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Bahia Gold White Label Reviews

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Overall Rating 3.71428571428571 out of 5 Based on 7 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Bahia Gold White Label”

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3 out of 5
Budget Sticks
There's a lot to like about Bahia Gold White Label cigars., not the least of which is the price. But considering the aging & the use of a Ecuadorian sungrown wrapper, it somehow misses the mark. The caps are not well made & the body is lumpy & underfilled for my taste. However, they are full bodied with oak, earth & leather components, along with medium spice & light pepper. Notes of citrus are present upon retrohale. Some people will be enamored with this vitola, but I have to stop halfway, since they are clewed to bits by then. I could recommend them but with the caveat that they need to be better constructed. 87/100
5 out of 5
Gold found at great price point!
To start I bought my first Bahia Gold on sale. When I received the box and lit one up..well I could not get back on CI quick enough to order another box. Very nice quality with good med taste. What I like about this cigar is it has a med feel with a kick of flavor. I have to admit, I am becoming a big Bahia fan for their price point. Your turn to try one...
1 out of 5
Caps came off most of
Caps came off most of them and uneven burn will not buy again.
5 out of 5
Bahia Gold White Label great cigar!
Been a big fan of Bahia Gold for the pepper & spice though the nose,figured why not take a chance on the White Label. Well made & aged nicely, very smooth medium smoke.Great taste and pairs well with many spirits. A keepa.
3 out of 5
Bahia Gold White Label
average cigar at an affordable price
4 out of 5
not as good as Bahia Gold which is excellent
5 out of 5
Being a cigar aficionado, I
Being a cigar aficionado, I admit spending too much time reading the CI catalog. I end up buying cigars, even when I do not need them, because some of the offers are irresistible. I stay away from the elite brands, and buy some excellent off brands, like Hudson Bay, Bahia, Torano and Ghurka knock offs, etc....
Customer Testimonials
I normally don't submit feedback but I felt strong enough about these to say something. I was fortunate to take advantage of the intro cheapo price earlier and was pleasantly surprised with them also. I don't use fancy terms or words but I did find them to be typically medium to med-full (definitely not full). Ash on some burned darker than others. A few were rolled too tight, while the rest were an easy draw with plenty of billowing smoke. I found the taste to be pleasing to my pallate, considering my favorite cigars are La Gloria Cubanas, and are a great everyday smoke. Well worth checking out, if in your budget.
You can tell you are smoking aged tobacco with this cigar. Fruity with a light musty taste, smooth. Fantastic. I recommend toro or torpedo, the robusto size in this brand has more low quality filler, some stems. Haven't had a bad toro or torpedo yet and I've smoked many. Have not tried corona or churchill sizes.
I have thoroughly enjoyed the random Bahias I have smoked, so I jumped at the intro price that CI offered for these. The cigars themselves, taste-wise, were pretty terrific. I would put them in the medium range, more or less. The flavors seemed to pair well with just about any drink (several whiskeys, lots of dark beers). My only problem with these is, sadly, they were so inconsistent smoke-wise. It seemed like every other cigar would offer almost a perfect smoke. However, cigars that weren't those perfect smokes required constant nursing and baby-sitting because they burned so awfully uneven... or the draw was so empty because of a tight roll (or something) and the cigar would almost go out. Now, I want to give Bahia the benefit of the doubt and say that maybe my batch was a mix between a veteran and rookie roller, but it does make me a little unsettled when it comes to purchasing these at regular price because, frankly, if I had paid $130 for these cigars... this review would have been a lot meaner.
I have had zero problems with the construction or burn on these Bahia Gold White Label. I agree with one review that you can tell it is aged tobacco. They are a decent smoke. That being said I'm not sure I will get more of them. I think I got these around $75 and think that is a little too much for them. I'd rather buy the Bahia Gold, Maduro, or Trinidad.
Love this cigar for the mid afternoon smoke. The flavors match description dead on. I will be purchasing more of these.
A great box of smokes at a great price.
This is a nice cigar, perfect for the first puff of the day if you have more than 1 per. I have never been disappointed by any of the Bahia varieties. Very good smoke at a GREAT price.
Since I last posted I have come to really like this cigar. The first box aged perfectly and I have bought more since then. Very good cigar!
This is my first review and I have buying cigars from CI for many years and rely on reading reviews when buying. This cigar is definitely one of the best cigars you can get for the $. Bought the torpedo 6.5 x 52. I like Maduros probably on the slight stronger side. This cigar gives you a smooth taste and maintains even burn. I just ordered more even though I have over 400 cigars in humidor. Didn't want to miss out on sale. Highly recommend!