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CAO L'Anniversaire Cameroon Reviews

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Customer Reviews of “CAO L'Anniversaire Cameroon”
As advertised, "CAO L'Anniversaire Cameroon", a wonderful cigar. It's nutty with a woodsie kick, some hints of coffee. Very enjoyable. I'll modestly rate it a 89. Enjoy. See you at "cigarfest '08.
VB of San Francisco, CA
Received this firm, leathery cigar(CAO L'Anniversaire Cameroon) in my Cigar-of-the month this month. Firmly packed with a comforting pre-light aroma. Slightly spicy at first then you pick up hints of cocoa and coffee. Smooth and creamy all the way to the inevitable nub. A fine choice by the CI dudes. Not a bad pick yet. Thanks!
SO of Barstow, CA
Purchased a single to try it (CAO L'Anniversaire Cameroon) from a local store near me. The shop is very well kept and I have purchased there many times. The CAO cameroon was poorly constructed. It was very loosely rolled, burned very hot and fast. It did taste pretty good but was highly unimpressed with construction
BB of Huntsville , TX
Still my favorite smoke (CAO L''Anniversaire Cameroon). Since its release, I have been loyal to this stick from CAO. Top quality and always consistent flavor make this a must have. Flavor notes: Coffee, Caramel, and at times Chocolate are the most notable flavors.
SN of Dover Plains, NY
The "CAO L' Anniversaire Cameroon"......Gurkha Class Regent....6 on 1...half dozen on the other....let's be honest...both very similar, both very delicious. If you like one you'll like the other.
VB of San Francisco, CA
To B.B., Huntsville, Tex.......(CAO L'Anniversaire Cameroon) give it another try. Just sounds like you got stuck with a bad one. Maybe you should buy them from C.I. Take care buddy.
VB of San Francisco, CA
CAO L'Anniversaire Cameroon is a beautifully made cigar. Firmish ash, even burn and an excellent draw. Perhaps a bit strong for me, especially near the end. The particular cigar about which I'm writing required a bit of re-lighting. Plenty of flavour.
MC of MLeesburg, VA
Spectacular smoke(CAO L'Anniversaire Cameroon) with unparalleled flavor. Of all the cigars I have had the pleasure of experiencing (probably too many for my own good), I would say that the CAO Cameroon is by far the best. Box after box these awesome cigars are always consistent and full of flavor. I have tried a number of the higher-end brands (Cohiba, Graycliff, A.F. Opus X) yet always return to the CAO Cameroon and each time I return I am reminded why this cigar is still my favorite.
JD of Carlsbad, CA
I was a little hesitant at first (CAO L'Anniversaire Cameroon). I went half on a deal with my neighbor. Nice construction and perfectly boxed pressed. It was great from start to finish. highly recommend!
C of of Boston, MA
the petites are great!(CAO L'Anniversaire Cameroon)
RC of boston, MA
This CAO Cameroon is beautifully constructed and has an attractive smooth wrapper, with a light brown color. I would rate this cigar just on the milder side of "medium". There is a distinct sweet spiciness, it's nice to have this level of flavor to enjoy in a mild-medium cigar. This is cigar is "smooth", no harshness, a creamy thick smoke. Very enjoyable. I've had several and they all had a nice draw, no re-lights or bad burns to speak of. It's very pleasant to sit down with a CAO Cameroon, a Modelo Negra or two, and the new issue of Road & Track, and enjoy the next hour or so. I should know, I've done it. I would rate this cigar at 89-91. An excellent rating from yours truly, as I must admit I'm biased, biased to the other side of the strength spectrum, I lean toward medium-full or full cigars such as RP Edge and Vintage, Punch, Oliva, Comacho, etc. The CAO Cameroon will nevertheless always be present in my 'lil 'ol humidor, for when I want to 'take a walk on the mild side'.....
JH of Longwood, FL
Cao L anniv. Cameroon is a fantastic smoke ! I received a five pack from CI. The wrappers on two of the smokes had some spots,but everything else was perfect. Wonderful draw,nice crisp ash,lotsa great flavour,I will be sure to make this a regular in my humidor.
JD of Goldenvalley, AZ
The CAO L'anniversaire Cameroon is my favorite cigar. It's mild to medium, but has tons of flavor. It blows me away that the cigar gets better all the way down to the nub. I have had $30.00 cigars that don't come close to what CAO has done with this excellent cigar.
