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Arganese Uno Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “Arganese Uno”

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Got my order today and find these to be a good cigars for the price. Definetly recommend them and will be ordering them again.
Got my ordered Arganese Uno Puro today and find these to be good cigars for the price. Definetly recommend them and will be ordering them again.
I got my order of the Arganese Uno Puros yesterday, great smoke I definetly would recommend them and I will be ordering them again.
I found the Uno to be a 'gentle giant'. Very easy draw, somewhat flakey ash and a reasonably even burn for such a large ring. To me, the cigar was a bit sweet and pleasant. I've more or less gotten away from the really big ring cigars and would like to see this blend in something like a Toro size.
Picked up 10 Arganese UNO Puros on Joe Cigar on Thursday and got 'em in the mail today (Saturday). As always, great customer service CI, and what a great cigar this is! I expected it to be a bit strong but man, this thing was smooth from start to finish. Tasted of good tobacco with a sweetness I attribute to the cognac infused throughout. A great hour and half smokin' this baby on the deck. Wish I had ordered two or three more 10 packs when I had the chance. Thanks for keeping the great deals coming CI!
I ordered one of these just to try. Great draw and a nice room note. However it was an extremely sweetened cap (which is not my preference). Taste like the naturals by Drew Estate. If you like sweet cigars, it's a nice smoke. I just prefer full cigars instead of sweetened.
These are above average cigars that CI has on sale quite often. They are definitely not worth the full retail price but if you can get them on sale they are good. The packaging is top notch!!!
Great cigar that fits the description to a tee. A bit pricey but a really good cigar with flavor. If I catch it on sale I will pounce on it like a cat!
The Arganese Uno is as good - if not maybe a bit better - than Gurkha's Reserve line-up. The cognac flavor is subtle and while listed as 'full' I think they are somewhat more in the 'medium' range. A truly outstanding cigar in any event!