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Bahia B-Line Connecticut Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Bahia B-Line Connecticut”
Good stick; great price; nice to have a few in the humidor.
MW of Aurora, CO
Just received my bundle of Robustos. Surprisingly tasty off the truck and I can't wait to see what a few weeks in the humi does to them. They do burn a bit faster than other Robustos. Will definitely buy these again.
WB of El Paso, TX
This has turned out to be my favorite cigar!!
SE of Van Nuys, CA
Review of TORPEDO: Very good construction, hard to tell it's a mixed filler cigar, not soft or spongy. Burns evenly, draws easily, and has a decent taste. This is my fifth bundle; they have become my everyday smoke.
AS of Dunnellon, FL
I'm a fan of the petite corona size. When I saw a bundle of these were only 17.50 I thought what the hell and bought one. I'm glad I did. A very good smoke indeed. I recieved an email this past tuesday and they had my size on sale for get this. 12.50 a bundle. I recieved the 2 that I ordered today. CI you make my cigar smoking so enjoyable. Thanks CI...
JW of Coal Township, PA
Got a bundle of these ' B ' Line in Toro size while they were on for a Special Price. Decent " cut-mix " filler Toro, will be good for outdoor smoking as winter is coming, I can feel the changes already ! Real mild/melow cigar, burns astoundingly straight, does quite well on the " Put Down and come back later to finish " type scenario, which is important in Winter time smoking for me!!
VT of Blue Springs, MO
Of course I opened the package and smoked one right away and I found it dry and not much flavor. I flung them in the humidor and a month later lit another and to my astonishment they are a decent smoking cigar. They burn even and predictable and can be smoked to within an inch without being harsh or intrusive to the palate. I am a young smoker and not rich by any stretch of the imagination so I am currently looking for a decent cigar with a mild to medium flavor and a decent price. I have smoked a considerable amount of top shelf premiums but for me this cigar is not what I am looking for. I am not saying not too buy it as it is fine cigar with some time in the humi but its just not my cup of tea. I am sure though that they will be smoked eventually and who knows, maybe in a couple more months they may strike the right notes.
TS of Ronceverte, WV
well CI has done it again, they found another good mild smoke and offer it for a good price! This cigar is mild in body with hints of spice, a well balanced smoke. I have smoked a several of them with no problems with draw or consistency.
SM of Emmaus, PA
This cigar isn't very complex, delivering only a single mild-medium note. On the flip side it burns evenly, its consistent and for the price it cant be beat. I always keep a bundle in the humidor now.
ZB of Greenville, SC
Got mine yesterday from the MMAO. Figured I would be disappointed due to some of the reviews out there. Opened up the package, very moist. Lit one up and it was extremely tasty. I would recommend this cigar to anyone who is not trying to break the bank but get a flavorful cigar. Enjoy boys.
I keep thinking about ordering something else than the Toro Bahia but I keep ordering them and they are really great and enjoyable. I also can not believe how much better, even after only a few days in a jar with a lid, (a humidor...with one of those cigar shaped 'humidifiers'), they are! Thank you!
FJ of Christiansted, VI
No want an affordable mild everyday smoke, this my friend is the cigar for you. Mild smooth, consistent burn yourself a favor and swipe a bundle ASAP!! Thank you CI for bringing this delish smoke to my attention :)
I am always skeptical about a great deal and the description of the cigar being too good to be true. But these are truly amazing. A nice mild cigar full of flavor right from the beginning. These may be my new favs and I'm ordering these again for sure.
"Extra cream in your coffee" taste... Before you laugh at the price, let one sit in your humidor for 2 weeks and light it up. This cigar will flat out amaze you with pleasant, light smoke. The creamy nature and sub$1 per stick price will remind you that sometimes, you do get more than you pay for. Sure, I still buy $10 cigars, but I can afford them because I buy Bahias as my everyday smoke. The Bahia Maduro is also great if you are looking for a heavier, darker taste.
The torpedoes are really good after they sit for a while in the humi. The churchhills, however, are a good tasting smoke but have a tough draw.
JD of pensacola, FL
Very awesome smoke, had the B-line a few times before. When these were presented to all CI nation fans, I had to grab me some more. I'm happy and so will my H U M I.
