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I first bought a tin of Baccarats just to give them a try and I loved every second of it. So later I moved on the big guys and I was even more impressed. I would expect to pay much more for this cigar. Even my girl likes to take a hit on them every once in a while. I always get complements on the smell of them. Smooth the whole way through. Its not a gamble with this baccarat
Baccarat is the perfect morning cigar. The smoke is mild and smooth yet flavorful and plentiful. There's a slight hint of spice in the finish, which satisfies my medium-full palate, and the sweetness of the wrapper is a perfect compliment to coffee. The flawless construction and perfect draw assures me that my first smoke of the day is always trouble-free. I regularly try other mild cigars to start my day, but nothing does it like Baccarat. They are always a staple in my humidor.
Excellent cigar. Construct and burn were good. Flavor was mild to medium with a very slight generic sweet after taste to ease the deep puff from an easy and enormous draw. C.I. has great price comparable to any dealer on line. Kings give you your best deal for your $ . Toro and Churchill seem to have the most consistent taste. Maduro's are a bit stronger with a very minor sweetened after taste like no other Maduro I have smoked.
I smoke six boxes of these (Baccarat) every month. No other cigar gives me the consistency and the draw is always easy. The best value I have found...lots of better cigars but they cost way more than this
I've tried both the regular & the candela version of the Baccarat. They are only very slightly sweet but very, very mild. Unlike some cigars, they do not get rank or bitter near the end of the smoke. They are among my favorites at any price.
Not a bad smoke, not a great smoke. On the mild and light side but good construction and burn. Nice easy going smoke for the beginner or lover of mild cigars.
This is an exquisitely crafted product(Baccarat) and a lovely introduction to the world of cigars. Beginning with the sweet cap and smooth easy draw, the subtle, slightly spicey, flavor is as delicate as it is complex. This stick stimulates but does not assault the palate. Delightful.
Though not everyone's cup of tea, Baccarat is the most relaxing and pleasant cigar I've ever had. Easy draw and pleasant taste--even my wife almost admits to liking the smell. ;) If you want to relax with a mild cigar, it doesn't get any better than this. Great price at CI too!
I was very impressed with the Baccarat robusto. They look cheap, they are cheap, but the flavor was great. Very smooth, creamy and just a hint of pepper here and there. Definitely would pick some more of these up at some point.
I've turned a number of aficionados on to Baccarat over the last few years. I always get great comments from people who like their aroma (even those who admit they don't like the smell of cigars will give it a thumbs up!). When I'm at the bar on the beach in Cozumel and have one of these burning, I constantly get asked "if it's a Cuban"...I respond "no, it's not - it's much better than a Cuban and a lot less expensive". When I want to splurge, I'll burn a Nat Sherman!
I've worked in a cigar store for 2 years, tried probably 100 different cigars. The (Baccarat) Rothschild is my choice. Never broken, easy draw, and always even burning.
Baccarat is back (almost)! I quit them about a year ago. Felt like I had lost an old friend. Decided to try again and found much improvement. Not back where they were, but stll a good everyday cigar.
The Baccarat maduro was my everyday cigar for over over 5 years. I smoked over 100 boxes and never had a bad one - until recently. The last 5 boxes have been terrible - inconsistent draw, poorly made, bad taste, strong ammonia odor. Even the sweet tip is no more. When I checked, it seems that the Eroia brothers have sold the brand to a conglomerate and the new product does not resemble the old one except for the name on the label ( and now the labels just slide off when you unwrap one). No more Baccarats for me. I feel like I lost a good friend.
This was my everday cigar for the last 5 years - over 150 boxes. I used to say that I never had a bad one. However, the maker has been bought out and the quality has deteriorated. Inconsistent draw and taste. New choice is Perdomo Slow Aged Maduro.
They must have nothing but master torceadors at every table at the (Camacho) factory where these are made. Never had a badly made one and thats saying something no matter what brand you care to speak of (Baccarat). Some have called them a "go to" cigar and I find myself going to them more and more often because they never let me down. Mild, but with a rich taste and a sweet tip. nuff said.
