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Black Crown Reviews

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Overall Rating 4.28 out of 5 Based on 18 Ratings

Customer Reviews of “Black Crown”

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5 out of 5
Great Smoke
Excellent cigar for the price, thick smoke and lots of flavor.
5 out of 5
It starts smooth and continue till the nub.
4 out of 5
Great stick for a quick smoke!
A fantastic everyday smoke! Great flavors smack your palette.
4 out of 5
excellent smoke
excellent smoke
5 out of 5
A superb evening treat.
The Black Crown toro lives up to all that it is professed to be. A deliciously enticing flavor with a slow even burn, an easy draw and a pleasant after taste. A pleasant evening cigar to accompany a good cup of good coffee or a snifter of fine brandy. A nice treat.
4 out of 5
Truly a pleasant surprise
These were a very welcome surprise. I had been eyeballing them for about a month before i picked up this box of 20. Fist of all the box is beautiful. But most of all the smokes that were inside were delicious. They remind me of the Gurka Black Ops. I give these out to my coworkers here in afghanistan and they loved it! Truly a pleasant surprise.
4 out of 5
Black crown
Very good value cigar, complex taste, Burns evenly. I would purchase again.
4 out of 5
Good Cigar
The Black Crown Robusto is a good burning, strong,and smooth cigar.
5 out of 5
These smoke great. Well worth
These smoke great. Well worth the money spent
2 out of 5
Not a premium cigar.
Not a premium cigar.
5 out of 5
CI's Report Card
CI is doing an outstanding job! Keep up the good work! The prices and the selections are fantastic! When ordering the staff pulls the order and ships out very quickly! Thanks
5 out of 5
Blend Lab
This is a great way to try new flavor sand strengths. The super store is amazing!
2 out of 5
not bad
Not bad... good for the price
5 out of 5
Good smooth cigar. Loved them
Good smooth cigar. Loved them since they made the Sons Of Anarchy series!
5 out of 5
Blaacfk Crown Toro
A solid go to cigar. I try to always keep it in my humidor.
5 out of 5
Black crown toro
3 box of black crowns, great everyday smoke , Had to let them sit in humidor for few days after I got them , but great smoke even burn
5 out of 5
The Crown of Cigars
The Black Crown cigar is a smooth, slow burning, high quality cigar. If you are looking for a s good cigar that's smooth,not too bold or isn't sweet, this cigar is what you want. I will be back for more of these.
3 out of 5
Beautiful Cigars with a Medium Bodied, Very Woody Flavor
Although I prefer a spicier cigar than this, I have to say I was very impressed with these. I picked up a box looking for a good every-day stogie and the price of these fit the bill. To me, these are smack-dab in the middle of the "medium bodied" range and have lots of wood flavors. The flavors can be a little on the bitter side, but never unpleasant. They do lack a certain richness of flavor, but what is there is solid and true. Mine suffered from some tunneling issues but nothing major (and I will add that I smoked these right out of the box with no more than a day or two in the humi). Of the handful I've smoked, all of them are beautifully rolled with immaculate wrappers. The box they also come in is very pleasing and make these look like far more expensive stogies. I'm going to let the rest sit for a couple weeks and see how they are. Right now, these are good smokes at a good price if you enjoy woody flavors.
Customer Testimonials
I'll keep it short: nutmeg, coffee, toffee and black pepper. It all happens in the 1st half; nothing changes after that. Really good; I just got myself 2 boxes.
Picked up a 10 pk. on sale. Nicely constructed cigar, but rather bland on the flavor. Spicy yes, but nothing else behind it. Kind of like cracked pepper on a baked potato. No butter, salt, sour cream, chives, or bacon bits. Just pepper.
Yes--just bought a 10-pack, and I was happily surprised--nice spice, not overpowering, and flavorful. I would buy these again.
This is a decent smoke. Nice construction, burn & ash. Decent flavor. The draw was tight. Like drinking a thick milkshake. Not a special occasion stick but maybe a good everyday smoke. Wouldnt buy a box but would get them in a sampler.
Nice tasty cigar if they would be more consistent in construction and burn. Out of a full box all have canoed and have bin a big disappointment(construction wise). I keep my humidor at about 66% humidity and have over 300 cigars in it, none of my other cigars canoe like this so I know it's not me. At the price point they are selling for, I expected a better quality cigar.
I smoked the robusto, and it had wonderful taste characteristics, except for the very end. The last inch or half seemed a bit lacking in flavor compared to the rest of the cigar. However, I didn't allow these to sit in the humidor long, so aging may be the key to unlocking the final flavor and completing the cigar. However, I would definitely buy it again.
Wasn't expecting much and was I surprised. Medium with excellent construction and perfect draw from the get go. Taste was consistent to the nub. Perhaps a bit more full near the last third. This goes on my wish list.
not a fan. coming unwrapped from the middle, hard draw and wispy smoke. unimpressed from the jump. I have another that I'll let stew in the box and hope it improves.
I must revise the previous review I wrote. This is one of the best cigars I have smoked. I won't insult the cigar by saying it tastes like smoking wood chips, like oak or cedar or whatever. It is a medium-bodied smoke that just tastes great. Before you finish, you will be searching your toolbox for hemostats or an alligator clip, so you can get the last bit of goodness from it. Yes, the price has increased, but that is probably because of demand. It's that good.
Personally wasn't a huge fan. Didn't have enough flavor for me. 3 out of 5 sticks that neither I nor my friends liked. Gonna leave the other two in the humi for a while and see if some time makes them better.
Just a great cigar, that's what I think of the brand "BLACK CROWN" in the Coronas size. Just great taste all around the cigar. It starts out mild and finishes off real nice and heavy , the way a cigar should. All the hype Is right ,a great cigar indeed. Amicalement
Great smoke. Good flavor. Well constructed. No downside to this one.
Picked up some of these during a weekend special.....couldn't wait to try them so lit one as soon as they arrived. If they improve with a little age, it will be an incredible smoke! The construction, burn, draw was excellent...two thumbs up for Black Crown!
Very nice cigar here. I got the Churchill because that's all that remained during a weekend special. I don't ordinarily like Churchill as they seem to have a hard draw and get tarry from the difficult puffing, but this was not the case here. Quality smokes make the difference I guess. I think for this Black Crown, the thinner ring gauge of the Churchill size makes a better taste of the double binders and wrapper. Near two hour celebration smoke, these.
These black crowns are fantastic. I recommend the toro size. It's one of the best I've had lately. Bought a box after smoking just two of them. I usually don't pull that trigger (on a box) until i've had 6 or 7, but 10 days after receiving it, it's half gone. Dynamite stick!