Had these beauties a few times. Excellent smoke for the price, my humi will be happy.
Right out of the box I wasn't very impressed, they are well made and not horrible, but like some other comments have stated, I believe they will improve after some time in the humidor and cedar.
CM of Clintwood, VA
The flavor is fine, but expect to get what you pay for. The amount of plugs I ran into was around two sticks plugged "completely" for every three cigars cut. That's over half an order folks. If your going to buy them make sure you have a draw poker. For such a nice every day smoke they shouldn't let the guys with huge forearms roll these babies.
BJ of Lexington, KY
Have smoked many types of Bahias and loved them. This one though is not good. Wrapper tastes like corner store cigar and smoke is bitter. The humidor didn't help either.
AP of Jersey City, NJ
Great cigar, even greater price. The first stick was harsh but that was straight out of the package. Second one came out of the humi and was smooth and creamy. And the beat goes on!!
ML of Hollidaysburg, PA
Overall decent cigar at a good price. Good draw, white ash and decent flavor. The downside is the mix filler that sometimes gets some bits in your mouth. Snatch them up when you see them on sale.
ML of Pinson, AL
Not a great cigar. When i tried to take a puff of it, i didn't get any smoke. Sending back.
JM of San Antonio, TX
had these on a scuba trip to the Caymans with some buddies. tried one with a friend and they were kind of dry with no taste. after a couple of days in the warm humid climate, they were just fine. not strong and not bland. hey, for the price, buy the as much as you can get your hands on. I'll be getting another order and letting them sit until the spring!
I received my Corona #1 bundle and was rather disappointed. The taste is fine but the draw is terrible. I liken it top a super thick shake that wont suck up the straw. Even after being in the Humidor since i received them its the same problem. I see many people that are very happy with them but I don't see anyone that has this specific size. I assume that has something to do with it. I wont be ordering these again.
The several bundles I have got have been losely packed and fast burning. Possibly, I just haven't recieved a good bundle yet??
I ordered a bundle of these a couple of months back and put them in my humidor until I decided to try one today. Sadly I haven't been able to smoke any of them because of the three I tried all were so tight that you couldn't draw through it at all. At this point I imagine the whole bundle will be the same way. Oh well at least they were cheap so I'm not out of a lot of money.
Not Good! Fully have the mazo of robustos were plugged, and I mean plugged. The rest had a very hard draw and very little taste. I'm envious of those who got lucky with this cigar. The Blue Bahia is a great cigar, not so with this one in my experience. I wouldn't buy them again nor would I recommend them.
Not my favorite stick but it's alright for the price. It's a mild smoke with a mild tobacco flavor, good for a beginner if you get the smaller sizes.
GD of Pittsford, NY
I ordered a couple of bundles of the Bahia B-line Connecticut petite coronas to fill in while I wait for the Magellan four fer to come back in stock. I'm darned glad I did. At less than a buck each these are excellent smokes. I tried one straight off the truck and found it lived up perfectly to the description. Looks like I will have to get more while these last.
AS of Humbird, WI
Cuban sandwich must really translate to mean "no draw". Bland to me but these Would be great for a less discerning palate or new smoker. I got 2 bundles of #2 corona as a gift . Don't like the size much. Good ash. Besides the blandness And lack of flavor profile this is an under 1$ cigar. What I'd expect. I'm ordering a consolation bundle today. I can say that the lack of draw improved after the first third. Mildly.
AF of Mechanicsville, MD
I wrote a review when I first got em and I liked them but I wanted to ad that after a few weeks at 70/70 in my humidor I found these to be grassy very very grassy. I put the remainder in my other humidor that I have set at 64 humidity. These things are a lot better closer to 65. As you approach 70 their grassy quality turns into damp hay. Keep em drier and they really shine. Still love these. I tried the corona #2. I think I'll give a larger size a shot next time. Great smoke. Surprising flavor profile for being so mild. Creamy goodness. Thanks CI.
AF of Mechanicsville, MD
A good, mild everyday stick. Not strong and burns even. Can't beat the price and the taste was surprisingly good. This is a good cigar to keep on hand to give to your buddies that won't break the bank. Thanks, CI.
Very disappoint. Cigars are dry and full of knots. had to throw away two so far. Will leave in humidor for awhile but probably will not change the roll. Very soft in spots and then very tight.