One of my favorite sticks (Baccarat). It has a great sweet flavor that lasts. Even burn, great draw, I have never had a bad Baccarat. It is a staple in my humidor. Great with a beer, or by itself. A friend introduced me to the Baccarat line when I first started smoking cigars, and it will always be in my humidor. Even though it's a "less expensive" stick, I like them better than my "expensive" sticks. Overall, a super value and an extremely super smoke.
Great bang for you buck on these (Baccarat). They burn terrific, taste great, and are a nice cigar especially when you factor in price. the sweet or "dolce" is not overpowering, just a little hint of it. i have never smoked a bad one.
If you want something to hold in your mouth (Baccarat) while flipping burgers, riding the lawn mower or maybe to take out in the boat then this is a good call. Burns fast, a little hot and not always perfectly even but they taste pretty good. Not too sweet or bitter. Definitely better than a Swisher Sweet but not near as good as Java by Drew Estate. Decent cheap cigar.
These use to be my absolute favorite cigars. I still enjoy them from time to time. However, the flavor is not that complex. A bit mild for my taste now. I typically prefer darker cigar with more complex flavoring. I still recommend these as good cigars for everyday occasion.
I have been smoking this Cigar for several years. Never have had a bad one. They burn consistent and smooth. The taste is mild with a sweet tip. A bit too mild for smoking with alcohol, but great with coffee. A very nice morning Cigar. For the tough guys that like to chew on leather first thing in the morning, this aint your smoke.
This is a good starter cigar (Baccarat) if you are new to cigars. It is really light and not complicated. It is a basic cigar that you can smoke everyday and not hurt your budget. If you are looking for something basic and light, this is a good cigar for you.
I am a mild cigar lover , so I'm looking for the mild bodied creamy nutty smooth cigar. This Bacarrat cigar is NOT it . I had really high hopes that this cigar would fit my agenda but it doesen't even come close. This cigar burns even , has a sweet tip but the harshness (like rolled up papertowel) burned my mouth and left a bad taste. Wow is it bad ! Do yourself a favor if you want a creamy nutty mild smoke get a Victor Sinclair , Don Diego or Macanudo...stay away from the Bacarrat . I compare it to the cheapest machine made cigar filled with shreded newspaper.
Hard to beat for the $. Cheesy band, once you get past that it is a great cigar. Should be one of your regulars.
More bitter than pecan shells dipped in alum and quinine. More bitter than burnt coffee mixed with unsweetened cocoa. More bitter than curly endive and dandelion greens salad with walnut oil dressing. More bitter than grapefruit peel and hops tea. More bitter than a mouthful of Ivory soap. I'm not kidding here. These beauties almost made me give up cigars entirely. It took a full three days just to get the taste out of my mouth. No amount of brushing or mouthwash would alleviate the harshness left on my tongue. Only time would wear it off. I should have sent them back, but hoped that some time in the coolidor would take the edge off. Nope. The lingering ammonia in these putrid sticks still persists. By then it was too late to get a refund. By all that is good, buy something else! Camacho Cigars should be ashamed of themselves for putting such disgustingly bad tobacco in theses terrible smokes.
Nice sweet start, but gets a bit harsh toward the middle. Not a bad cigar, and for the price it would be a good "knock-around" cigar for working in the yard etc, but not something I would smoke on a regular basis. Overall, not the best smoke I've had but not the worst either.
Never had smoked a cigar before and when I went to my local cigar shop the owner recommended this cigar and I loved it. its very mild with a sweet taste. would recommend it to anyone
After giving a friend a CI Legend Drew Estates (Copper), and enjoying together, he said that it is similar to one of his favorite smokes, being the Baccarat Churchill. That said, they next week at the club he brought some Baccarats to smoke and I agree that it is a nice smoke. It is milder than the CI DE Copper, however, it is still flavorful and an enjoyable smoke. So much that when I got together with a co-worker and went to an unfamiliar smoke shop, I went to these and then on the way home picked up 6 more. Mild infused flavor, even burn, enjoyable for well over an hour. In my top 5 right now.
I'm not a big fan of mild cigars but these do have a creamy flavor and are smooth. Nice draw and good construction. That little bit of sweetness when you first put it in your mouth is nice and this cigar goes great with a cup of coffee.