DG of Madison, WI
The CAO L'Anniversaire is one of the few cigars I will smoke down to the nub in sub-zero winter weather. Unlike many other cigars, this one gets better toward the nub. I think everyone deserves to give the CAO L'Anniversaire a try at least once.
DG of Madison, WI
Purchased these in a 5 pack, and don't think that they're extra mild just because they look that way. If anything, it's me feeling they lean more to the medium than the mild, but smooth enough for newbees to smoke. My only issue was getting an even burn, but not so much that I would put these on my never purchase list. They are priced higher than what I think they should be, but with CAO on the ban it is going to increase cost. They are worth a 5 pack purchase, since they may be just what your looking for. If their not, you will still enjoy the 5 that you will smoke.
DM of Taylor, MI
Just smoked my first anniversary. It had white spots all over it and burned very hot after the first inch. Another strange phenomenon of this cigar is that the box press popped out and after 2 inches it became a rounded cigar!...?? If nothing else, it was an experience. I will say upon lighting it, that first inch was delicious. I was careful not to overdraw the cigar but it still heated up on me something fierce. I am in love with the Italian CAO so I'll give this another try.
JL of Middle Village, NY
Just smoked this robusto as the first choice out of the 92+ rated sampler from CI...a great choice! Very smooth, not at all harsh (and only slightly hot at the end). I am relatively new to the cigar scene, and am still experimenting with varying size and strength options. This one makes me think medium is the place for me (for now), and the robusto is a great size when I want to sneak outside for a quick one. Will definitely buy more of these in the future. Highly recommend to new(er)bies like me.
Just an absolute bargain of a cigar for roughly $5 a stick. You just can't go wrong on this one. CAO outdid themselves putting this one together. I've never had a bad one in the 4 or 5 boxes that I've ordered. Complex yet not so much you can't taste the various notes of flavor. Woody, with Coffee and Cocoa coming through. The Cameroon wrapper is just beautiful. Silky smooth and flawless in appearance. I've spent 5 times as much on other cigars and not had the level of satisfaction that I got from this baby. As long as they keep making 'em? I'll keep smoking them. A must have for any level of smoker!
DM of Herndon, VA
The C.A.O. Cameroons are a great blend, terrific flavor, no doubt about it. But to keep the risk factor low, I'd recommend avoiding the 'Napoleon' size (the 5" perfecto). It seems this cigar may have some construction issues; out of the ten I ordered last month I've smoked four since resting them, two of which were simply unsmokable and had to be euthanized, and a third which had to have its burn corrected several times. Stick with the Belicoso and the Toro, they're the winners in this line— especially the Toro. For whatever reason, this blend seems to really come alive in that size.
NI of Jefferson, LA
Thanks to the Cigar of the Month Club and many generous friends, I have been able to smoke maybe a hundred different cigars. Most cigars are decent, but very few I remember long after I have smoked it. This CAO L'Anniversaire Cameroon is 1 of 3 cigars that have seared itself into my memory from the first draw. The flavor, draw, burn, and build made for an absolutely wonderful experience. I will never forget this cigar.
I actually found Cigars International because I was looking for this cigar.... So I ordered a box. I love the leather on this thing. It adds some depth and character in my humidor. It's my "go to" when firing up the grill or having a smoke on my buddy's porch.
AM of Colorado Springs, CO
The "CAO L'Anniversaire Cameroon" is one of my favorite smokes of all time.
ZR of Mechanicsville, VA
Tried this and found little to distinguish it from a Macanudo Café. It wasn't offensive, but it failed to impress....
LS of Burkburnett, TX
Bought these as a gift for a CAO lover and they didn't disappoint.
CH of Sabattus, ME
Fired one up yesterday. Let me tell ya! SMOOTH smoke, nothing harsh about it. A little bit of spice on the first couple of draws. After that, coffee, leather, and cream with faint hints of cocoa throughout. A damn good smoke. I need more.
RS of Ladson, SC
The CAO L'Anniversaire Cameroon is a regular in my humidor. I buy them by the box. A great smoke when I'm on the lawnmower or sitting by the fire pit. It goes exceptionally well with Kahlua and coffee. For come reason, Cameroon tobacco is my favorite in a cigar.
Great cigar, my personal favorite weekend cigar from CAO, smooth draw, medium spice/earth tone 95 rating in my book!
MW of Waldorf, MD
Easy, mild smoke with hints of coco, and spice. However what I received seemed a little dry, I had to add a shot of liquor to my humidor to bring them back. Once I did that, very good cigar.
TC of New Rochelle, NY