MR of Hephzibah, GA
These aren't the best but a good cigar for a quick smoke. Good value. Throw them in the humi for a month and they'll get better.
VM of Dunkirk, MD
Very smooth, nice smoke!
HC of Bogalusa, LA
I had my doubts about these, they proved me wrong, especially for the price. I usally don't care for mild to medium, but these I would recommend.
JD of Oklahoma City, OK
Packed good (not too tight not too loose). Stays lit well; I've left them for 5-7 minutes, when I get back they are ready to puff. Very lite flavor.
PB of Selden, NY
These are almost becoming my new favorite. I appreciate the quantity of these cigars. Even at the price, one could stock up on many, at a lower price, and not feel that one was doing "without." At the cost, and value, I feel that I'm gaining in both amount and quality by purchasing these. So far, no "falling apart," or the binder "cracking" after being stored in a humidor.
AB of Oklahoma City, OK
Milder cigar that is really enjoyable even on a muggy night out on the porch. At these prices, I don't mind sharing with a few friends!
BM of Flushing, NY
Really enjoyed this cigar. Great for the golf course and as a everyday smoke. Can't beat the price either.
BT of Sussex, NJ
If you like mild cigars, you can't go without trying these. I like darker, full flavor sticks, but I like having mild stuff on hand for a change of pace or a "palate cleaner." These things are cheap as hell and surprisingly good. I wouldn't call them amazing, but as an every day stick, you'll never do any better.
TR of Marietta, PA
The ones that draw properly are great! The ones that draw tightly are still pretty good specially after running a skewer down center. I guess that's why they're B-Line, still a good tasting cigar.
CS of Lakehills, TX
I bought some coronas to chew and puff on at work. Shockingly, being a short filler cigar, they tasted decently and burned well. An excellent smoke for out in the yard. If you want high life complexity, look elsewhere. But if you want a simple decent stick with enough flavor to satisfy. Bahia B-Line will deliver. I'll be buying more!
I was a little weary for the price that I paid, because they are really cheap. It turns out that they taste Really good. The taste is nice and smooth, and they last a very long time. I am very pleased with this purchase; Well worth the money and a GREAT Value, if you don't want to spend a lot. I would highly recommend these cigars to anyone
JC of Middle Village, NY
Very flavorful, good burn. For the money a fine cigar, my only complaint is that they are very hard
SD of Joshua, TX
very very flavorful with a good burn rate. A very good stick for the money, my only complaint is that they are very difficult to draw but nothing a good draw poker can't overcome
SD of Joshua, TX
WOW! While not the most expensive or complex cigar, these B-Lines are a great everyday smoke. I was able to snatch up one of the last bundles of the Corona #1 (6x42) size and I am very happy. As someone who usually smokes 5x54's, these coronas are really great. I'm starting to change my interest towards these corona size cigars. Great mild smoke (25-35 min). I usually have two.
SR of Tempe, AZ
Great deal on a cheap but good everyday smoke. I have smoke several with pleasure.
KD of Port Jervis, NY
Truth is I only bought these (Corona No. 1) because I could get them for 19.99 with free shipping. Well hey at 50 cents a piece shipped whaddyawant? At those prices we're in "Backwoods" country and these sure beat smoking those any day. ROTT didn't even light one up as they were spongey and tight- took a week before I could smoke them but hey that's what you get when you don't do 2 day shipping. On a scale of 1-5: Draw was tight give it a 2 with a 1 being "too tight to smoke." Volume of smoke also a 2- not a lot there. Burn uneven although hasn't canoed so a 3. Flavor is inconsistent give it a 3 however the "nuttiest" tasting cigar I've ever had and I feel funny saying it but when the flavor shows up I actually enjoy it quite a bit. Will I order again? Perhaps one more time at a larger size to see if there's more consistency as I wish I could find a premium cigar that had that particular flavor this one does - had Rocky Patel Connecticuts, Man O War Virtue the list goes on as far as "super light bodied" premiums and while those cigars completely trump this one in every way possible I still have never encountered a flavor profile like this one...
Best modest-priced cigar I've ever had.
DA of Rochester, NY
For the price...a very nice little cigar.
