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Staff Reviews for AVO XO

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Posted by Steve R
I received my first ever AVO cigar from Brandon, back before he became a CI employee. (Yes, he purchased them at our retail shop and gifted me one later on down the road). It was the Maestoso size, and according to him, had over 8 months of age under its belt. I absolutely loved it and still hold this cigar (AVO XO Maestoso) within my top 5 smokes of all time.

There’s no doubt AVO cigars are some of the highest quality premium handmades on the market. Made in the Davidoff factory of the Dominican Republic, the same factory that produces Davidoff (duh) and The Griffin’s, the XO is considered the cream of the crop when it comes to regular production AVO cigars. It’s pricey, yes, but easily deserves every penny. The flavor is amazing, offering a deliciously smooth richness that’s creamy and nutty, backed by aromatic hints of toasted cedar. Although the cigar maintains this same character throughout, it is by no means boring or uneventful. The taste is one to be savored – robust, but velvety smooth with each draw, leaving a soft aftertaste that’s crisp and clean after each exhale, all while never escalating beyond medium in body. And construction is never a factor. The blend is always spot on, the wrappers are consistently flawless and the burn is straight and true every time. Other than the price, I’d be hard-pressed to find a downside to this cigar. If you have trouble spending top dollar for a cigar, don’t try this one, you’ll enjoy it far too much. But, if you’re used to spending Fuente-like prices on a regular basis, or looking to treat yourself, give the AVO XO a try.


Posted by Brandon S

I think I’ve been called a “cigar-snob” damn near as much as I’ve been called anything else in my life and believe me, if you added up those times it’d be one big digit! But you can’t please everyone and I guess I’d be guilty as charged for having a penchant for the pricey stuff.

This is one special smoke and one that will always have a home in my humidor. The XO line has a distinct and unique flavor that I have not encountered in any other cigar. If you’ve ever wondered how someone can describe a cigar as “nutty” this baby should serve as your benchmark. Just looking at this cigar you can see care and effort that went into producing it when you examine the fragile Connecticut Shade wrapper that envelopes the binder and filler that make this one of my all-time favorite smokes!

Medium-bodied in strength and unbelievably smooth in flavor, the XO line is unquestionably one of Davidoff’s finest. The perfect draw from cigar to cigar and rock-solid dark gray ash are testament to the fine craftsmanship that goes into every single stick. My advice is to pick up a few to enjoy now and if you really want to treat yourself pick up a few more and let them rest in your humidor for 12-18 months. Yeah, I know that’s along time but trust me, it’ll be worth the wait!