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AVO Classic Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “AVO Classic”
Fabulous cigar each and every time (AVO). Great burn, lots of creamy smoke and superb flavor. I'm into my third order from CI right now. A little pricey for an "everyday smoke", but maybe I can get a part-time job...
JB of Starkville, MS
I just bought one of these smokes on a lark at the local cigar shop. OMG what a great smoke! I am a full-bodied kinda guy but I really enjoyed the mild-med smoke. Almost made me regret the box of san cristobals I just bought and that's one heck of a smoke. I can't recommend the Avo classic high enough. First cigar I wish only came in churchhills so you have no choice but to savor the flavor. Wow! just wow.
NT of los angeles, CA
Never let down by this PURO. I could smoke 300 of these(i the 1st cigar would taste just as delicious the last.. I am always shocked when I see Avos rated in the 80's?.. This is a really a superb Puro. Every burn is flawless,draw is always exceptional..and taste..well it's what a puro is supposed to be.A rich lasting smoke with smooth and complex undertones.. if you haven't tried an Avo.. your missing out.
LM of El PAso, TX
This cigar is smooth, tasty, and is a very enjoyable smoke. Sit back relax and let your tase buds sing! I would smoke AVO anytime or anywhere.
RM of Applegate, CA
I've smoked Avo's for many years, in all sizes, and have enjoyed them as a my favorite cigar. But recently (last year or so) I've noticed the quality of the tobacco has taken a big hit, and the smooth easy draw, which has always been an Avo characteristic, is very unreliable. I'm having a hard time justifying spending $7-8 a stick for a cigar that no longer delivers the flavor and smokability for which it became famous.
BB of Exeter, NH
The AVO classic's tast is consistently smooth all the way to the nub. This cigar is well constructed, burns evenly and produces a creamy flavor throughout. The only negative I've experienced is 2-3 plugged cigars per box, but I certainly hope this is the exception. The AVO Classic has quickly become my everyday go-to cigar even though it is a little pricey.
PH of Navarre, FL
Avo Uvezian is not only an outstanding music composer but also the composer of an outstanding cigar -- Avo. It is my cigar of preference even over more expensive cigars. Kudos to Keiner, Uvezian and Davidoff!!!
FR of Delray Beach, FL
I always thoght AVO had this kinda "Pimpish" allure to them -- kinda like Playboy's, that was until I had one then confirmed the preminition. It is a great cigar, it is warm, smooth and velvety. Kinda like the seats on an 73 coupe Deville with leopard print, crushed velour seats! You know -- South side of Chi-Town, 95th and Ashland... with a 1/4 of Harold's Fried Chicken, and that blod clot-in-a-bag O' fries, Hmmmmmmm. Then slide back up the the Evanston border for a ride down Sheridan.... passing the Playboy Headquarters, with a puff. Grand! This is brilliant bouquet, and delicate flavor. Light vieny wrapper and a consistent draw that does tooth up a bit and end, I had the torpedo. The do bite just a tad. Very, very nice... My rate this stick: 87
CS of Southern, CA
I have had a batch of No. 5's for at least 10 years. They are in metal tubes wrapped in cedar. I smoke maybe one a year as I am a strong cigar smoker. This is the only exception I make to very strong cigars. It has real taste. Pricy but worth it!
CS of Rock Springs, WY
If you read my review on the AVO Heritage, you will see that I loved every part of that cigar. I'm afraid I can't say the same thing about the Classic, and I'm very disappointed. The #3 Classic had been in my humidor long enough to be in good condition, but burned down faster than a 5X5 Bully by RyJ. In addition, one side burned at least an inch lower than the other, which is something I hate. I realize that my review is not in line with those written prior to this one, maybe I got a bad one. There was nothing about the flavor, or any other quality that would bring me back for another one. However, the AVO Heritage is by far one of the best cigars I have ever smoked.
This is my new current fave. I have ordered the classic 3 times now and I just ordered more as I received my latest. I dont want to run out of these. I think the burn is one of the most consistent I have experienced so far. I know that I like a cigar when I find myself smoking it down to the nub ever time. Only several cigars I have enjoyed are as consistent on flavor and burn. A must keep in the humi.
DS of Lincoln City, OR
A great smoke. Smooth and solid.
My go to cigar. When I give one to someone they always rave about it!
Didn't care for the first one. The rest sat for 2 years and turned into very nice smokes. They need some time to develop.
AVO is obviously one of the best cigars made. Beware: The No. 9 advertises itself as a "robusto" and it is in length. But the ring gauge is more like a corona. Definitely smaller around than as typical robusto.
GH of Yorktown, VA
This is the Perfect Golf course smoke. It lasts roughly 6 holes, is always a great smoke!