RD of Baytown, TX
My usual little cigars were out of stock, so figured I would try something new. Being just a filler in between my full size sticks, I don't spend much on the little ones. Ran across these in the corona size, and were the only size left in stock, and figured that was a good sign. For the price I gambled on two bundles, and am not disappointed. They burn great, and for a mild cigar they taste great too. Just another great deal you can find at C.I. As of this writing...all sizes are now gone. Will try the full size sticks when they are back in stock.
SM of Kokomo, IN
Second review: I love these cigars. I'm some what of a cigar snob and love to have big name and small batch cigars for my enjoyment...But I absolutely love these in the corona and petite corona size. Cuban sandwhich or not, these cigars satisfy me all day while I work. PLEASE CI, GET SOME MORE STOCK IN!!
Amazing smoke for so little cost. Great everyday'er!
I really enjoy the Bahia B-Line as a everyday smoke for the price it's a great deal. But the last order 1/2 of them they where so hard to draw I ended up wasting 1/2 of them so the great deal went out the window. I have ordered them in the past and never had a issue but this last order they where rolled so tight I couldn't get them to draw and end up throwing them away and trying to light another one. Might have been a bad batch. I will order them again I think just because of the price and the great mild flavor...hopefully no more draw issues.
JD of Holland Patent, NY
Very good cigar and great price.
RP of Phoenixville, PA
Great for an everyday smoke. Due to quality, some are tight draw and some are really loose draw, some have a decent flavor throughout while some are flavorless until 2/3 in. Let 'em sit in the humidor for a few weeks.
RO of Statesboro, GA
Good cigar for the price.
A very nice value
JM of virginia beach, VA
I really enjoy the price point on these cigars and they smoke pretty good. I have got a lot of enjoyment from them over the years and I don't mind sharing them with my friends. I mean it really doesn't get any better then that for me. Thanks CI.
KH of Stroud, OK draw, no taste
SD of mashpee, MA
I really love these for the money. They are great to handout to friends that do not smoke often. Over the summer BBQ'in and a corona is where its at.
BG of Lake Forest, IL
great smoke for the $$$$
VG of Elk Grove, CA
Great cigar at an even better price! This is my second Bahia blend, couldn't be more impressed.
JO of Monticello, MN
WOW! I am new to the cigar world and have tried way too many cigars that are out of my league. This cigar is such a find for the person just starting out. It has a very smooth, mellow draw to it without that harsh burn or after taste. For someone who wants to try a clean, pleasant smoke, this is for you. It lights easy, burns slow, and is the smoothest cigar I have tried. This cigar will not scare off the beginner. Good Smoke. Enjoy!
The Bahia B-Lines are my every day smoke. I have been ordering these steady for months now and have yet to have a bad one. They are smooth and rich in flavor and with the prices from CI, I can enjoy them all the time. Thanks, CI, you guys ROCK!!!
DH of Johnstown, PA
a decent afternoon cigar
AC of Darien, IL
Great price for a decent everyday cigar. I've had several bundles. I'm a fan thanks to CI.
LH of Santee, CA
Put in my humidor for a few days. Lit up a few days later and was really surprised. A really nice taste and burn. Great cigar for me of limited means. Will buy more.
Nice smooth smoke.
MH of Orangevale, CA
Great, cheap, smooth smoke. I bought a bundle from the "Make Me an Offer" spot and the offer was worth the my time spent. I've handed these out to a few people and they have enjoyed them. I just recently bought another bundle as I blew threw my first stack, would recommend these to anyone looking for Mild Cigars.
JN of Coon Rapids, MN
Solid cigar, better after a few weeks in the humidor. Great golf cigar.
SP of Winchester, VA
One month in the humidor and punch cut these and you will want to fill you're humidor with them!
AW of Homewood, IL
Great everday cigar with good flavor.
ZD of Oak Lawn, IL
Not bad for the price. Nice & mellow. Is it a 95 rated stogie? No, but good draw & nice smoke
JP of Gilbertsville, PA
Good cigar 1 in my book
I like this cigar good flaver good draw on most but the wrapper was a bit bitter tho.
Very good smoke
MB of Ambler, PA
....All the cigars were plugged so no draw. Also the burn was very uneven
JS of Beaverton, OR