for the price I got them at ($1.25 per), however, there is many better options you can find for $2 online.... Having said that, it would make a perfect yardgar and maybe with them sitting much longer in my humi, the flavor would be better. It has potential, but I am definitely glad I didn't pay retail....
DG of Madison, AL
Got five of these in a sampler....the cap would come off or crack when cutting the cigar, pretty much made the cigars unsmokeable. Of course, I didn't have any choice in this, as it was the Unchosen One Sampler, where you have no idea what you're getting....