You can not beat this smoke. It's the best, great taste and consistent.
A really awesome cigar. Hands down one of my favorites for the flavor. Even smoking the kings you get a smooth draw for a cigar that's long. Just a pleasure to smoke right down to the nub. Mild cigar, but not overly sweet, just a clean wrapper and an excellent smoke; a little on the cooler side. These really are a bargain....I keep these on hand always
I don't know about the rest of ya'll, but I look forward to Sat & Sun mornings. I enjoy a full bodied cup of Joe and a mild/sweet stick to round out the offering. This Baccarat burns even, produces a nice head of smoke and finishes off with that wonderfully sweet tip taste. Honestly, one of my favorite cigars any time of the day, and at this price, bring on the boxes. I didn't care for the green candella version, so I just keep it simple with a Churchill.
They come in a really nice box.
WOW!!! This cigar is way more than I expected. Having purchase the 7X42 I can't believe that I've smoked this stick for more than an hour. Plus, the flavor is much bolder than I would have thought. My main smokes are mid to full body but these satisfy my taste. It burns even all the way down, & remains eventful. I only purchase a 5 pack but a box will soon follow. I'm far from a novice & my 300 count humidor has many of your top shelf high rated smokes. However, this is a great everyday cigar at a great price. Just try one.
One of my husband's favorites is 5 Vegas Gold. There was a special going on and I tried the Baccarats (Toro). They were a hit and I will order again.
They are a great smoke, they are now my brand. Try some soon, you will like them as well!
Loved these! These beauties, with their maduro brothers will get a constant rotation in my humidor. Gave to some friends, who agreed "two thumbs up". Good construction, burn and flavor.
This was a SURPRISE, and is truly now my go to working cigar. I rank it 98. No way to improve on perfection....
Folks, I've tried all sorts of other "mild-medium" cigars and none, NONE, compare to these Baccarats. Great construction, even, easy draw and fantastic taste. These cigars are a work of art. I try to hold myself to ONE a day but it's hard to do. If you enjoy a mild smoke with a touch of sweetness in the cap - try a box or two of these gems. You will NOT be sorry. My mornings out on the deck would not be the same without a Bacarrat Robusto. I gave a box to my Son and he shared it with some of his friends - all gave it a rave review.
Sweet, fun, easy to smoke…
Excellent cigar for the price.
Very enjoyable smoke; great way to enjoy a spring evening!
Smooth every time with a sweet end cap.
I normally prefer the full bodied cigars with dark Maduro or Oscuro wrappers, however I picked this up for a camping trip with my family and a buddy's family and he prefers the mild cigars. I tried one... they were AMAZING! I loved the sweet dipped flavor of brandy or cognac. Even, smooth and easy draw, every time. I went back now to discover that they offer a Belicoso Maduro!! Just ordered a box. These may be my next 'go to' cigar!
I have to agree with JM of Memphis,TN on this one. I stopped in at a local smoke shop this afternoon and wanted something decently priced that I could enjoy while driving on a sunny afternoon. This was the wrong choice! It was immediately harsh and bitter, so I thought I would give it some time.... didn't help. This one burned unevenly, had a very harsh, bitter note, and I could 'feel' the smoke on my tongue. It did not have the mild, sweet note people mention here, but it did have a nice draw... for whatever that's worth. After about a half hour of this, and becoming more disappointed with each draw, I finally pitched it out the window (sorry Minnesota!). Now I'm looking forward to a nice Perdomo, Punch, or Romeo y Julieta this evening. Hell, a Dutch Masters!
I ordered a five pack arrived today not dried out like other on line retailers the cigars have a mild and mellow taste slow burn and good draw and the wrapper has a sweet taste. thanks ci. I will defintely order. more
These are a delicious cigar, not just for the money either. These are a bargain for less then $4 each as they have the quality of a much more expensive cigar. Only bad part is that I did not realize the "pyramid" 52 ring gauge has a weird shape too it. Not something I like or will ever get again. Just be careful when selecting as these cigars come in a large array of shapes!
I always only had smoked the C-shade wrapper version; liked them. This version seemed to me to be considerably stronger although they are listed as the same strength in the advertising. Just be aware of this if ordering for the first time.